Woman Having A Green Clay Facial With Clay Mask
Green Clay Face Mask
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Green Clay Face Mask


This mask gently cleanses sensitive and congested skin.

  • Great for skin that is prone to break out.
  • Paraben and sulphate free

Facial Mask Benefits

Acne – The best type of mask for acne or pimples is a clay based mask. The clay draws out impurities and often there is a soothing component like cucumber added in to help keep the skin supple.

Redness that is caused from irritations like heat or chemical can be treated with soothing facial masks that include ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile, oatmeal, avocado and cocoa butter. It should feel soothing and cool on the skin.

Dry skin can occur for two reasons, either from your own natural skin type, or from lack of hydration. Air-conditioning, heating and weather can also contribute to dry skin. We recommend using masks that have ingredients like avocado, milk and natural oils like coconut or shea oil.

Dullness can be a result of not having a proper skin routine, poor diet, smoking, tiredness or excessive consumption of stimulants (coffee, alcohol etc).  Look for facial masks that say they will brighten your skin tone. You will find some common natural ingredients in brightening masks are honey, milk and lemon juice.

Mature Skin
Some face masks will plump out the skin and nourish it from the outside. Look for masks that have anti-aging properties.

Facial Masks For Different Types Of Skin
Clay Masks For Oil Skin And Cleansing

Two major ways that pigmentation can occur is from excess sun exposure and from acne scarring.

Sun exposure can cause little spots on the skin, as well uneven skin tone.

You want to find masks that promote fading, whitening or brightening. You can also use honey and citrus juices in face masks for pigmented skin.

For those of your blessed with oily skin, we often find that we have an oil slick in the middle of our face by the end of the day, our pores are enlarged and we get the odd (or more) pimple.

You will find that clay masks are also the best option for this type of skin.

The clay again draws out impurities including the oil. Other great ingredients found in masks for oily skin include turmeric, lemon and witch hazel.

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