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Beauty Therapy

Look as good as you feel – beauty therapy treatments that come to you in your own private day spa

Full List Of Ripple Beauty Therapy Treatments

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Beauty Therapy Packages

Beauty Therapy

The Ultimate 4 hour Beauty Therapy Package – $395 ($380 members)

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Beauty Therapy Packages

Beauty Therapy Packages

3 hour Beauty Therapy Package- $295 ($280 members)

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2 Hour Beauty Therapy Package – $195 ($180 members)

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Manicures, Pedicures and Facials

Manicures And Pedicures – One hour treatments, $110 each (members $95)

One Hour Handspa – Complete hand rejuvenation with this luxurious manicure, aromatherapy exfoliation, steamed hot towels, hand and arm massage. $110

One Hour Pedispa – An aromatic foot ritual to nourish and hydrate even the most tired feet. Includes scented foot soak, exfoliating foot scrub, foot massage, deluxe pedicure. $110

Express Manicure And Express Pedicure, One Hour Total $110

Express Treatments – Half Hour, $60 each

Express Manicure – tidy up of nails, hand massage, polish – $60

Express Pedicure – tidy up of nails, hand massage, polish – $60

Express Green Clay Face Mask, hot steamed towels, head and face massage

Express Massage – half hour back neck and shoulders


Organic Green Clay And Cucumber Facial

One hour green clay cleansing facial – Wonderful calming treatment gently cleanses prolematic, congested skin. Reblancing mud mask detoxifies, suitable for even the most sensitive skin. $110 (members $95)

Anti Ageing Collagen Facial

One hour anti ageing collagen facial – Experience instant results with this intensive treatment for fine lines and skin damage. The collagen hydrating mask infuses vital moisture and nourishment. $110 (members $95)


One hour full body massage $110

Beauty Therapy Tips – super easy tips that beauticians use

Beauty Therapy Tips

Beauty Therapy Tips

  1. You can remove nail polish without remover. How? Simply put on a layer of clear polish over your cracked polish and then quickly remove.
  2. Drink heaps of water – this will hydrate your skin more than moisturiser
  3. Eat well. Again better than any beauty product for your skin, this will nourish your skin from the inside.
  4. Go easy on the blusher – on of the easiest ways to look beautiful is to try for a natural look, and one of the biggest beauty mistakes is too much bronzer.
  5. When shaving, stand under a warm shower first for a couple of minutes before starting. This will open the pores and follicles and reduce post shaving redness.
  6. Give your hair a spray of hair spray before you start blow drying. This will help with volume.
  7. When choosing foundation, try it near your jaw line so that you pick a natural colour.
  8. If getting a facial, don’t wear makeup. Whilst the therapist will take it off, you will get a deeper cleanse if you go with clear skin to begin with.
  9. Ask about the qualifications of your therapists, and if getting a massage make sure they are qualified to minimum Certificate IV.
  10. Ask about specials… salons often have great packages that can give you a range of treatments at a great price
  11. Get there nice and early. Nuff said.
  12. Give your self time to relax afterwards and before hand. If you can avoid rushing around either end of your treatment.



  13. Ask questions! Find out exactly what a pedi spa entails, one salons definition may not be the same as yours.
  14. Book early! To ensure you get the day and time you want, try to book your therapist early so that you can then relax and enjoy. Especially on weekends, most beauty salons in Melbourne tend to book out quickly on Saturday afternoons, so get in quick.
  15. Nails – if there is a particular nail colour you like, you can take it with you and ask the  beauty salon to use it instead of one of their own.
  16. If wanting french nails or shellac, ask before you go. You may need to book a longer period of time. If you book an express manicure expecting french nails, then it is unlikely you will get a good result.
  17. Waxing – exfoliate before you go and you will end up with a better and less painful result.
  18. Makeup – one of the best investments I made was to get my make up done by a professional artist. I picked up lots of tips and tricks that I now use daily in my beauty routines.
  19. Massage – be clear on what you want from your massage. Many beauty therapists aren’t great at doing deep tissue or remedial massage, so you will need to book a remedial massage therapist for these styles. If you are after a relaxation massage, then beauty therapists tend to be really good.
  20. There are often many different styles available so sometimes it is good to be adventurous and try something that you haven’t tried before. Hot stone massage can be a delicious style of massage in the winter, whilst a detox massage can be really good in the spring time. Play around with different styles and find the ones you love.

    Massage and Beauty Tips

    Massage and Beauty Tips

  21. If booking a group, book early, and ask about discounts and receipts at booking.
  22. Stay with the same company if you get great service. There are many day spas and beauty businesses out there, so if you find a good one, stick with them.
  23. Consider trying a mobile beauty salon. These are a great option that allow you to relax afterwards and save you the trouble of driving, parking and traffic. They are often the same or similar price, but come with the convenience of the therapist coming to you.

More Beauty Therapy Tips

Tips From A Beautician

Have you ever just wanted to sit a Beautician down to pick their brains for their best tips for all things beauty? Well good news, we did all the hard work for you and have the best 10 beauty tips straight from the lips of one of our beauticians!

Tip #1- Take off your make up every night. It seems so simple but some people don?t understand how important this is to do. If you leave your makeup on your face over night, your skin doesn’t have a chance to recover. Night time is when your skin is most active in rejuvenating and repairing itself, so if you have makeup left on your face, it can interfere and cause bacteria to form, which can result in reactions and acne.

Tip #2- Don’t over complicate your skin care routine. All you need is a good gentle cleanser, a toner (preferably without alcohol) and a moisturiser. If you have areas of concern you can throw in a serum or an under eye cream as well. A lot of skin care companies will make it seem a lot harder and a lot more expensive than it needs to be.

Tip #3- If you can, stick to one line of products for your skin care line. They are designed to work together and complement each other. If you use products from different lines, then you may be using ingredients that counteract each other.

Tip #4Don’t skip the moisturiser if you have oily skin. You may feel like your skin has enough moisture in it as it is but you still need to apply a moisturiser daily if you have oily skin. You can opt for a lighter moisturiser, but if you skip this step your skin will freak out that it isn’t being nourished and will produce even more oil to compensate.

Tip #5- Always drink water. Water flushes out the toxins in your body and allows your skin to look clearer and glow.

Tip #6- Always apply sunscreen to your face, even if you are only running out to the post box. The slightest amount of UV on the face can start forming wrinkles and the longer you can keep your skin out of the sun, the longer you will stay looking young. Haven’t you noticed how Naomi Watts never seems to age?

Tip #7- One of simplest ways to dry out a pimple is with basic white tooth paste. Don’t use the gel formulas as its the bicarbonate in the toothpaste that dries out the pimple. So stick with the basic white pastes. After washing your face, apply a small amount on the pimple and go to sleep. In the morning you will see the pimple has got smaller and less angry looking.

Massage and Beauty Therapy

Massage and Beauty Therapy

Tip #8Don’t use a scrub every day as this can aggravate your skin. You only need to exfoliate every 3 days at the most and you don’t have to go crazy with course granules. Just find a nice gentle facial exfoliate.

Tip #9- For the best results, wash your face with warm water to open up your pores and get in deep with the cleaner. When you are rinsing your face, use cool water to seal up your pores again which gives both a clearer and smoother surface to your skin.

Tip #10- Apply moisturiser to your skin as soon as you step out of the shower. It is even beneficial to apply your moisturiser while your skin a little damp. This will help your moisturiser soak into your skin. If you wait till your skin feels dry and tight, your skin may not get enough moisturiser to recover.