The Benefits Of Sleep

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Mind chatter can hijack your brain, keep you up late and steal away any chance of giving your mind the rest it needs. The benefits of sleep are well documented, it is even supposed to help you lose weight!

Sometimes getting a good night’s sleep seems to be as elusive as getting a the winning lotto numbers or finding a positive story on the news.

And we all want the benefits of a good night’s sleep don’t we? Because we know it’s good for us.

We’ve read the articles – we know the spiel – and we’ve all seen the dark-circled, creased-faced dude from accounting drag himself in clutching his coffee…. And we don’t want to be him.  We want to sleep. So, how can we get a better night’s sleep?

What Are The Best Ways To Help You Sleep?

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  1. Picking a regular time to go to bed is a good strategy. There are theories that this helps regulate your body clock so dropping off is not such a big struggle.
  2. Napping during the day, although tempting when your eyelids are touching the floor, can ditch your chances of sleeping well that evening.
  3. Getting out and get moving is great to help you doze off at night, just don’t do those star jumps five minutes before you hit the sack.

4. Banish work, eating, tv and anything that is distracting from the bedroom. Your brain will start to connect this one room only with sleep and help you set up good sleep patterns

5. Love a glass of wine just before bed? Maybe have your last alcohol at least four hours before bedtime to allow your body to fall asleep naturally.

6. Same goes for coffee, energy drinks, Coca Cola or anything else with caffeine in it.

7. Also loading up on sugary food just before bed can also stop you falling asleep easily. So keep the chocolate treat to a few hours before bedtime.

8. Love the feel of a rock hard mattress? Well go for it, but for the rest of us, splash out on a premium mattress and your body and brain will love you for it.

9.Your neighbor loves to play death metal at 10 pm? Invest in some earplugs and shut out any distracting noise. Same goes for light. Those heavy blinds that block out the light might be next on your shopping list.

10.And number ten, if you live in a place that has extreme temperatures, perhaps you swelter night after night in summer, a small investment in an air conditioner may help your tossing and turning.

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The 11th Commandment Of Sleep

If we were to create an eleventh commandment, then that would be to work on reducing any stress in your life.

Okay, so this can be difficult when the kids won’t go to sleep or you have had a rough day at work. And can lead to that pre sleep chocolate/alcohol/cigarette binge.

And while no two people are the same, eating healthy meals, exercising, meditating and getting regular relaxation massages seem to work pretty well for most as excellent ways to reduce stress and anxiety.

How A Massage Helps You Sleep

A relaxing massage in particular – delivers calm in a very short period of time.

It is common for our clients to fall asleep on our massage and groggily wake up an hour later with a bewildered “where am I look.” This is because a great massage will not only unlock your muscles, but will relax your mind chatter as well. Chronic monkey brain? A massage is a good way to help quieten that ape.

Different massages help reduce many different types of stress, which in turn can reduce anxiety and help you sleep better. There is more here on which massage to choose.

So, what do you think happens during a good night’s sleep? We got curious and looked into it and here’s what we found:


The Benefits Of A Good Night's Sleep

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What Does Sleep Do?

As we head off to dreamland, our brain becomes a super hero, repairing, re-energizing and refueling our bodies.

While we sleep, our brain takes on a new role. It is busy processing, consolidating and filtering all of the information that has been loaded into it during the day.

Confrontation at the water cooler that day? This is when your marvelous brain sorts out the stress (if it is in a deep sleep) and helps you wake more refreshed the next morning. Another benefit of a good nights sleep is that is casts the good memories (crying with laughter at your favourite movie) to memory.

It also is busy sorting out your “to lists”. That’s where the phrase “just sleep on it” comes about.

It also acts as the garbageman, taking out the rubbish that has accumulated during the day. Fluid is pumped more quickly through the brain during deep sleep, getting rid of toxins and other debris in your brain. Yep, it does the cleaning while you are vertical (now if only we could get our kids to do that).

But the best, and perhaps scariest bit, it that when in deep sleep, our brain paralyses the body, to prevent us from doing harm to ourselves in this altered state. Dream of flying like Ironman or riding horses like Wonder Woman? Your body should protect you from acting out ideas that your body may not be able to do.

Everything Slows Down

Our Heart Rate, Our Breathing And Almost Everything Else, Slows Down

How quickly our heart beats, how many breaths we take per minute – all this decelerates when our bodies go on night-shift. Our muscles, our organs and our digestive system all take a much needed rest as well.

During sleep, our body temperature cools and our blood pressure can drop by 5 to 7 points.

There is an exception however. The consummate over-achiever in our body – the mighty liver – doesn’t slow down.

Instead, it rolls up its sleeves and changes function from a daytime detoxifier to a night spent regenerating itself.

Heart On Wooden Table

The Body Grows

We grow while we sleep.

Sure, if you’re an adult, you may not be growing taller – but you’re growing none the less. The secretion of certain growth hormones increases during sleep. We use these hormones to restructure muscle cells after an intense workout for example, or to heal an injury.

If we under sleep however, we miss out on growing in another way. Scientists believe that the hunger-regulating hormones (which play a role in our feelings of hunger and fullness) maybe reduced if we don’t get enough sleep.  Yup, not enough sleep can lead to putting on weight.

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