The Best Massages On The Sunshine Coast

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Think sunshine, relaxed laid back Queensland holiday and clear water beaches. Add into that some pampering treatments and you have the perfect holiday destination.

The Sunshine Coast is known as being a popular getaway destination. Here are some of the best massages on the Sunshine Coast to turn a good weekend away into a great one.

Maternal Bliss

If you’re currently pregnant, you don’t have to miss out on a relaxing massage either.

Using a special prenatal mix of pure cold pressed plant oils, the massage is done by a fully qualified pregnancy massage therapist.

Mandarin and sandalwood are combined with lavender to create a soothing blend that is also great for stretch marks and skin elasticity.

Stress Fix Massage

This massage combines both Swedish and Deep Tissue. Massage techniques to create a style that works the muscles deeply to relax them but is also gentle to calm the mind.

The massage therapist also uses a lavender based aromatherapy oil which also helps with relaxation.

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Sikat Massage

In Balinese, Sikat means body brushing. In this massage, dry body brushing is combined with an aroma oil blend designed to clarify the mind.

The body brush assists lymphatic drainage and reduces fluid retention, as well as helps your body to detox. The light pressure level used in this massage makes it very effective in reducing stress, anxiety and tiredness.

Signature Massage Styles

As massage is such a flexible modality, you will often find various day spas having a signature treatment. These are usually exclusive to the day spa and can be a great way to mix up your massage routine.

The Sunshine Coast has a whole range of these signature treatments. Some of the most luxurious are the chocolate and coffee day spa packages from Ripple. Both these packages are done with warmed massage oils. One is infused with freshly ground coffee, and the other has cocoa added to it. These packages also have a coffee facial (or a mocha one with chocolate added) and a body scrub.

Some other signature massages on the Sunshine Coast are the

  • Li’tya Kodo Relaxation Massage. The therapist applies rhythmic, circular strokes all over the body to relax muscles and balance energy flow with aromatherapy oils.
  • Chi Massage. Also known as energy, ‘chi’ runs throughout your body. When you are feeling overworked and tired, your chi is low. In this gentle Asian style massage, a heated herbal compress ball is used and aromatherapy oils are also applied to the body in slow motions. There are a number of massage clinics on the Sunshine Coast that have this style of massage.
  • Ayurvedic Healing Clay Massage. The clays used in this massage exfoliate your skin Traditional Indian ayurvedic medicated oils are also used during the massage and the massage is finished with hot towels.
  • Ying Yang Massage. As the name suggests, this massage is all about balance. The Ying Yang Massage uses a combination of massage styles including Deep Tissue, Acupressure and Reflexology to realign the body.
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Bamboo Massage

Sometimes massage therapists use instruments to help with the massage.  This treatment uses bamboo rods to roll over the muscles.

This method is very relaxing but also increases circulation of the body’s blood and aids lymphatic drainage.

The amount of pressure applied during the massage will determine whether it is more of a relaxation or deep tissue style.

Balinese Massage

This massage combines the ultimate blend of stretching, long and flowing strokes, as well as forearm and Thai Chi moves by your therapist. This will make you feel like more than two hands are massaging you.

Kahuna Massage

This is similar to the Balinese massage, it just uses a different style of massage flow.

There are quite a few Kahuna and Lomi Lomi therapists on the Sunshine Coast. Look for a therapist that has trained at High Spirits Retreat up in Cooroy. Mette there is known as Australia’s foremost Kahuna trainer.

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The massage treatment was bliss. A real pampering that left me relaxed and nurtured.

It was a gift voucher given to me and what a wonderful gift thank you.


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