Benefits Of Sleep

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Mar 2019

Why Counting Sheep Might Not Be The Best Way To Fall Asleep

Mind chatter can hijack your brain, keep you up late and steal away any chance of giving your mind the rest it needs. The benefits of sleep are well documented, it is even supposed to help you lose weight!

Sometimes getting a good night’s sleep seems to be as elusive as getting a the winning lotto numbers or finding a positive story on the news.

And we all want the benefits of a good night’s sleep don’t we? Because we know it’s good for us.

We’ve read the articles – we know the spiel – and we’ve all seen the dark-circled, creased-faced dude from accounting drag himself in clutching his coffee…. And we don’t want to be him.  We want to sleep. So, how can we get a better night’s sleep?

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What Mind Chater Does To Stop You Sleeping
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Benefits Of Sleep

So Just What Does Sleep Do?

Your Body Prevents You From Flying Like Ironman During Deep Sleep
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The Australian Sleep Health Foundation (ASHF), also backs up what we all know. A person who has chronic insomnia can have their mood negatively impacted.  “Without good sleep,” they say, “you can end up irritable, snappy and teary, which impacts on your personal and professional relationships.”

Our well-meaning bodies will try to compensate for this by activating the adrenal glands and sending hits of stress hormone, to the body.

“This acts like little caffeine shots,” the ASHF states. “While this may work in the short-term, it’s not good in the long run as frequent spikes can lead to high blood pressure and weight gain.”

So if you are chronically tired and miss out from all the good things sleep brings to us, might be time to put it at the top of your list of things to do. Your body, and brain, will love you for it.

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