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Corporate Massage

Office massage

Treat your staff or yourself with Ripple corporate massage in your work or job. Drift away to another place with

Corporate massage

Corporate massage

a ten minute seated chair massage. $95 a therapist an hour.

Our corporate massage clients include Subway, Glaxo Smith Kine, Target, NAB and many others. Professional, reliable, punctual, fully accredited and experienced therapists for your conference, trade show or to spoil your staff with office massage.

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One hour corporate massage

Great way to reduce stress, motivate your staff and put a smile on their face.

Choose from traditional seated chair massage or a head massage straight from India.

This is a great way to attract attention to your stand at a trade fairs. Ripple has been used by companies such as Subway and NAB to draw a crowd.

Also perfect for spoiling your staff, treating yourself to a mini massage in the work place, or as a way to keep your audience engaged at conference.

Seated chair massage can also be a good alternative for hens parties and girls weekends .. sip a glass of champagne, enjoy some nibbles while getting your shoulder un-knotted by our mobile massage therapist.

This day and age, stress is one of the main factors associated with depression, illness and many other issues in an individual’s life. In most cases the triggers for stress originate in the work place and can put a lot of unnecessary pressures on the workers personal life as well.

Corporate massage

Corporate massage

Corporate Massage is becoming a very popular option for a lot of offices around Australia, with businesses offering 10-15 minute seated chair massages for those in the office as a thank you or team building day exercise and the benefits that this is bringing to the work place is extremely valuable.

Top Reasons for booking your corporate massage with Ripple

  1. Corporate massage increases health and well being in your employees, so you will find they will require less sick days and will be more motivated whilst at work.
  2. Corporate massage allows the mind to relax and studies show that regular breaks allow for prolonged focus and concentration. So this is a perfect idea if there is a big report or presentation due in the near future and you need your staff to put in longer hours in the office.
  3. Office massage is always a great way to reward your staff. Perfect for goal setting, reward them with in house massage that comes to their desk once sales targets are reached.
  4. Corporate massage is perfect for attracting clients to your trade show stand. If you had a choice of stands to visit, one with seated chair massage and one without, which one would you line up for? Massage is an easy and effective way to attract visitors. Ripple’s therapists can wear your branding and shirts and are hired not only for their massage skills but also for their presentation and people skills.
  5. Stress can cause people to make mistakes and rush through their work. Nothing is worse than knowing your have a looming deadline and when you rush through the report you end up submitting reports with  errors or silly mistakes. Having corporate massage in the work place will allow people to relax enough so that they don’t feel the pressure so much as to affect the quality of their work.

    Office massage

    Office massage

  6. Once you remove stress and anxiety from a situation, you will find that most people will be able to think more clearly and strategically and will result in your staff making better decisions in regards to problem solving.
  7. Many people find that they receive headaches on a daily basis. Whether that is from vision issues, poor posture, stress or repetitive muscle strain. Massage has been shown in university studies to reduce the occurrence of headaches, reduce stress and reduce cortisol (the stress hormone in the body).
  8. With corporate massage we don’t use oils or big massage beds, we can simply massage through clothes at the person’s desk. We also do not require much room at all to offer this great treatment to your staff. We can either bring a massage chair or have the employees sit in their office chairs. This makes for less interruption in the work place.
  9. Corporate massage gives something for the office to look forward to. What more motivate do your staff need than through of a nice relaxing massage in the next few days. It gives something for everyone to talk about at the water cooler and gives a sense of excitement and contentment which lifts morale or the rest of the time.
  10. Staff like to know that their employers actually care about them, so corporate massage gives your employees confirmation that you are concerned about their health and well being.
  11. Occupational Health and Safety – this not only relates to staff tripping over things, but recently there has been a large increase in Workcover claims for stress. Offset the risk by providing in office massage for your staff to indicate you are serious about combating workplace stress and are active as an employer in looking after your staff’s well being, not only physically but psychologically as well.
  12. Corporate massage is tax deductible! What more needs to be said? (p.s. double check with your accountant on this one, but generally if it is a stress reducing exercise offered to all your staff, the ATO can let you deduct it)