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How To Be Calm

July 9th, 2017 by admin.ripple

Ahh, the kids are driving you nuts, your boss is being exceptionally demanding and somehow the whole day is starting to come unstuck!How To Be Calm

Being calm can sometimes be really hard, especially when life and all its stress seem to be conspiring against you.

Here are some super easy tips on how to build calm into your life and take some of the stress out of every day events.

1. Immerse your self in a calming or peaceful activity. How does this work? Totally immersing yourself in one activity like meditating, yoga, going to the gym or even just swimming in the ocean at least four days a week helps you get into something deeply quickly. If you enjoy it, it will rapidly become a habit and part of your life. Try to choose something peaceful that you will enjoy and that will help you build that inner sense of calm.

2. Think of things that are calming. Have some favourite images that are calming.. for me they are pictures of the ocean or water, for you it maybe fields of daisies or big blue skies. Whatever it is, have a stack of them on your computer and spend ten minutes each day just looking through them. Pretty soon you will be able to conjure up these images in your minds eye when things start to get stressful.

3. Take naps or mini sleeps. Sleep is fantastic for the body and essential for the well being of the mind. When you feel tired, and you are able to (yes I hear all you new mums say “yer right!”) try to get some down time to let your body sleep. Also be protective of your sleep. A few late nights won’t hurt, but try to be regular with you sleep patterns so your body gets enough downtime to repair and recuperate.

4. Try not to blame yourself for things that outside of your control. Some of us take responsibility for things that really aren’t ours.

5. Let go of toxic or unhelpful relationships. Yes, always good to try to fix things, but really, if the other person is just making us sad, upset and the relationship is basically unhealthy

6. Listen to Music That Calms.  Got some favourite calming music? You have to pick the pieces. What did you love as a child? My husband sings James Taylor’s You Can Close Your Eyes to myCalm kids and they protest if he sings anything else. I like Janet Baker’s low mezzo version of Shubert’s Litanei, (took voice lessons long ago) Chopin Nocturnes, and many songs from the sixties and seventies. You might consider instrumental if lyrics rev you up too much. Save that for another time.

7. Get Into the Right Setting. Beach? Woods? A café? Know your deceleration setting. If you can’t get there now, plan for later. Dreaming, drawing, collaging and writing about this place keeps it real and reachable. Take a walk in a park. Hide in a quiet corner for Ten Mindful Minutes (Goldie Hawn wrote a great book by this name.)

8. Deal with Clutter. I’m not kidding. Expulsion of extraneous and bothersome stuff is freeing. A clean space, if not next to godliness, is next to calm-liness. Then again, sometimes disorder delights. Compare disarray to clear spaces and see how you feel, but get rid of bits that make you wince.

9. I once heard someone say that Haste is a Form of Violence. I would add Toward the Self. Fast pace may be a must, but think of how you feel when someone bangs on your door when you are trying get your contact lenses in. Your heart races, your hands shake, and your mind turns mean. Living every moment with tension can take a toll over time. It can make you ill. Honor Slow is Beautiful, as I once saw on a button, when you can. Maybe stay in pajamas on Sunday. Someone told me the whole family did this spontaneously one day and it was better than the last vacation.

10. Think; There is Time. Poet T.S. Eliot wrote, “Indeed, there will be time…” Ok, you have figured out what you want to do and who you are. Now instead of having 80 years ahead, it is looking more like 30. You panic, thinking you do not have enough time. You do.

There is always time to inhabit a state of mind. Just calmly, step by step, little by little, work daily at what you love, even if it is just for ten minutes. Do not let go of the kite string to your passions because you think you do not have time. It is the consistent connection to something transcendent that keeps you afloat and calm. (It is different if one truly has not much time to live. That is a How To Calmheartbreaking matter)

11. Shake it up to Get Peaceful. If you are an intense, type A person, then go for it with gusto. Wearing yourself out and knowing you did your all is one path to a peaceful state. Also, get comfortable with loose ends. All will get done because you are a reliable person.

12. Is there something you are meant to do that you are not doing? Community service, a class, a relationship, an art form? Live in Your Natural-Inclination Zone to avoid chronic agitation. Do not overinvest in draining interactions whether they involve narcissistic colleagues, the wrong job or neighbors who threaten to sue. Best to put your energies toward people and projects that speak to your heart and calm your mind.

13. Lower the bar. Go For a Five Out of Ten. My son used to get into trouble for always trying to be the first in line so we told him to think of the middle or the back as an excellent place to be. Sometimes the low-key place is just right if you are trying to learn. My daughter told me she wanted to join a swim team that lost matches so there would be no pressure and she could swim for fun.

True prowess is a source of satisfaction but got-to-get-to-the-top stress is not for everyone and in fact may stop a talented person from finding her or his way.

14. Use Your Hands. Cook, bake, clean, repair, craft, play, paint, weld, scrapbook. Have you seen the book Craft to Heal by Nancy Monson? My husband Alton and I were honored to speak for Vogue Knitting Live and The Craft Yarn Council .

Best Massage Sunshine Coast

June 19th, 2017 by admin.ripple

Best Massage Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is a place lots of people go to escape the many stresses of everyday modern life. To help you on your next relaxation retreat, here are the best massage Sunshine Coast styles.

  1. Stress Fix Massage

This amazing massage has been proven to reduce symptoms of stress. It combines both Swedish and Deep Tissue. Massage techniques to create a style that works the muscles deeply to relax them Best Massage Sunshine Coastbut is also gentle to calm the mind. The massage also incorporates an aroma specifically designed to relax you, called “stress fix”. This aroma uses lavender and sage, which are both known to aid peacefulness.

  1. Balinese Massage

This deluxe massage combines the ultimate blend of stretching, long and flowing strokes, as well as forearm and Thai Chi moves by your Massage Therapist. This will make you feel like more than two hands are massaging you, bringing a sense of indulgence to the massage. Heated aromatherapy oils will also be used in conjunction with pressure techniques that will release the tension from your body, as well as your mind. Overall, the massage is a completely flowing, relaxing experience that eases stress and tension.

  1. Bamboo Massage

Sometimes hands just aren’t enough to relax tense muscles. This new, inspiring treatment utilises rods of Bamboo to knead and roll out tiresome knots. This method is very relaxing but also increases circulation of the body’s blood and aids lymphatic drainage. The amount of pressure applied during the massage will determine whether it is more of a relaxation or deep tissue style.

  1. Chocolate Massage .. do we need to say more?
  2. Oriental Scalp Massage

This beautiful massage is perfect for relieving the stress and tension that builds up from day to day. In the massage, firm but soothing rhythmic strokes are used along acupressure points. This is done on the shoulders and upper back, upper arms, neck and head. This massage will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and pampered.

  1. Li’tya Kodo Relaxation Massage

This indulgent style of massage is something truly different. It applies rhythmic, circular strokes all over the body to relax muscles and balance energy flow. The massage also uses aromatherapy oils to calm the mind and spirit.

  1. Chi Massage

Also known as energy, ‘chi’ runs throughout your body. When you are feeling overworked and tired, your chi is low. In this gentle Asian style massage, a heated herbal compress ball is used to draw the stress from your muscles. Aromatherapy oils are also applied to the body in slow motions to soothe the body and skin. Both the herbal compress and oils together balance and relax the body and mind. The feet are also massaged using reflexology techniques.

  1. Ayurvedic Healing Clay MassagePregnancy Massage Sunshine Coast

The clays used in this massage are beautiful and healing. They exfoliate your skin, as well are repair and rejuvenate it. Traditional Indian ayurvedic medicated oils are also used on your body from head to toe for their therapeutic benefits. The massage is finished with hot towels to complete the relaxing experience.

  1. Aromatherapy and Wildflower Massage

Starting with an exquisite wildflower remedy, this massage will nurture you. The unique floral aroma is blissful and known to help you unwind. The massage strokes used are designed to release tension in muscles and work out any knots.

  1. Ying Yang Massage

As the name suggests, this massage is all about balance. The Ying Yang Massage uses a combination of massage styles including Deep Tissue, Acupressure and Reflexology to cater to all problem areas. It realigns the body and provides a retreat from busy modern lifestyle. It also restores a balanced energy flow, bringing you peacefulness and clarity.

  1. Sikat Massage

In Balinese, Sikat means body brushing. In this luscious massage, dry body brushing is combined with an aroma oil blend designed to clarify the mind. The body brush assists lymphatic drainage and reduces fluid retention, as well as helps your body to detox. The light pressure level used in this massage makes it very effective in reducing stress, anxiety and tiredness.

  1. Maternal BlissRelaxation Massage Sunshine CoastIf you’re currently pregnant, you don’t have to miss out on a relaxing massage either. Using a special prenatal mix of pure cold pressed plant oils, the massage will treat your changing body and exhausted mind. Mandarin and sandalwood are combined with lavender to create a soothing blend that is also great for stretch marks and skin elasticity.
  1. Ripple’s Frangipani Massage

Brought to you by Ripple, the Frangipani Massage is a relaxing style that uses the unique aroma and chemical composition of Frangipani flowers. In many cultures, the Frangipani tree is known as the ‘tree of life’ due to its anti-aging and anti-stress properties. It also has many other healing qualities, which it is known for, including rejuvenation of the mind and spirit.

There are many truly relaxing, indulgent massages to pamper yourself with on the Sunshine Coast. On your next holiday to the Coast, take that extra time out to treat yourself with a massage to calm your body and mind.

Call Ali today on 0438 567 906 email or book now on secure online server.

Best Massage Brisbane

June 13th, 2017 by admin.ripple

When hunting for the best ways to relax in Brisbane, how about try something a little different? Try one of these unique and luxurious massages with the best massage Brisbane styles.

  1. Chocolate Massage –   Everyone loves chocolate and most are aware of the health benefits that come with the consumption of dark Best Massage Brisbanechocolate; however, the application of warmed, rich chocolate to your skin will reduce your stress levels and nourish your body. Containing zinc, iron and magnesium, chocolate will cater to your muscles as well as your cholesterol with Vitamin E and B. This massage is brought to you by Ripple and is exceptionally indulgent.
  2.  Royal Thai Oil Massage – Prepare to be treated like Royalty! This massage utilises traditional Thai oils that are luxurious for your skin. The oils themselves relax and energise you, leaving your skin feeling amazing and smelling even better. Longer massages are always recommended to allow you to experience the full benefits of this treatment.
  3. Slimming Green Coffee Wrap – The benefits of this massage are in the name – though there are some nonbelievers out there, this revolutionary treatment aims to slim and tone your body, eliminating cellulite. Through the massage, your body is stimulated, increasing your metabolism, breaking down and stopping water retention. Following a revitalising Vichy Shower, the treatment will reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  4. Lymphatic Drainage Massage – Refereed to as Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), this treatment is an extremely gentle massage. It coaxes your lymph fluid to mobilise and rid your body of waste and promote a heightened immune function. Sufferers of Lymphedema and those with post surgery swelling have found this massage to help with the management of scar tissue. Ripple is able to do these so give us a buzz if you need one!
  5. Almond and Nut Scrub Massage – Using techniques massage enthusiasts have come to love, this massage will provide you with deep relaxation, stimulated circulation and soothed sore muscles. Using a sugar scrub, the pores become more refined and dry skin banished from your body. You’ll experience soften skin and a glow that will stay with you for weeks
  6. Baby Moon Massage – An amazing pregnancy massage available after your first trimester, this pampering treatment will ease pressures and reduce the stress on your back, legs and Best Massage In Brisbaneankles. All expecting mothers need time to relax and there is nothing better than a safe and nurturing massage experience.
  7. Aromatic Aqua Body Moisturising Massage – Taking traditional Swedish relaxation style, this is a massage that incorporates healing aromas through the use of pure essential oils. Geranium, Patchouli and Coriander in particular are used to nourish the skin with hydration and essential elements.
  8. Shirodhara- A massage focusing on the scalp, chest and neck, Shirodhara will involve the drizzling of warm sesame oil onto the forehead of the patient. This oil will be used to conduct the massage in a relaxing manner, followed promptly by a complimentary shower, shampoo and blow-dry. This is sure to make stress and tension a thing of the past.
  9. Trigger Point Massage – Also known as Neuromuscular Technique, Trigger Point Therapy is a method used to relieve soft tissue pain and dysfunction. Trigger points are areas that can cause knots or bands in the fibre, resulting in acute pain to the sufferer. Therefore in this massage style, the therapist uses their fingers and applies firm pressure to manipulate the trigger points. This provides relief to the muscular pain and stimulates the nervous system. By increasing the blood flow to the affected area, this encourages the tissue to return to its natural, relaxed state. Trigger point therapy is part of remedial massage and yes we can do that for you …
  10. Bamboo Body Polish- A Bamboo Body Polish will remove your dead skin and leave your skin feeling brand new. Utilising fresh aromas and pure organic oils and lotions, your skin will be brought back to life, with the fresh scents of summer. Think vanilla and rose body butter leaving your skin with the loveliest scents of the season.
Call Ali today on 0438 567 906 email or book now on secure online server.