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Gold Coast Massages

October 29th, 2016 by admin.ripple

There are many different types of massage and day spa treatments on the Gold Coast. Here are some of our favourites!

Top 10 Indulgent Gold Coast Massages

Gold Coast Massages – Where could be a better place to indulge than on the luxurious, carefree Gold Coast? With a divine range of spas and massage services to choose from, the Gold Coast really does have a lot to offer. Before you embark on your quest to lap up the luxurious lifestyle, here is a list of Gold Coast’s top 10 indulgent massages.

  1. Ocean Ritual Massage

    Gold Coast Massages

    Gold Coast Massages

In this beautifully indulgent massage, you will begin with a dry body brush. This is a therapeutic technique used to encourage circulation, remove dry skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite and allow for nourishing ingredients to be absorbed by your skin’s cells.

A fabulous blend of essential oils will then be smoothed over your body for a relaxing and soothing finish.

  1. Paudi Head Masque and Massage

Based on ancient Aboriginal head massage techniques, the Paudi Head Masque is a massage to remember. The warm Quandong masque is made of native peach extracts, which too were used by Indigenous Australians to nourish and condition skin and hair, as well as to treat skin irritations.

The focus of this massage style is on the head, neck and shoulders. These areas of the body will be worked in order to loosen muscles and relax your mind.

  1. Avocado and Shea Nut Butter Wrap

Best suited for the winter months, this massage is the ultimate cure for dry and flaky skin. It begins with an exceptional full body exfoliation performed using sea salts. Following this, the body is covered head to toe in pure organic shea butter and fresh avocado, before you are cocooned in warm towels.

Both the shea butter and avocado are extremely rich in vitamins and natural fats, which during this cocooning stage soak into the skin to restore its suppleness and enhance its overall appearance.

  1. Hanakasumi

    Unique Gold Coast Massages

    Unique Gold Coast Massages

Inspired by ancient Japanese tradition, this massage style focuses on exfoliating the skin. The exfoliant used is a lovely cherry blossom rice powder gommage.

It contains enzymatic complex of papaya and acidic ingredients to remove dead skin cells, as well as soothing antioxidants to condition your skin from traditional Japanese cherry blossom flowers. The massage is performed as a warm, luscious ritual to inspire peacefulness.

  1. Sodashi Massage

The Sodashi massage is designed to be healing and provide a sanctuary for the senses. It is performed using beautiful unique aromatherapy oils to create long, soothing strokes across the body.

This promotes circulation, aiding the removal of lymphatic wastes. It also balances the body’s chakras or energy meridians, bring harmony to body, mind and spirit.

  1. Lemongrass Crème Body Polish

Body polishes are great body treatments that leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. This body polish massage uses an incredible lemongrass crème to provide not only the normal benefits of a relaxation or deep tissue massage, but to incorporate the added benefits of lemongrass itself.

Lemongrass is known as one of the world’s best skin toners, and is also antibacterial and antiseptic. Blended into a luscious crème, the lemongrass in this massage will revitalise you with its sweet citrus scent.

  1. Thermal Massage

A very unique massage style indeed, the Thermal Massage has an array of benefits for your body. In conjunction with deep-tissue handwork, red peppers are used to warm the body in order to relieve sore muscles, chronic pain and release muscle tension.

To balance the heat, essential oils are also used to cool your skin and reduce inflammation. This massage style is great to heal sporting injuries and aid healing of other muscle tissue conditions.

  1. Aroma Hot Stone Massage

    Gold Coast Hot Stone Massages

    Gold Coast Hot Stone Massages

Like the Thermal Massage, this massage style uses heat, but in a very different way. In the Aroma Hot Stone Massage, traditional hot stone techniques are used to warm the body i.e. beautiful stones are heated and placed on the body to relax muscles and soothe the skin.

What makes this style of massage unique is that it also incorporates Aromatherapy techniques to refresh the body and mind.

  1. Body Scrub and Smother Massage

The name doesn’t lie – this lovely massage really does smother you in nourishing ingredients. The massage begins with a deep, exfoliating scrub made of ginger, lime and sugar.

From here, you are treated to a  relaxing, creamy almond milk bath to remove the scrub, before receiving gentle and delicate massage strokes along your body. The massage is performed using organic grape and white tea body butter that is intensely hydrating and ultra replenishing for your skin.

  1. Ripple Honey Massage

If you love honey, you are bound to love this massage style brought to you by Ripple. Not only is honey sweet in your mouth but raw honey has some extra sweet benefits for your skin too.

Honey is a natural humectant, meaning it has deeply moisturising properties that ensure moisture is retained in the skin where it is needed for long-lasting hydration.

The enzymes found in honey are also spectacular for clarifying skin and keeping pores clean and clear, not to mention that honey is also full of nutrients, antioxidants and healing compounds to hide scars and fight signs of aging. For this massage, the exquisite raw honey is sourced for the Numimbah Valley, before being heated and paired with deliciously inviting massage oils.

There you have it, an indulgent list of absolutely divine Gold Coast massages. I bet you’re still stuck trying to decide after reading all of those luxurious options! Here’s another idea; why not REALLY indulge and try a few…

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October 4th, 2016 by admin.ripple

“Superfood” is the term given to foods densely packed with different types of nutrients.



Superfoods have multiple benefits, among which include aiding in maintaining healthy skin. You’ve probably heard of the saying, “beauty starts from within”; and in the case of your skin, it’s absolutely true. How many of us spend money on creams, lotions, serums, all promising the perfect youthful complexion?

However, instead of focusing on potions to put onto our skin, there is evidence to suggest that we should instead focus on what we are putting into our bodies. This is where a superfood can have amazing results for healthy skin – what we eat has a direct effect on our skin, and eating a healthy diet full of good fats (yes, fats), antioxidants, vitamin C, collagen and amino acids can mean the difference between fresh, glowing skin, and a tired, wrinkled, puffy complexion. Here are some tasty ways to help you start embracing the notion that beautiful healthy skin starts on your plate.

Açai Berries

We have to admit – part of the reason we love this little berry so much is because it tastes fantastic in smoothies and breakfast bowls. As a bonus, it is also high in antioxidants which are linked to improved heart health, fighting free radicals and reducing swelling and inflammation in the skin. Add some to a juice, smoothie or breakfast bowl and reap the benefits.


Avocados are great to eat, and even greater for skin. High in poly- and monounsaturated fatty acids, they keep skin looking firm, help regenerate damaged skin cells, and reduce redness and irritation. The fatty acids keep your uppermost layer of skin moisturised, which gives you noticeably hydrated and healthy-looking skin. Avocados are also full of antioxidant carotenoids that not only fight free radicals, which are one of the major culprits of damaged skin and aging, but also help your skin maintain water content and elasticity. In addition, this superfood has vitamins E and D, which can help keep inflammatory reactions in sensitive skin to a minimum. Vitamin E is also thought to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. The ideal superfood for healthy skin – good to eat, and so good for the skin.




Antioxidants are one of the most important elements for maintaining healthy skin, and eating blueberries is one of the easiest (and yummiest) ways to get them. Antioxidants help fight and neutralise free radicals – one of skin’s worst enemies – which are known to damage skin cells and collagen, causing wrinkles, dry skin, and a range of other skin-ageing factors.

Blueberries are also full of vitamin A, which helps balance oil levels in your skin, and is very helpful in naturally clearing up acne-prone skin. In addition, blueberries are rich sources of vitamin C, which is crucial for the formation of collagen, thereby giving skin its structure and elasticity. Other superfood berries for healthy skin include raspberries and blackcurrants. Add some to plain yoghurt, with some chopped nuts.

Chia Seeds

Stroll into any health food store or supermarket and you will see seemingly endless variations of chia, from pods to butter, chips to bars. Chia seeds contain oils full of omega-3 fatty acids, which have an anti-inflammatory effect. Try soaking some in coconut milk for a healthy and nutritious snack.

Green Juice

Juices made with lots of fresh green vegetables are concentrated sources of nutrients, including many that can be beneficial to our skin. Minerals such as calcium, magnesium and alkaloids help to alkalise the body, offsetting the acidity from consuming high amounts of alcohol or processed foods. Over-acidity may be linked to problems like eczema. If you do not own a juicer, eating vegetables works just as well.


Lemon one of our favourite superfoods for healthy skin. Not only is it packed with vitamin C, which helps neutralise nasty free radicals and helps us make collagen and elastin, giving us firm, younger-looking skin; but it’s also one of the most alkalising foods available.

Although lemons taste incredibly acidic, once metabolised, the minerals in them help alkalise the blood and balance our bodies’ pH (which in most of us is too acidic due to over consumption of coffee, alcohol, and processed foods). When our bodies’ pH levels are out of whack, our skin becomes super sensitive, dry and irritation-prone, so maintaining a good balance is crucial. We like squeezing half a lemon into a glass of water every morning to kick start our day.


Top Superfoods

Top Superfoods

Oats are a particularly rich source of biotin, a vitamin that is well-known for its role in the health of our skin and hair. Oats are also high in gentle fibre, which helps to maintain a healthy digestive tract and bowel function.

Healthy digestion is vital for our skin for two main reasons – efficient digestion helps all those skin-loving nutrients get into our body; and if our bodies are not eliminating waste properly, excess toxins can circulate in the blood and be excreted through the skin, resulting in rashes and other skin problems. This superfood makes a great ingredient in a breakfast bowl (try adding berries and yoghurt), or in healthy sugar-free banana muffins.

Orange Superfood

Vegetables such as carrots, squash, pumpkin and sweet potatoes contain particularly high levels of beta carotene, and other carotenoids, which give them their orange colour. Beta carotene converts to vitamin A in our body, which is one of the most important nutrients for keeping skin firm and helping it to heal quickly.

The oil in pumpkin seeds is also high in zinc, which is important in collagen synthesis. These orange vegetables are delicious in stews and soups in the winter, or roasted with other vegetables such as peppers, red onions and beetroot.


Oily fish in general, and salmon in particular, is packed full of omega 3’s, a good fat that does wonders for your skin. These polyunsaturated fatty acids protect the skin from sun exposure, help repair already damaged skin, and keep cell membranes healthy and hydrated, keeping toxins out and your skin looking supple and soft. Other fatty fish include sardines, mackerel and trout.

Adding a healthy dose of these delicious ingredients to your diet could mean the difference between average-looking skin and a glowing radiant complexion. We find that these superfoods do wonders for keeping skin healthy – with the bonus of adding variety, colour and deliciousness to our diet.


Spring Cleanse

September 22nd, 2016 by admin.ripple

Spring Cleanse – Spring is a time of renewal, recharge and rejuvenation; the season for a full body and soul spring cleanse. This time of year it’s natural to want to

Spring Cleanse

Spring Cleanse

do a bit of a cleanse to shake off those winter doldrums and clean out our bodies the way we do our closets. Summer is coming, which means bikini weather and the desire to look toned, healthy and glowing. Refresh your body with a spring cleanse and feel lighter and more glowing, inside and out.

There are so many fad cleanses out there that it can be a bit daunting to figure out where to start, and how you can realistically commit to a program and complete it. Here at Ripple we love good food, so a full-on fast seems unlikely; and given our hectic schedules, it can be difficult to find time for long periods of mental and spiritual cleansing. We have found some inexpensive and relatively easy ways for you to reap all the benefits of a spring cleanse without breaking the bank or forcing you to carve out time you don’t have.

Body Spring Cleanse

  1. Hydration

Start every day with an 8-ounce glass of water with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Try adding a dash of cayenne for a guaranteed way to get your blood moving. Staying hydrated stops you from overeating, and it is best to drink lots of water before and after meals. Water also helps the body detoxify, which keeps the digestive system healthy. Sip on teas and water throughout the day. A Ripple favourite is cold mint tea with lemon. The lemon juice helps cleanse the liver and aides its ability to remove toxins and fats from the body.

  1. Simple Meals

Eat a very simple diet for seven days: a high-quality protein from food (not a nutrient supplement shake), good-quality fat, and some lightly steamed or raw veggies at each meal, including breakfast. Do not skip meals. Eating simple whole foods in their whole form is best. Processed foods are depleted of valuable nutrients and packed full of chemicals and sugars. Retrain your taste buds to enjoy a fresh carrot or simple slices of cucumber with lemon juice and sea salt.

Body Spring Cleanse

Body Spring Cleanse

  1. Fibre

Eating high-fibre foods helps the body stay full. Fibre helps the body eliminate toxins and keeps the digestive system healthy so that the nutrients can be properly absorbed into the body. Good examples are lentils, beans, collard greens, grapefruit, asparagus, broccoli, and cauliflower.

  1. Variety

Try to incorporate a variety of food into your meals (try rotating greens and choosing new fruits). Doing this helps us access an array of nutrients. How we prepare them can also affect this; ideally, eat a mixture of raw and cooked.

  1. Things to Avoid

For a spring cleanse to work most effectively, it is recommended that you avoid certain foods. This is not to say that you should totally cut all of these off your diet – we prefer gently easing into something healthier. Limit the following from your diet and find alternatives where possible:

  • Sugar – the highs and lows from sugar cause the body to hold onto weight. Sugar also depresses the immune system and wreaks havoc on many other internal functions. Instead of soft and energy drinks, and if you don’t enjoy drinking plain water, try switch to something less sugar-loaded – soda water with a splash of lime juice, for example; or a healthy green vegetable juice (cucumber, kale, celery, lemon, ginger).
  • Alcohol – what? No alcohol? We understand that giving up entirely can be difficult, so instead of going cold turkey, how about aiming to cut down to a light beer, or one glass of wine instead of three.
  • Caffeine – caffeine has plenty of benefits, but when doing a spring cleanse, we would recommend giving your liver a break by avoiding caffeine, or limiting yourself to one coffee instead of five. Try herbal teas instead.
  • Dairy and gluten – these are common triggers of inflammation, and when cleansing it is good to take them out of the diet to give your body a chance to reset. If you notice a big difference, continue to leave them out.
  • Processed food – always avoid these, not just during a detox.
  1. Exercise

Exercise, sleep and not stressing are all incredibly important and can help lower levels of cortisol, a hormone responsible for fat formation in the body. Cortisol levels increase when we are stressed or tired. Exercise reduces cortisol levels and is necessary for detoxification and overall health of the cardiovascular system. It also helps facilitate the movement of toxins out of the body. Every day, complete 30 to 45 minutes of exercise, followed by deep breathing and stretching.

  1. Treat Your Body Right

Detoxification can be aided by dry brushing, saunas and steam baths and cold showers. They are an excellent way to help release toxins. They are also all great for increasing the health and appearance of the skin before summer and for encouraging stress reduction.

  1. Massage

And our all-time cleansing tip is to simply get a massage. Massage is a sensational way to clean out the toxins in your body, as it works on your lymphatic system, increases the blood flow around your body, helps with your digestive system and generally pumps your body full of endorphins and other feel good chemicals the healthy way.

Mind Spring Cleanse

Mind Spring Cleanse

Mind Spring Cleanse

Cleansing the mind by shedding negative thoughts and perceptions can take a weight off your whole being. There is a school of psychology today called positive psychology, whose sole focus is to help people do mind cleanses. Positive psychology helps get rid of negative thoughts by helping people get rid of the judgments they form about things that are happening in their lives. Try these techniques, which may help:

  • Three Good Things – try writing down three things that are going well and why. Do this every day for a week.
  • Signature Strengths – try writing down what you believe are your personal strengths (eg. kindness, loyalty), and then use them in a different way daily.
  • Rant Write-down – take several minutes each week and write down every negative thought that comes to mind. Then take that piece of paper and tear it up or bury it. It really helps, give it a try.

Soul Spring Cleanse

A spring cleanse is not complete without a soul cleanse. Soul cleansing lightens the spirit and helps leave you feeling clear, purposeful and content.

  1. Meditation

Try meditating every day, even if it is just a minute or two. All you have to do to meditate is sit quietly for a few moments and let the thoughts come and go and

Soul Spring Cleanse

Soul Spring Cleanse

breathe deeply. Be sure to turn off your phone, computer or whatever distracts you. Just be still with yourself.

  1. Gratitude

Each day upon waking up, try asking yourself what you’re grateful for. Gratitude lifts the spirit and fills the soul with positivity.

  1. Service

Try being of service by giving back to others, no matter in how small a way. Find an organization in your community (or beyond) that speaks to your soul and one that you feel you can really contribute to.

So there you have it – our easy way of cleaning out your body, mind and soul. Try it for a few days, and you will soon find yourself doing it effortlessly.