Benefits Of Yoga

How A Massage Can Relax The Mind
Aug 2018

Yoga is calming, soothing and gentle, away of leaving the world behind and not just while you are in your yoga class, it becomes a way of life. There are many styles and you may need to try a few different styles  to see which one suits you and your needs best. Most styles are based on the same physical postures, known as poses with their own unique emphasis.

Yoga Styles

Hatha Yoga is a gentle form that includes many of the physical kinds. It is slow paced and a great introduction to basic yoga poses.

Vinyasa a more vigorous style based around poses called Sun Salutations. Your movement is matched to your breathing.

Iyengar Yoga works on bodily alignment and practice holding poses over long periods opposed to moving quickly form pose to pose. Iyengar yoga also uses props such as blocks and straps to assist with bringing the body into alignment.

Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga very popular in the present day. Hot yoga is practiced in 100 degree temperature – this assists with the loosening of tight muscles and also lots of sweating happening which is thought to be cleansing. Bikram Yoga has 26 poses but not all are used in each class.

There are still more and more types, the thing to remember is that all yoga is based around similar poses and breathing. It is recommended to try a few different styles of yoga classes and teachers to find the one that suits you.

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Benefits Of Yoga

Relaxation Through Yoga
  • Flexibility is improved with the moving and stretching poses. With more flexibility throughout your body comes a greater range of movement to tight areas. With regular classes you can gain more flexibility through your hips, back and shoulders. Your hamstrings will improve over time as well
  • Strength is increased (again over time with regular classes) with poses requiring you to balance of one leg or holding your body up with your arms. Keeping our strength up is an important issue as we age – this helps us avoid becoming fragile. Leading a more vigorous lifestyle
  • Muscle tone goes hand in hand with your strength training. As you body becomes stronger you can expect increased muscle tone. Muscles being shaped into longer leaner looking muscles.
  • Balance – a concern as people age and can make you unsure of your footing when walking even around a shopping centre or your own home. Similar poses used for flexibility also enhance your balance. As you become more advanced your balance will lead to inversion balancing and this helps to strengthen your core strength. With a strong tight core comes great balance.
  • Stress – any sort of movement is a good stress release, sitting and thinking is not always a good choice.The movements in yoga are extremely good for stress relief, with the total concentration on what your body is doing, the movement itself seem to melt away the pressures from your day.

In a yoga class one of the important lessons shown is to be in the moment, washing away the thoughts and fears that flooded your mind before you sat on your mat.

Being in the moment (once you have mastered this technique) has a lasting effect by not dwelling on the past or worrying about future events. Reducing stress has far reaching health affects, not just reducing worry.

  • Joint health is improved. Gentle yoga for people who suffer from joint inflammation and strains assists with the pain. Breathing techniques and mediation also included assists with pain management
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