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Beauty Tips For Women
Aug 2018

Here Are Some Of Our Favourite Beauty Tips

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Your showers should always be warm (not piping hot) as the heat can dry out your hair and skin causing damage.

Giving your hair a blast of cold water at the end of your shower helps to close up the cuticles which helps promote shine.

The best time to wax or pluck your brows is right after a shower when your pores are still open. This will allow the hair to remove more easily and less painfully.

Red Nail Polish Manicure
  • Apply concealer after your foundation, as most of the time your foundation will cover your spots and this will prevent you from caking up with two layers of cover.
  • For more bright and awake eyes, use a flesh coloured eyeliner on your lower waterline. This will make the whites of your eyes appear larger.
  • Primers are your best friend. You can get primers for your face, eyelids, eyelashes and even lips. They work just like they sound; laying down a base on your skin that gives a smooth and even surface and prolongs the wear of your makeup.
  • Wash your makeup brushes once a week; replace your towel often, as well as your pillow cases. These are key places where bacteria can grow and cause breakouts.
  • Everyone says it, but drink lots of water!


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