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Male Massage

Massage for Men

blokes-massage-package-ripple-day-spaFor the man who has everything

Stuck for what to get your loved one? Would like to get him something that is a little more imaginative than a pair of socks and that he will really love?

Ripple has the perfect gift for the man in your life. The Blokes Package is designed to include all the things our male guests say they love.

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Choose your spa package, one hour and half hour treatments also available. Full list here

Blokes Massage Package

Designed specifically for men, this massage therapy package includes techniques that are firm and relaxing with sandalwood scented oils. more…

1 hr – $110 ($135 members)
1.5 hr – $150 ($135 members)
2 hr – $195 ($180 members)
3 hr – $295 ($280 members)
4 hr – $395 ($380 members)

4 hour Blokes massage for men

3 hour Blokes massage for men

2 hour Blokes massage for men

1.5 hour Blokes massage for men

Men’s Massage Packages

One hour full body massage $110 (massage only)

blokes-men-massage-male-massages-spa1.5 Hour Men’s Massage Package – $150 (Members $135)

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2 Hour Men’s Massage Package – $195 ($180 members)

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3 hour Blokes Massage Package- $295 ($280 members)

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blokes-massages-male-mens-spa-packageFour Hour Men’s Massage and Spa Package – $395 ($380 members) Male Massage

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Male Massage

bath-salt-ripple-day-spa-scrub-mobile-massageRipple is very proud in the fact that we have a lot of male massage clients come to us every day and do you
know why? Because we have treatment oils and fragrances catered to our male clientele.

A lot of men shy away from massages and beauty treatments because they either get embarrassed that they will be seen by their male friends, or the tell tale signs of floral fragrances are left on their body, which no one can hide.

So we are Ripple wanted to create a male massage treatment where our male clientele can enjoy the indulgent day spa experience without any hassles or embarrassment. At Ripple we offer a mobile experience, meaning that we can come to the privacy of your own home, so that you can chill out and relax. We also have come up with a great manly scent using sandalwood that leaves you smelling more like a bloke and less like a field of flowers.

We have some great tips for you if you want to book in your first male massage with Ripple Massage.

Male Massage Tip 1: Always have a shower before your treatment so that you are all fresh for the therapist and your muscles are loose and ready for treatment.blokes-massages-mobile-package-ripple

Male Massage Tip 2: Don’t engorge yourself in a large meal before your treatment. Big greasy meals are just going to make you feel bloated and considering you spend half your male massage on your stomach; you will probably spend a lot of time focusing how uncomfortable you feel and how your digestive system is working over time. Stick to something light and healthy.

Male Massage Tip 3: Let the therapist know of any injuries or of any areas of the body that you are particularly tense so that the therapist can treat you accordingly.

Male Massage Tip 4: Make sure to let the therapist know how hard of a massage you are after. You can go for a relaxing style or maybe you need a deep tissue massage to target tension.chocolate-day-spa-candle-chocolate-massage-chocolates-cocoa-vanilla-bean

Male Massage Tip 5: Make sure to remove any chains or watches. Jewelry gets in the way of the therapists carrying out their massage techniques properly, and therefore should be removed. Also the oils used in the male massage can react with the jewelry and can cause them to tarnish- and we don’t want that happen.

Male Massage Tip 6: Don’t get a massage if you have sun burn. You will just be uncomfortable and in pain and the therapists will also probably feel at a loss on how to massage you without bring discomfort.

Male Massage Tip 7: When your treatment is done, drink of lots of water. Your muscles will have released a heap of toxins during your male massage, so you need to help flush these out via drinking water.

Male Massage Tip 8: Don’t get up too quickly from your treatment as you will most likely feel a little dizzy from all the toxins that would have been releasedblokes-massage-day-spa-ripple

Male Massage Tip 9: Don’t book in any gym time for after your massage. Your body needs time to recover and relax after the treatment and with the release of toxins; you may be in a strange state to focus on your session. Take some time after your treatment to just relax, watch a movie, have a bath, read a book. You just took time and money out to have this treatment so make the most of it.

Male Massage Tip 10: Book in further treatments. Whether you have issues with tension or you just need to relax, male massage is great way to help keep your body intact and keep your mind clear.