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Nov 2017

3 Top Ways To Relax In Brisbane

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Brisbane Botanic Gardens

Four Super Quirky And Little Known Things To Do In Brisbane

At least once in your life you should get in a kayak, in a river city – at night.

You can walk the length and breadth of Brisbane all you like, but there is nothing quite like seeing this magnificent city from its river.

In particular, the sight of the Story Bridge’s many multicolored lights as they reflect on the inky water around you, is pure aquatic magic.

Don’t worry; no experience is necessary and you won’t be all alone in the dark.

Riverlife’s night kayaking adventures are guided by qualified and experienced instructors who will take good care of you. Call Riverlife on (07) 3891 5766.

Ghost Tour In Brisbane

Imagine taking a tour of a prison.

Now imagine that the person leading you on that tour is a former inmate. How much more interesting is that tour going to be?

Boggo Road Gaol offers day and night time tours that are lead by ex-inmates and ex-prison officers too.

Originally built in 1883 (and closed in 1992) Boggo Road Gaol was home to some infamous inmates and it’s haunted.

You have a ‘bouquet’ of tours to choose from; there’s the Historic Tour, the Ghost Tour and the Great Escapes Excursion. Imagine the reactions to your post when you check in on Facebook or Instagram from Boggo Road Goal! Ha! Ha! Do it! Dot it now! Call Boggo Road Gaol on (07) 3844 0059.

Meet a stranger – go for a walk. Brisbane Greeters is a group formed by local volunteers who love their river city so much that they love to show visitors around.

This completely free service offers two types of greets; the Greeter’s Choice Tour or Your Choice.

Tours operate Monday to Friday departing at Ghost Tours Toowong Cemeterynoon from the Brisbane Visitor Information and Booking Centre at 167 Queen Street. Call Brisbane Greeters on (07) 3156 6364.

Spread over 108 acres of hills and steep slopes, Toowong Cemetery is a necropolis formed by tens of thousands of gravestones, tombs and crypts.

Your mission is to join a guided tour of this fascinatingly creepy place – in the dead of night.

Your rendezvous with the ghosts of Brisbane begins at 7pm every Friday and Saturday night – and the torches – that you will be reluctant to turn off when prompted to – are provided.

The guide’s commentary is fact filled, at times dramatic and always interesting and entertaining.

If you’d rather visit under your own steam, the main entrance to Toowong Cemetery is on the corner of Milton Road and Frederick Street in Toowong.

You enter through a semi-circular gateway comprising of daunting stone gate posts and a shiver-inducing cast iron fence that is straight out of a horror movie.

Come to think of it don’t go alone. Call Brisbane Ghost Tours on (07) 3344 7265 and go with them.

The Top Three Brisbane Bars – In Our Humble Opinion

Rooftop Bar In Brisbane

It’s like nothing else. In fact, you might want to visit their website to get a better idea of how glorious this place is, because we’re not entirely sure that we can get its glory across in just a few words.

Think of how a bar would look on Pandora (the planet in the movie Avatar) – add gold, red and fuchsia.

Then add vertical gardens, a waterfall, large chandeliers, various levels and two distinct bars.

Finish it off with VIP booths and various function and event spaces for weddings, concerts and the like – and you have Cloudland.

Food and drinks? As exceptional as the decor. Address: 641 Ann St, Fortitude Valley.

Our first experience of Dandy’s Rooftop Bar
Our first experience of Dandy’s Rooftop Bar was as pedestrians quite happily minding our own business way down in the street below.

We had seen a show at nearby QPAC and were gingerly strolling back to our car. At first we heard the beat of the music. As we got closer we heard singing and laughter – lots of laughter – followed by the chink of bottles and glasses. We looked up, spotted the bar and an enormous glitter ball.

A psychedelic light show bounced off hundreds of wind chime contraptions hanging from the bar’s ceiling and before we knew it, we wanted to be there.

So we climbed the stairs and joined in. You can too on Fridays 4pm until late and on Saturdays and Sundays 2pm until late. Address: 71-73 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane.


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