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In Home Massage

April 8th, 2017 by admin.ripple

There’s No Place Like Home

Benefits Of Choosing In Home Massage

For centuries massage and spa treatments have brought multiple physical, psychological and even emotional benefits to many. Happily, having an in home massage or enjoying a decadent facial or In Home Massagepedicure is for everyone these days and not limited to the rich and famous. Importantly, these pampering treatments are no longer confined to the realms of costly luxury spas or upscale resorts and health clubs, as the mobile massage therapist can come to you.

Today, massages and spa treatments are affordable pleasures that the mobile therapists of Ripple Massage and Beauty can bring to the sanctuary of your own home, office, hotel room or holiday accommodation.

Having one of our friendly and professional therapists visit your location brings many benefits:

You relax in familiar and comfortable surroundings

Often the waiting areas of busy spas and massage clinics are not conducive to peace and relaxation. The noise and activity can often create stress you didn’t have when you first arrived. With our mobile spa treatments, including massage, there is no unnecessary noise or bustle to deal with. We bring everything to you and you can comfortably relax in the peace and tranquillity of your own space. Being in a comfortable and familiar environment can promote relaxation and may even help prolong the beneficial effects of the massage.

No hassle with in home massage

With mobile spa treatments  you don’t have to deal with peak hour traffic, nor worry about finding a parking space. There are no traffic jams, no looping around trying to find your destination and no parking costs. The therapist deals with the traffic issues so you can be in a complete state of relaxation upon commencement of your massage or treatment.

We visit you wherever you are even on holidayIn Home Massage Therapists

While on holiday, many of our  clients prefer to have a therapist come to their hotel room or holiday house. This is because the last thing you want to do while on vacation is to navigate your way through unfamiliar streets looking for a particular location and a parking spot. Additionally, with the therapist being local to the area you are in, you get to hear some great tips about places to visit and things to do, so you can live like a local too.

Flexible timing

Instead of the regular 9am-5pm business hours, many of our mobile therapists are available until a later time, generally 8pm. Do ask us about after hours massage when making a booking.

No waiting

With in home massage treatments such as ours, there is no need for you to arrive at a clinic 15-20 minutes before an appointment and you don’t have to kill time in a noisy, busy waiting room. Once your mobile massage therapist arrives, they will set everything up for you. All you need to do is relax and let the therapist work their magic.

Choose the finer details

Being in your own home, office or holiday accommodation gives you the freedom to set the temperature to your requirements, to light your favourite incense and to choose the music that best suits your mood. All Ripple therapists bring a selection of music; however, you are very welcome to use your own.

Relax immediately after your treatment

Imagine feeling blissed out after a massage and having to traipse back to your car and navigate traffic! With a massage from Ripple’s in home massage you reap the full benefits of your massage by relaxing straight after your treatment and not undoing the wonderful work of your therapist. You can enjoy a relaxing shower or bath or fall fast asleep if you so wish.

Uncomplicated group partiesMobile Beauty Therapists

Increasingly, to have mobile massage and spa treatments at hens’ parties and corporate events is becoming very popular. If you’ve rented a beautiful holiday house for your friend’s hens’ weekend for example, the last thing you want to do is organise transport and ask everyone to leave the house to get to a clinic or spa. With our mobile massage, beauty and spa treatments, we come to you. We attend your party or corporate event and take care of everything. All you have to do is unwind, sip Champagne and enjoy every moment with your family and friends.

It suits everyone

Mobile massage and spa treatments are great options for anyone. Some clients are still breastfeeding for example and prefer to schedule their  treatments in between feeds. They also appreciate not having to waste time traveling between a clinic and home. Many of our  clients simply prefer the comfort of their own home, while others have young children and find it inconvenient to leave the house. Perhaps you have an injury or a condition that makes travel difficult – with Ripple Massage and Beauty you don’t have to deal with the hassle of getting to a day spa – we come to you.

Ultimately, many of us are concerned about our health and well being, but find it difficult to schedule ‘me time’ into our busy lives. With  you enjoy the convenience and flexibility of having a therapist come to you while also reaping the many benefits that a massage or spa treatment brings.

Call Ali today on 0438 567 906 email or book now on secure online server.


Girls Getaway

March 23rd, 2017 by admin.ripple

Planning The Perfect Girls Getaway

Family chores, motherhood and work commitments can really take their toll on a girl. So much so, that it is sometimes difficult to remember who we were before we met our other halves or before Girls Getawaywe became known as ‘Mum’. Thankfully, there is a way to remind ‘you’ of the ‘old you’! Step away from the P&C, log out of your laptop,  leave home and spend a few balmy days with your girl friends for a girls getaway

Maybe you’d like to get your old school friends together, take off with your gym buddies or get away with the members of your Book Club? Whomever you choose to go away with, having a little holiday to look forward to will give you all a wonderful sense of anticipation as you plan and day dream about your well deserved break.

Having said this, even the simplest weekend away requires planning and a fair few considerations; the first of which is deciding who exactly to go away with.

Birds of a feather – Choosing the right mix of personalities for your girls getaway is pivotal to its success and requires a great deal of consideration. Get the mix right and you’ll have a great adventure that you’ll talk about for years to come – get it wrong however and you could see a clash of prima donnas, hear doors slam and spend the entire weekend in damage control mode. Our advice is to think of the friends you have and choose the most fun and gentle souls as your travel buddies – this will give your girls weekend the best chance of harmony and success.

Tell me quando quando quando – Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to decide on dates that suit all members of your group – this is also known as the ‘herding of cats’ phase. If you start planning a few months in advance though, you stand the best chance of success by giving everyone plenty of time to get organised.

Where to ladies? – Choosing a destination is a task best accomplished by involving all participants. Yes, we know! It’s going to get crazy and yes, you might need to pull a location out of a hat in case of a draw, but at least you have all played a part in a fair process. Your location will depend mainly on budget, how many days you plan to stay away, everyone’s geographical location and of course the type of experience your group of friends enjoys;  a rural retreat? Urban utopia? Adrenalin Capital? Relaxation Central? To keep everyone involved and talking, set up a Facebook group, create an event and let everyone share in the planning and the anticipation.Girls Weekend Away

A room at the Inn? – In our humble opinion, choosing an apartment or holiday home over individual hotel rooms will make a significant difference to your experience. We would recommend having all your friends stay under the same roof. Nothing brings people together quite like food, so ensure there’s a decent sized kitchen and plenty of room for everyone to stretch out and be comfortable. Check out websites such as AirBNB and, as well as Groupon and the like for special deals.

Be budget friendly – The last thing you need is for money to cause tension among your group. Keep the girls getaway affordable and you will also keep everyone happy. Affordability also increases the chances of your girl friends being able to pay their deposits / balances on time thus avoiding embarrassing situations and reminders. As mentioned above, staying in shared accommodation will split the cost – so not only is this a more social way to enjoy each other’s company – it also makes good financial sense.

What does everyone want to do? – Well, let’s be honest! Most girls’ weekends away are about shopping, eating out and pampering – lots and lots of pampering!

And who can blame you? Mobile spa services such as those offered by Ripple Massage and Beauty are available in most Australian cities. Think of Ripple as a mobile day spa that comes to you wherever you are. Ripple’s variety of spa treatments will leave you spoiled for choice. The best thing about mobile massage and pampering treatments is that there are no hassles. No driving to a particular place in unfamiliar streets, no looping around looking for a parking spot – best of all, following your mobile beauty spa treatment or massage you can relax immediately in your own comfortable surroundings.

Mobile salon visit aside, and depending on your location, there should be no shortage of activities to enjoy with your friends. Take a cooking or art class, go on a nature walk, hire a kayak or attend a concert together – and you can do all this without agonizing about school pick up, business meetings or grocery shopping!

Amazing right? So, start planning your girls getaway now and call us when you get there!

Call Ali today on 0438 567 906 email or book now on secure online server.

Bondi Massage

March 17th, 2017 by admin.ripple

The Top 10 Most Indulgent Bondi Massage Styles

From dawn til dusk and way into the night, Bondi buzzes with activity. With its surf and sand, swanky bars and cafes and glitzy boutiques, this eclectic destination is a magnet to people of all ages. Bondi MassageAmidst the surfing, fine dining, whale watching and more, remember to make time for some bliss and relaxation – and here’s how – with our top list of Bondi massage styles

Ocean Ritual Massage

Where better than at Bondi to enjoy this splendid massage? We begin with a dry body brush, a therapeutic technique to encourage circulation, remove dry skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite and allow for nourishing ingredients to be absorbed by your skin’s cells. Next, we smooth a fabulous blend of essential oils over your body for a relaxing and peaceful finish.

Paudi Head Masque and Massage

The focus of this massage style is on the head, neck and shoulders. These areas of the body will be worked in order to loosen muscles and calm your mind. The Paudi Head Masque is based on ancient Aboriginal head massage techniques. The warm Quandong masque is made of native peach extracts, to nourish and condition skin and hair, as well as to treat skin irritations.

Avocado and Shea Nut Butter Wrap

This massage begins with an exceptional full body exfoliation performed using sea salts. Your body is then covered head to toe in pure organic shea butter and fresh avocado, before being cocooned in warm towels. Best suited for the winter months, this massage is available in Bondi and is the ultimate cure for dry and flaky skin. The shea butter and the avocado are extremely rich in vitamins and natural fats, to restore your skin’s suppleness and improve its overall appearance.

HanakasumiMassage Bondi

Inspired by ancient Japanese tradition, this Bondi massage style focuses on exfoliation. The exfoliant used is an exquisite cherry blossom rice powder gommage. The massage is performed as a warm, luscious ritual to encourage peacefulness.

Sodashi Massage

This massage promotes circulation and aids the removal of lymphatic wastes. It also balances the body’s chakras or energy meridians, bringing harmony to body, mind and spirit.

The Sodashi massage’s intent is to heal and provide a sanctuary for the senses. It is performed in long, soothing strokes across the body using scented aromatherapy oils.

Lemongrass Crème Body Polish

This body polish massage uses an amazing lemongrass crème to provide not only the deep relaxation of a deep tissue massage, but to incorporate the added benefits of lemongrass itself. Blended into a luscious crème, the lemongrass in this massage will refresh you with its sweet citrus scent.

Thermal MassageHot Stone Massage Bondi

This is a very unique massage style that combines deep-tissue handwork and red peppers to warm the body in order to relieve sore muscles, chronic pain and release muscle tension.

To balance the heat, essential oils are also used to cool your skin and reduce inflammation. This massage style is great to heal sporting injuries and aid healing of other muscle tissue conditions.

Aroma Hot Stone Massages

Similar to the Thermal Massage, this massage style uses heat, but in a very different way. Traditional hot stone techniques are used to warm the body using beautiful heated stones that are placed on the body to loosen muscles and soothe the skin. This massage also incorporates Aromatherapy techniques to refresh the body and mind.

Body Scrub and Smother Massage

This lovely massage lives up to its name and really does smother you in nourishing ingredients. The massage begins with a deep, exfoliating scrub made of ginger, lime and sugar after which you are treated to a relaxing, creamy almond milk bath to remove the scrub, before receiving gentle and delicate massage strokes along your body. The massage is performed using organic grape and white tea body butter that is intensely hydrating and ultra replenishing for your skin.

Ripple Honey MassageHoney Massage Bondi

Honey is a natural humectant, meaning it has deeply moisturising properties that ensure moisture is retained in the skin where it is needed for long-lasting hydration.

The enzymes found in honey are also spectacular for clarifying skin and keeping pores clean and clear, not to mention that honey is also full of nutrients, antioxidants and healing compounds to hide scars and fight signs of ageing. For this massage, the exquisite raw honey is sourced from the Numimbah Valley, before being heated and paired with deliciously inviting massage oils.

These heavenly Bondi massage styles are available to you in the comfort of your home or holiday accommodation. Give us a call today and one of our friendly and professional Bondi mobile therapists could be knocking on your door very soon.

Call Ali today on 0438 567 906 email or book now on secure online server.