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November 16th, 2015 by Alison Shaw

Ripple’s aim is to help everyone feel good about themselves and the world, and visualisation is an incredibly powerful means of



doing so! We generally try to live in the moment, but sometimes it gets a bit stressful or difficult, or even just isn’t what we need right now. To help you destress and revitalise yourself, without having to take an entire holiday, consider practicing the skill of visualisation.

What is Visualisation?

Visualisation is where you try to envision another world or image as vividly as possible. It usually helps if you close your eyes, or you have a picture available the focus on. The idea is not just to “see” this other world, but to actually feel like you’re there as much as possible. When you get the hang of it, you can take yourself away to a completely different universe, where everything is exactly as you want it. You can see why it’s so powerful!

We tend to mainly focus on sight, but in a really powerful visualisation, you can almost trick your other senses into entirely new experiences as well – perhaps you’ll pick up the scent of the rainforest now surrounding you, or feel a hint of a cold wind across your neck as you stand on the mountain you’ve always wanted to climb.

The thread of visualisation has always wound its way through history, and particularly religion – we use stories and meditation and prayer to take us away to another world, where we have a spiritual connection. Nowadays, visualisation is increasingly branching out into the non-religious realms as well; everyday people are using it just to relax, refocus, and recharge. One of the biggest benefits of visualisation is that you can take it with you and perform it at any time (except maybe while you’re driving!) – it doesn’t cost, and fits into even a five minute break to really give you a boost again.

What is the Purpose of Visualisation?

Benefits of Visualisation

Benefits of Visualisation

There is no one “right way” to use visualisation; you can ultimately use it to do whatever you want! With that said, there are a few common purposes that people (and us at Ripple!) find visualisation helps fulfil:

  1. Relax – Visualisation is used to take people to a gorgeous landscape (usually a natural one like a rainforest, but standing on top of a skyscraper can be fun too!), a fond memory, or even just a time when they remember being particularly happy. Placing themselves in that moment helps them build and maintain a positive attitude throughout the day.
  2. Focus – Lots of people use visualisation to build focus on their goals and what they really want out of life. Most famous entrepreneurs recommend it highly, and even new age authors have recognised its impact as well – for example, The Secret believes that visualising positive outcomes in your own life will naturally attract them to you. Visualising what you want helps remind you of your purpose and take action to accomplish it.
  3. Spirituality – We can’t forget that visualisation can also be used to build a spiritual connection, whether to a religious figure such as a god or idol, or just to the universe around you. Taking time out to really envision the beauty of the universe helps you stay in touch with it and feel at home.

How to Use Visualisation



You’re ultimately the master on how to use visualisation for yourself – you know what makes you happy better than anyone! If you want to get started, though, you can try out these two visualisations that have worked for us at Ripple:

  • Rainforest Retreat – Close your eyes, and envision yourself in a luscious rainforest. You’re sitting on a moss covered rock, slightly cold to the touch… it overlooks a small lake, filled with perfectly clear water and a handful of waterstriders whipping around the surface. A tall, thin waterfall pours rain from a recent thunderstorm down into the lake, and water droplets still occasionally fall off the surrounding trees.Visualise yourself being completely at peace, sitting on that rock. None of the stress of the outside world is relevant here – it’s just you and nature and the cycle of life all around you.
  • Sunrise Illumination – Lie down, and picture yourself lying down on a beach, with the ocean very softly lapping away about ten metres in front of you. It’s dawn, but before sunrise – everything around you is lit up by a faint orange and purple glow. Slowly, the sun rises over the horizon.Visualise the light from the sun first hitting your toes, then wrapping around your feet. If you concentrate a lot, you might feel a “tingling” sensation – you’re focusing on all these nerves that you’d previously forgotten about, and tuned out from the messages they were sending to your brain. Keep that feeling!

    Now visualise the light slowly moving upwards and the sunshine spreading over your body – concentrate on your toes, feet, shins, calves, thighs, hips, belly, chest, shoulders, arms, hands, and then your neck and traps in order. Try to stay conscious of areas you’ve moved past – “revisit them” with the sunshine if necessary.

    Once you’re conscious of your entire body, just focus on coming to terms with this feeling of stillness and illumination. Let yourself relax and just lie there on the beach, bathing in sunlight and warmth. You can visualise yourself staying there, or “get up” and walk around with a renewed feeling of bliss.

We *love* these nature visualisations as an introduction to visualisation – they can be a little easier than trying to recall a certain memory, or think about how someone else (a loved one, a spiritual figure, etc.) might act in the daydream. Feel free to apply the same concepts to whatever world recharges you best; take some time out from your day, escape to another universe, and then come back to this one feeling on top of the world. J



Day Spa Caloundra

November 9th, 2015 by Alison Shaw

Some of the top treatments in Caloundra for massage and day spa.

  1. Rosemary and Mint Body Awakening Wrap

    Day Spa Sunshine Coast

    Day Spa Sunshine Coast

Renew your body and mind with this amazing body wrap. Begin with a gentle body exfoliation that stimulates the skin, while making it smooth and soft. Then be wrapped up in essences of rosemary and peppermint that while awaken your senses and active essential bodily functions.

  1. Transdermal Magnesium Oil Massage

Magnesium is a necessity for health and bringing vibrancy to your life. It brings about fast recovery and relief from muscle aches, pains, tension and also stress. Used in a massage, it is the ultimate relaxing experience and great for your entire wellness.

  1. Outer Peace Facial

This deluxe facial provides relief for acne prone skin. It begins with an exfoliation that provides a deep cleanse. The powers of beautiful botanical extracts are then used to clear the face’s complexion.

  1. Seaweed Bath Treatment

Seaweed has therapeutic powers that can be unlocked with this tranquil bath treatment. Because seawater and seaweed have high concentrations of iodine, it means that the treatment allows for skin regeneration and rejuvenation, as well as relief for sore body parts. In particular, this treatment is also great for treating the symptoms of arthritis. Furthermore, in addition to iodine the seaweed also has large amounts of vitamins and amino acids for health.

  1. Seashell Massage

Brought to you by Ripple, this massage also allows you to unlock the powers of the ocean. The massage uses hot therapeutic massage oils as well as beautiful shells from the sea to pamper and treat you. Ripple found the massage style in Koh Samet in Thailand, so during the massage be ready for your mind to be transported to this beautiful tranquil paradise.

  1. Restorative Eye Therapy

This treatment is inspired by the ancient healing system known as Ayurveda. It combines botanicals and medicine to boost skin’s natural collagen production and minimise the signs of aging, as well as dark circles and unwanted puffiness. Your skin with be soothed, restored and refreshed. The treatment also includes a marma eye massage to help relieve tension and revitalise the eye area.

  1. Tropical Glow Body Treatment

Begin with a traditional Balinese Massage to feel pampered and let your thoughts float away. Then, feel your skin get silky smooth with a sugar body scrub this is also hydrating

Top day spa treatments Caloundra

Top day spa treatments Caloundra

because of the best ingredient: coconut oil! You can choose other deluxe tropical ingredients to be used in your scrub such as Kaffir lime and lemon, sweet orange and ylang ylang, frangipani or sandalwood and cinnamon.

  1. Purifying Lavender Facial

This facial is great for combination or oily skin as it works to gently purify the skin. It will harness the cleansing powers of vitamins, deluxe French lavender and sebum balancing plant extracts.

  1. Oncology Cancer Massage

Designed specifically for Cancer patients, the Oncology Massage is a wonderful chance for those undergoing treatment to feel pampered and well. The treatment is beautifully nurturing, very gentle and slow in style. It can help re-establish a positive body image, rebuild hopefulness and also make the patient feel whole again. Although the massage does not treat the cancer itself, it works wonders in helping to reduce the side effects of treatments.

  1. Caribbean Body Therapy

This full body treatment uses fabulous Caribbean plant ingredients to rejuvenate and nurture the body. Beginning with a dry exfoliation for your skin, the treatment then continues with a detoxifying seaweed mask, comforting body wrap and deluxe scalp massage. The island-inspired experience is designed to heal and replenish for happiness and health.

  1. Phyto Nutrient Facial

A facial aimed at balancing out the problem areas and decongesting skin, equalising oil and purifying your complexion. Utilising marine and herbal infusions, boosted with healing essential oils, your skin will be strengthened, resulting in a clear complexion.

For more treatments on the Sunshine Coast, visit Ripple Massage.


Day Spa Gold Coast

November 9th, 2015 by Alison Shaw

While enjoying the gorgeous Gold Coast, be sure to indulge with the fabulous day spa treatments on offer. Here are our top picks.

  1. Rose Body Scrub and Mask

    Day spa Gold Coast

    Gold Coast Day Spa

A delicate natural rose paste combined with nourishing argan oil is used for this treatment. While being massaged onto the body, it will polish the skin for a clear, silky complexion. A relaxing head massage will also occur and a deluxe rose facemask, leaving skin fresh, radiant and with a beautiful floral scent.

  1. Oxygen Therapy Massage

A unique massage therapy that uses a combination of techniques – the Oxygen Therapy Massage is bound to please. It uses therapeutic massage movements and pressured oxygen to increase blood circulation and work skin and muscles. It also thoroughly relaxes and detoxes the body.

  1. Bamboo and Ginseng Body Polish

This all over body treatment is luscious. An exfoliating scrub comprised of revitalising ginseng, gingko and bamboo beads is used to polish the body by removing dead skin cells and oxygenating the skin. To smooth the skin afterwards, a refreshing elixir of tangerine and botanicals is applied all over.

  1. Anti-aging Collagen Facial

Brought to you by Ripple, the Anti-aging Collagen Facial is a must have for mature skin. It is based on a deluxe treatment that was found in Hanoi, Vietnam, designed to provide instant skincare results. It is an intensive treatment that targets skin damage and fine lines and wrinkles, providing hydration to nourish with vital moisture and proteins for a youthful complexion.

  1. Hot Stone Foot Massage

Warm, aromatic oils and hot volcanic stones are used in this massage therapy to heal and energise muscles in the feet. This is known to be very effective in dissolving tension,

Day Spa Gold Coast

Day Spa Gold Coast

stress and to leave to patient extremely relaxed.

  1. Fruit Fusion Vichy Shower

Begin this treatment with a gorgeous pink pomegranate exfoliating scrub. Follow this with a refreshing Vichy shower and hydrating body lotion that is massaged into the skin. This treatment is very gentle but will leave you skin feeling exceptional soft and luscious.

  1. Traditional Moroccan Massage

The Moroccan Massage is a traditional exotic treatment. The style of massage uses luxurious long movements to stretch and soothe the body. It will stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems for a full detox. Muscle tension is also relieved for improved vitality and overall happiness.

  1. Organic Honey and Cocoa Body Wrap

Begin a nourishing journey for your skin with a walnut and papaya exfoliating lotion. Then, relax as you are wrapped in a French cocoon of organic honey and rich, fabulous cocoa. The masque also has ingredients of vanilla crème, designed to deeply rejuvenate tired skin.

  1. Hanakasumi

    Gold Coast Day Spas

    Gold Coast Day Spas

Hanakasumi is delicate cherry blossom massage ritual which uses enzymatic techniques to exfoliate the body. Inspired by Japanese tradition, the treatment begins with a cherry blossom rice powder gommage. This contains citric and lactic acid to remove dead skin cells as well as powerful antioxidants from cherry tree flowers. The enzymes come from papaya, and together all of these ingredients treat, nourish and soothe the skin. Asian essences and shea nut butter are also used to complete the massage.

  1. Sea Salt Glow

A unique mix of organic green tea and sea salt is used for this exquisite therapy. Together, they deeply cleanse the body and nourish the skin with antioxidants and vitamins C and E. This will restore a youthful appearance that you will love, and a finishing of tangerine, rose and sweet almond moisturiser will leave you rejuvenated.

  1. Lip Smoothing Treatment

Ever wanted fuller lips? This could be just the one for you. It’s a unique treatment that works like a mask for your lips. They are covered in an elastin and active collagen blend, designed to smooth and hydrate lips for a youthful, fuller look.

  1. Anti-aging Guava Wrap

Begin the treatment with a warm blend of coconut oil and a massage with warmed stones. Then, enjoy a blissful guava and raw cane sugar exfoliation. An anti-aging guava mask is then applied all over, allowing vitamins and collagen to enrich the skin. It will also tone the skin, before the treatment is finished with a exotic guava hydrating crème.

  1. Vitamin Renew Facial

Formulated for mature skin, the vitamin renew facial uses a combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Together, these active ingredients work to preserve firmness and reinvigorate.

  1. Cinnamon Sugar Body Scrub

A scrub that will make you feel like you skin is the softest its ever been – the Cinnamon Sugar Body Scrub uses a fabulous combination of raw sugar, cinnamon and other organic ingredients to polish and refine the skin. It will make you feel like velvet.


Ayurvedic Massage

November 9th, 2015 by Alison Shaw

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurvedic herbal ball massage

Ayurvedic herbal ball massage

Ayurveda, also known as Ayurvedic medicine, is one of the world’s oldest holistic (whole body) healing systems. The ancient system developed thousands of years ago comes from traditional Hindu medicine native to India. Massage has always been utilised as part of the Ayurvedic healing system as a form of medicine to promote health, but also to treat illness and disease. Traditionally, there are different styles of massages that are used to treat patients, with the type selected depending on the person’s constitution and imbalance.

Concepts Behind Ayurveda

Ayurvedic medicine, including Ayurvedic massage, is based on the belief that wellness and health are dependant on a special balance between the body, mind and spirit. It is also important for one to be living in harmony with the universe. Disruptions to this inner balance and overall harmony are can cause poor health. This is why massages are utilised as part of Ayurvedic medicine – to keep your emotional, spiritual and physical self in balance and in harmony with the universe.

Universe Elements and Doshas

In Ayurveda, it is believed every person is built from a combination of five basic universe elements: space, air, fire, water and earth. Together these elements combine in the human body to create life forces or energies called doshas. There are three doshas, which are Vata dosha (space and air), Pitta dosha (fire and water) and Kapha dosha (water and earth). Every person has their own individual combination of the three doshas, with one of them being the most dominant. Each dosha controls a different function of the body, causing out of balance doshas to lead to sickness.

Vata dosha, space and air, has control over all of the basic body functions. This includes the division of cells, breathing, blood flow, heart function, removal of waste and the mind. Things that are believed to disrupt the Vata dosha are fear, grief, staying up late and dietary factors. If the Vata dosha is your dominant energy force, you are believed to be more likely to develop problems such as heart disease, asthma, nervous system disorders, anxiety and skin problems.

Pitta dosha, fire and water, controls other bodily functions linked to the digestive system. This includes metabolism, hormones linked to appetite and more. Factors that can cause trouble for the Pitta dosha include sour or spicy foods, fatigue and over exposure to the sun. It is believed that disruption to this dosha can cause anger and negative

Ayurvedic Herball Ball Massage

Ayurvedic Herball Ball Massage

emotions, high blood pressure, Crohn’s disease and infections.

Kapha dosha, water and earth, has control over things like body strength and stability, muscle growth, weight and the immune system. The Kapha dosha can be disrupted by dietary factors like eating too much and eating and drinking the wrong things, as well as bad sleeping patterns, greed and more. If Kapha dosha is your main energy force, you are believed to be more likely to develop cancer and diabetes, or be at risk of becoming obese.

Ayurvedic Massage Techniques

During Ayurvedic massage, these three doshas are worked and repaired to ensure wellness and health. As does the majority of Ayurvedic medicine, Ayurvedic massage incorporates techniques of yoga and meditation, and also uses herbs, oils and sometimes bolus bags. Every Ayurvedic massage should be personalised to the patient’s needs, as everyone’s doshas are different and different techniques will be required to harmonise the mind, body and spirit.

Throughout a Ayurvedic massage, the massage therapist will use a variety of techniques with the hands. This can range from rubbing, tapping, kneading, squeezing and traditional massage strokes. Sometimes, the feet, elbows, forearms and warm stones are also used to help deeply work the muscles and whole body. What is known as “marma points” (similar to pressure points in reflexology, acupuncture and acupressure) are a focus for a Ayurvedic therapist.

Although Ayurvedic massage is known to be a hard body massage, it is also meant to be soothing and can be done with a style and intensity suited to the patients needs. The essential oils and herbs used in the massage are also chosen to suit the individual’s doshas.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massage is a full rejuvenation of the body. It helps to relax muscles and strengthen muscle tone, increase the regulation of blood and eliminate toxins through purification. In addition to physical health, it also greatly aids mental health and spiritual wellbeing. Finally, Ayurveda is a system of healing that is considered very safe and beneficial for people of all ages.

Ripple has an Ayurvedic Herbal Ball Massage available using Himalayan Herbs.




Day Spa Noosa

October 12th, 2015 by Alison Shaw

While in Noosa, enjoy the sun, the sea and of course the day spas! Here are some of our top Noosa Day Spa treatment picks.

  1. Calm Skin Facial

    Noosa Day Spa

    Noosa Day Spa

With this pampering facial, skin is soothed instantly to reduce redness and irritation. Toxins and other impurities are removed from the face, and antioxidants are added to minimise inflammation, clear the skin and create balance. You will instantly feel the difference of calm, lush skin.

  1. Coco-Luscious Body Treatment

This body wrap and facial smells like a holiday. It begins with dry body brushing followed by a deluxe coconut scrub with organic coconut oil. Tropical coconut milk is then applied to the skin before you are cocooned, allowing the milk to penetrate the skin for deep hydration. While in the wrap, enjoy an exfoliating coconut facial. After a warm shower, complete the treatment with organic coconut body butter.

  1. HydroMassage

Submerge into fabulously warm water and feel the power of strong underwater jets. The near-body temperature of the water will relax your body, particularly your muscles, and improve the efficiency of your circulatory system. This treatment has similar benefits to that of massage, and will leave you feeling totally invigorated and rested.

  1. After-Sun Soothing Treatment

This treatment is artic-inspired and for those who have over-indulged in the incredible Noosa sun. It begins with a very gentle relaxation massage, followed up with a soothing iced-water cool down. You will also be wiped down with cool cucumber and hydrating after-sun gel that will feel like heaven. It will provide relief and reduce the effects of sunburn, including taking away redness, tenderness and sting.

  1. Clear Skin Facial for Men

    Relaxation Massage Noosa

    Relaxation Massage Noosa

This facial uses natural, organic products specifically designed for men’s skin. The mask provides a deep cleanse and exfoliation to remove dry skin and draw out impurities. While the mask works its magic and repairs the skin, indulge with a face, neck, scalp and shoulder massage. Once the mask is washed off, a light-weight hydrating elixir designed to soothe shaving irritations is applied all over the face, as well as an eye serum. The treatment will leave you feeling ultimately relaxed and your skin clear and fresh.

  1. Amethyst Body Ritual

This luxurious ritual begins with intensive dry body brushing paired with an aromatic organic lavender exfoliant. Amethyst hydrating mineral mask is then applied to the body. This deeply moisturising mask harnesses the regenerative power of crystals, as well as seaweed extracts, plant essences and bioactive ingredients. Tired skin will be totally revitalised by this treatment and the mind taken to bliss.

  1. Caribbean Therapy Treatment

Inspired by the Islands of the Caribbean, this tropical treatment promotes inner calm and clarity. A warm seaweed body wrap is smoothed over the body, allowing essential minerals to be absorbed and enrich the skin. After a refreshing five-jet shower, be treated to a gentle restoring massage for the body, face and scalp.

  1. Organic Green Clay Facial

    Noosa Spa

    Noosa Spa

Brought to you by Ripple, the Green Clay Facial is the ultimate cleanse and replenishment for your skin. Rich in oil and completely organic, the facial is ideal for people with sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts and needs decongesting, but is great for most skin types. The mask itself contains all organic ingredients including French green clay, macadamia nut oil, shea butter and aloe vera. The treatment is greatly relaxing and nourishing for your skin.

  1. Hydro Swisse Shower

Got knots in your back, neck or shoulders? Over worked? Then this treatment is for you. The deluxe experience is a massage from six shower jets – they will work your muscles like a massage therapist to realign your body and work out knots and tension.

  1. Revive Massage

Focused on the upper half of your body, this massage therapy treatment is the perfect relief from stress. Begin with a nourishing mask gently brushed through your hair. This is left in and your scalp cocooned in hot towels to allow the minerals and rich ingredients to be absorbed by the hair. The neck, shoulders and arms are then carefully massaged with warm scented and essential oils to bring peace to the mind and body. This therapy is perfect for relieving headaches, migraines and other stress-related symptoms.

  1. Milk and Honey Wrap

Feel like royalty with this amazing treatment. It begins with a sweet milk sugar scrub that exfoliates to remove dull lifeless skin cells and cleanse pores. A honey mask – full of antioxidants and other anti-aging properties – is then massaged slowly onto the skin with warm stones. These stones are a great addition to the treatment, allowing for further muscle work and indulgence.

  1. Pina Colada Body Glow

    Massages Noosa

    Massages Noosa

This exfoliating treatment will take you to paradise with a coconut and pineapple scrub, followed by a rose petal and coconut milk herbal bath. A hydrating coconut oil facial and body massage will complete the treatment, leaving your skin hydrated, glowing and feeling great.

  1. Caviar Facial

If you have mature skin that is dry and aged, this facial is for you. Caviar is rich in amino acids, essential proteins, minerals and vitamins. Together, these elements allow the facial to repair and strengthen skin to allow for radiance and a youthful glow.

  1. Balinese Boreh Massage

This traditional Balinese treatment is still used today as an incredible health remedy. Authentic warm spices are used to exfoliate and energise the body, and in a nourishing wrap will also relieve muscle tension, other aches and pains, and boost blood circulation for the entire body. The treatment is pregnancy safe, fabulously relaxing and perfect to compliment any Noosa holiday.


Day Spa Sunshine Coast

September 24th, 2015 by Alison Shaw

Day Spa Sunshine Coast

On the Sunshine Coast you will find yourself relaxing and feeling pampered – especially if you try out some of these

Day Spa Sunshine Coast

Day Spa Sunshine Coast

incredible day spa treatments! Here is a list of the best spa treatments Sunshine Coast has to offer.

  1. Exotic Lime Glow Massage

This divine massage takes you on a journey to a tropical paradise. The treatment begins with an exotic traditional Tahitian body buff. This followed by a soothing massage with lime and warmed luxe coconut milk, full of fatty acids and proteins to leave your skin fully hydrated with a youthful glow.

  1. Javanese Lulur Scrub and Massage

Lulur is a traditional recipe from Java, Indonesia. It consists of turmeric and jasmine and has been used ceremoniously by the Indonesian people for beauty for centuries. Not does the recipe nourish skin, but in a massage it also allows for the release of tension for ultimate relaxation. Lulur body lotion with uplifting citrus notes is applied to the skin after the scrub and massage for a hydrated, silky smooth body.

  1. Blueberry Detox Firming Facial Peel

The Blueberry Detox facial provides deep exfoliation for fresh, clear skin. It cleanses clogged pores, refining and purifying their appearance. The blueberries in the peel are also full of vitamins and rich in antioxidants. This makes the Blueberry Detox Facial perfect for treating acne and breakouts.

  1. Sea Mud Body Wrap

    Top day spa treatments Sunshine Coast

    Top day spa treatments Sunshine Coast

Mud from the Dead Sea is highly rich in minerals – 26 to be precise. In this body treatment, your skin is engulfed in these essential minerals returning it and the body to optimum health and functionality. Your skin will be naturally rehydrated and toxins will be removed, meanwhile your mind will be relaxed and tranquillity brought to your entire being.

  1. Vino Choc Indulgence Facial

The name says it all – this deluxe and delicious facial treatment pampers you luxuriously. The facial formula is made of Hungarian Tokay grapes, champagne, chocolate and orange essential oil. Together, these ingredients create an incredible facial blend that reduces inflammation and slows the oxidation process (known to cause early aging), as well as providing a rejuvenated complexion.

  1. Transdermal Magnesium Oil Massage

As you may already know, magnesium is a key ingredient for muscle and pain relief. It has also been recognised as valuable in reducing stress. Thus, magnesium’s use in this massage compliments the relaxing style and aim of reducing tension and muscle pains. Overall, it is a very therapeutic treatment promoting vibrant health and happiness.

  1. Tropical Enzyme Boost Facial

A unique blend of tropical ingredients work wonders for your skin in this amazing skin treatment. Coconut milk will soothe your skin, heal imperfections and deter signs of aging. Poppy seeds and pineapple enzymes exfoliate the skin, refining its tone and texture and removing toxins. A deeply moisturising masque of mango and virgin coconut oil is then applied to the face, creating rich hydration and tropical radiance. The tropical scents are very pampering, making you feel as if you’re in a far away paradise.

Best day spas Sunshine Coast

Best day spas Sunshine Coast

  1. Waterfall Nature Massage

This nurturing massage day spa treatment uses a variety of massage techniques, tailored to your own personal needs. Quenching organic hydration lotion is applied to the skin and rubbed in with every massage stroke. Fragrant blossom oils are also used, enhancing the restoration of wellness and care of tired muscles.

  1. Botanical Barefoot Indulgence

Inspired by ancient massage, foot reflexology and aromatherapy practices, this day spa treatment is the ultimate indulgence. Pure, aromatic botanical blends are applied to the feet and massaged into the skin. Reflex points are focused on during the massage to promote wellbeing around to entire body, as well as feet to die for.

  1. Yam and Pumpkin Enzyme Peel

Both yam and pumpkin are highly active ingredients. Together in this relaxing facial, they offer a range of skincare benefits. This includes a boost of collagen to refine the skin and provide a youthful appearance, reduction of hyper pigmentation, as well as deep moisturisation for plump, hydrated skin.

  1. Wildflower Body Regeneration

This blissful day spa treatment has everything you want – a facial cleanse, body exfoliation and massage! All three stages of the treatment use organic wildflower essences, designed to calm the senses and care for beautiful skin.

  1. Espresso and Ginger Sugar Scrub

For healthy, glowing skin, the Espresso and Ginger Sugar Scrub is the perfect treatment. The deluxe ingredient combo works together to exfoliate and revitalise dull skin. Dead cells will be removed and fresh cells invigorated. Together, the ingredients also provide a stimulating cleanse for clear, silky smooth skin.

  1. Babymoon Bliss

    Sunshine Coast Massage and Day Spa

    Sunshine Coast Massage and Day Spa

The Babymoon Bliss treatment is a nurturing experience for two. In this calming ritual, both you and your baby will feel utterly relaxed. It begins with a massage designed to support the body during pregnancy. This is followed by a honey and chamomile lotion application, hydrating stretched skin and bringing peace to minds and bodies.

  1. Moor Mud Bath

The Moor Mud Bath is no regular bath – it is a fabulous bathing experience with 100% natural European Moor Mud, highly concentrated in minerals and other goodies for your skin. Soaking in this day spa mud bath has many benefits, including total skin detoxification, reduced symptoms of arthritis, aided recovery from injury, improved circulation and clearing of skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema and more.

  1. Spiced Chai Body Wrap

Just like you condition your hair, it’s important to not only wash your skin but also condition it. This day spa treatment begins with an exfoliating massage, preparing your skin for nourishment. The body is then wrapped in a fusion of traditional Indian spices, mango butter and green tea. The goodness of these ingredients are absorbed by the skin, and the treatment is concluded with an also conditioning lotion of vanilla, star anise and cardamom.

  1. Ripple’s Ultimate Body Polish

In this not-to-miss day spa treatment brought to you by Ripple, your skin will be polished to beyond compare. A rich and luxurious combination of walnut granules, tangerine essential oil and lime are massaged over the body, including hands and feet for extra smooth skin. The ingredients are also deeply hydrating, replenishing the cells for as the name suggestions, a beautifully polished complexion.

Ripple is the day spa that comes to you all Sunshine Coast. Call today on 0438 567 906.

Top Super Foods

September 24th, 2015 by Alison Shaw

Winter is a great time of year… you can snuggle up on those rainy nights eating all those yummy comfort food treats, until you realize…summer is just around the corner!

Here are some of our 10 Top Super foods to Detox and reset your body after a season of a little overindulgence.

  1. Cacao Bean (Raw Chocolate)

    Top Super Foods

    Top Super Foods

This Seed/nut comes from a fruit from the Amazonian tree, Cacao is the highest antioxidant top super foods on the planet today. This is the number 1 source of antioxidants, magnesium, and iron. The raw chocolate helps improve strong bones and cardiovascular health as well as elevating your mood and energy levels. Cacao can come in different forms such as a powder form which you can make as a hot drink or add it to your smoothie or drinks. Perfect for all you chocolate lovers.

  1. Flax seeds and Flax seed oils

Packed with essential fatty acids for healthy brain function, Flaxseeds and Flaxseed oils are another one of our top superfoods. They are perfect for cleansing and maintaining a healthy immune system, healthy skin and are rich in anti- oxidants, B vitamins and dietary fibre. This seed comes from the flax plant can be used as a whole or ground into a power to add to your favourite foods.

  1. Garlic

Garlic is a great versatile ingredient to add to your other top superfoods in your diet, not only does it taste good it is also helping to cleanse your whole body of nasty bacteria and illnesses. Garlic helps to cleanse the blood naturally and aids in lowering levels of blood pressure. Fresh Garlic is used with the common cold to help cleanse the respiratory tract and help fight mucus build up in the sinuses.

Superfood detox

Superfood detox

  1. Kale

Kale has been getting a lot of attention lately, more and more people are becoming aware of their bodies and are choosing more healthy nutrient rich top superfoods such as Kale to add into their diet. Kale is a green leafy vegetable rich in powerful antioxidants and anti-cancer substances. This high fibre superfood is great at aiding digestion cleansing the body and bowls of toxins and harmful bacteria. For those who aren’t a big fan of leafy greens kale is brilliant as it has a very mild taste. Try juicing kale with other fruits and vegetables to get the full benefits your body deservers.

  1. Beetroot

Raw beetroot is a favourite one of our top superfoods. Cleansing the blood also aiding in relaxing your blood cells which improves blood flow, circulation and lowers blood pressure. Beetroot being high in valuable nutrients and fibre is also a great pre workout drink as it creates more oxygen flow within the body and give you that extra boost of energy we love. A perfect way to consume beets is juicing or boiling adding to a salad or as a tasty snack.

  1. Spirulina

Spirulina is incredibly good for you and adding this powerful organism to your daily food intake in either tablet or powder form is a perfect way of getting all those top superfoods into your body. Spirulina is loaded with nutrients that have a super positive effect on your health, body and brain function. This miracle green powder is the world’s highest source of complete protein (65%) and is filled with anti- oxidants and anti – inflammatory properties that are essential for a healthy body.

  1. Lemons

    Super foods to cleanse

    Super foods to cleanse

Lemons are a great superfood to help detox the body, high in Vitamin C they are a super liver detoxifier. Lemons contain high amounts of anti – oxidants and high amounts of vitamin C which are important in fighting of effects of pollution and body cell damage. This rich citrus fruit will enhance your beauty with its nutrients by rejuvenating skin from within creating that natural glow back to your completion.

  1. Blueberries

Low in calories and high in nutrients this healthy little snack is packed with goodness. Blueberries are an amazing one of our 10 top superfoods to help you get your body back on track this summer. Perfect as a snack to take to the beach these little powerhouses are full of free radical fighting ingredients as well as being packed with Vitamin C and can help in maintaining healthy brain function and can improve your memory. Blueberries also act as an antibiotic blocking bacteria and helping to prevent infections.

  1. Charcoal

Another one of our top superfoods is Activated charcoal. Don’t be scared by its black colour, This is a ancient

Superfood tips

Superfood tips

way to cleanse your system and is the most absorbent material in the world. This potent cole can reduce the absorption of harmful chemicals in the body by up to 60%. It comes in powder form great for teeth whitening removing toxins and stains on teeth also capsule form which is ideal to take if you are suffering from food poisoning. Many hospitals use this product and have at the ready for patients who are suffering from ingested toxins.

  1. Banana Flour

Last but not least on our 10 top superfoods list is banana flour, Almond flour was all the rage in 2014, but this light gluten free flour is quickly becoming a top favourite. This flour is made from raw bananas that have been peeled, chopped, dried then ground and has high amounts of resistant starch which helps fight colon cancer, diabetes and obesity. Perfect to use as a replacement in your baking and cooking as this flour is has a lovely texture and being gluten free is even better for you that regular white or whole wheat flour.


Healthy Skin

September 16th, 2015 by Alison Shaw

Say goodbye to winter and hello to spring with radiant glowing skin, everybody loves   having that perfect looking skin so here are our top 10 tips to boost healthy skin and get you ready to face the hot weather and fight those free radicals this Spring.

  1. Stay hydrated

    Healthy Skin

    Healthy Skin

One of the most important ways to promote and maintain healthy skin is to keep yourself hydrated. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day is an ideal way to keep your skin looking and feeling great. If your skin is dehydrated the signs of lack of water will show causing your skin to appear dry, tight and flaky. Your skin is an organ and is made up of between 60-75 percent of water and without water your body will quickly start to show signs of fatigue and not function at its best. Drinking more water will rid your body of toxins and give you the perfect boost to receive and maintain healthy skin.

  1. Stock up on Vitamins

Vitamins are a great way of getting extra Antioxidants into your body, having a healthy diet is a major contributor in the appearance of healthy skin however sometimes you get caught up in the busy life you lead and some food choices might not be the best, with that your body can start to lack nutrients. Taking vitamins such as Flaxseed oil which is rich in omega 3 fatty acids helps to keep the top layers of your skin strong and will protect your healthy skin from toxins and pollution. Other vitamins like vitamin C, E and D can help to fight the damage caused by free radicals which can harm the skins appearance and cause signs of aging.

  1. Eating super foods

It’s amazing seeing the difference in your skin when you start consuming and adding “super foods” to your diet. Eating Super foods will pack your skin and body with vital nutrients that do wonders for your body and will shine through your skin. Blueberries are a fantastic super food, they protect you from premature aging are ranked one of the most Antioxidant rich foods in the world and are a perfect to developing healthy skin. When you treat your body well and give it the special ingredients it needs it will start to repay in 100 times over and will give you the perfect healthy skin you have always wanted.

  1. Drench your skin Coconut oil

Coconut oil has become famous over past couple of years and has stated getting people’s heads turning, and for all the right reasons. Coconut oil is an extremely versatile product and men and woman all over the world are benefiting from it. Organic cold pressed Coconut oil is full of good fats and vitamins that help to smooth, calm and hydrate your skin. This product is antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory and is perfect to use as a moisturizer for the face and all over the body and to help the appearance of healthy skin.

  1. Mother nature’s secret – Rose hip Oil

    Healthy skin facial

    Healthy skin facial

Organic rosehip oil is one of Mother Nature’s best kept secrets. This beautiful oil has many benefits for creating healthy skin. Rosehip oil is made by extracting the precious oil from the hip of the rose and comes with multiple skin loving properties. Rose hip oil is a natural source of vitamin E which is an anti – inflammatory anti-oxidant that calms and hydrates dry sensitive skin. It also helps to protect your skins surface from those nasty free radicals. Rosehip oil is packed with essential minerals that are fantastic for brightening the skin and repair and regenerate the skins tissue. It smells beautiful and a little goes a long way, a perfect investment to help you on your way to healthy skin.

  1. At home DIY Face masks

Making your own face makes is fun and a perfect way of creating that spa facial right in the comfort of your own home. Whether it be a honey, lemon, or avocado face mask they blanket the skin and give yourself time to relax have a break from the everyday stresses in life which can have a toll on your skins appearance. A Dry skin face mask is as simple as combining 2 tablespoons of avocado and honey mixed with 1 egg yolk and you’re done. Depending the type of mask you use they can draw out impurities from the skins surface an eliminate dead skin cells, tighten and brighten your skin.

  1. Exfoliate

Exfoliating is a fast way to get glowing healthy skin and get rid of those dead and dull skin cells exposing your healthy skin underneath. You may have a favourite brand you use or like myself love to create my own. You can create a whole body sugar scrub using organic coconut coil and sugar with a squeeze of lemon or honey. Exfoliating is a great way of keep your skin soft and supple and gives your body and face great circulation resulting in healthy skin. You can even use a gentle sugar scrub for your face creating that youthful appearance and keeping fine lines and wrinkles in check.

  1. Keeping to a skincare regimen

Sticking to a consistent skincare regimen is important to achieving healthy skin. Not everyone has the same skin therefore have different products and routines. A great healthy skin regime is as unique as the person that creates it. It is important that if you want to have beautiful looking skin you need to take time twice a day to invest in yourself. Having a routine that you stick to morning and night starting with a good soap free cleanser, toner and moisturizer will give you the benefits of healthy looking hydrated and protected skin all year round.

  1. Keep it clean

We have all had those nights where we just can’t be bothered taking off our makeup and wake up in the morning with extra spots and immediately regret not washing our face. Keeping your skin clean helps to prevent build up dirt and grime the can work its way into your skin throughout the day creating a great host for nasty bacteria causing breakouts and bad skin. Washing your face morning and night will wash out impurities and give your skin a change to breathe through the night ready to combat and fight against free radicals the next day.

  1. Protect with SPF

Sunscreen is one of the most important products you can apply to your skin. The sun each year is becoming more and more harmful to our skin, applying sunscreen to your face and body every day will help protect your skin from free radical damage which cause wrinkles, sun spots, premature aging and melanoma. You will never regret wearing sunscreen when you look at your friends and family 20 years from now and compare your skin to theirs, the results will speak for themselves.

Day Spa Daylesford

September 15th, 2015 by Alison Shaw

Day Spa Daylesford: Best Treatments

Coconut Body Scrub and Clay Wrap

Day Spa Daylesford

Day Spa Daylesford

This blissful day spa treatment begins with a Coconut and Himalayan salt exfoliating scrub. By having this exfoliation, free flowing blood circulation is stimulated, promoting the removal of toxins and health of skin. Luxurious French clay is then applied to the body. You are then cocooned, allowing the clay to work its magic on your skin. A warm shower will then wash the clay off, and a gentle relaxing massage with an organic moisturiser will complete the ritual.

Oriental Stone Massage

In this gorgeous oriental massage treatment; an awakening blend of ginger, bitter orange and nutmeg is used to stimulate the body and mind. It is a unique combination with an aroma which in combination with a poulticed stone massage will promote healing, as well as bring peace and vitality.

Exotic Milk Bath Ritual

Ever enjoyed your own private, exotic spa bath? Well now might be your chance. This beautiful, calming spa treatment includes use of your very own private milk bath. To begin, scrub your body with an exfoliating mixture to smooth your skin and remove dead cells. Following this you immerse yourself into a deep, luxurious bathing tub. While you soak in the nourishing bathing milk, a facemask is also applied. Once out the bath, a rich creamy lotion is applied to the body for hydration.

Mirri Facial

Native and herbal ingredients are combined in this treatment to create a natural, nurturing facial. These ingredients include the lovely lillypilly, deluxe desert lime and wonderful wattle seed. Together, these will target skin imperfections to restore clarity and hydration. Your entire face will look and feel renewed and nourished.

Mala Mayi Ritual

Also encompassing beautiful native ingredients, this treatment begins with an Australian desert salt exfoliation scrub. You will then be cocooned in a mineral-rich mud that will feel like silk on your skin. While the cocoon sets, a scalp massage inspired by traditional Aboriginal techniques will pamper you further. During this process you will drift into a state of dream-like tranquillity, where your body and spirit unite for healing. To complete the treatment, an Aboriginal Kodo style massage will be performed.

Foot Bliss

Daylesford Day Spa

Daylesford Day Spa

A treatment similar to a facial – but for your feet! Begin by soaking your feet in a rejuvenating mineral footbath, where they are exfoliated with sea salts and essential oils from beautiful botanicals. Allow your feet to then be wrapped in mud, again with essential oils to relax, soothe detoxify. Finally, let yourself and your feet be pampered with a foot reflexology massage that will not only help your feet but nurture your entire body.

Pevonia Aroma Polish

Perfect for before other treatments, the Pevonia Aroma Polish will give your skin the ultimate prime. Jojoba beads and mineral extracts are rubbed over the body to scrub away dead skin cells and other impurities. Lemon, rosemary and sage are then used to further detoxify the skin and remove any excessive production of sebum. Together, these processes will allow the benefits of other treatments to be maximised.

Aromatic Candle Massage

Love candles and their scents? You’re in luck – the Aromatic Candle Massage is total bliss. With a beautifully scented candle lit, a sense of calm will envelope you as the aroma spreads through the air. Each candle is made from pure plants extracts, soybean and nourishing essential oils. Once slightly cooled, the warm oil from the candle is slowly applied to the body. This allows its ingredients to care for your skin and delicate massage strokes to be performed over your body.

Lime and Ginger Salt Polish

Another brilliant exfoliation ritual in Daylesford: this one with a purpose of invigorating and revitalising the body. Lime, ginger and salt are combined in a course scrub to cleanse, soften and polish the skin. This is an important step in any proper skincare regime. A lime and ginger body lotion is then applied to hydrate and keep the skin looking young and fresh.

Peninsula Vine Massage

Massage Daylesford

Massage Daylesford

Luscious, fresh grapes are used in this massage. They are sourced from the local Mornington Peninsula. The grapes – both the skin and seeds – are made into a warm balm, full of antioxidants and vitamins. Applying this to the back, warm, helps to promote excellent circulation. This means the skin more readily soaks up the goodness from the grapes. It will keep your skin looking youthful and radiant. The relaxing style of the massage strokes also promotes calmness and mental wellbeing.

Ear Candling

Ear candling is a great, all natural therapy that has been used since ancient times. It is designed to combat a wide variety of issues with the ears and sinuses, such as improving hearing, reducing pain in the ears, clearing sinuses, clearing out toxins and helping with migraines.

Organic Face and Body Detox

Do you have cellulite that you want gone? This could be the treatment for you. Active plant ingredients and organic serum are applied to the body. This works to firm the body’s tissues for a smoother, healthier appearance. It will also remove toxins and other unwanted impurities, as well as fully moisturise the skin.

Creamy Coconut Facial

First, an organic cleanser is used to clean the face of oil and dirt. A delicate coconut facial scrub is used to also remove dead skin cells. An exotic blend of warm creamy coconut and rosehip oil is then applied to the face so a gentle, facial massage can be performed. The coconut and oil are great for the health of skin, allowing it to be soothed and rejuvenated.

Green Tea and Aloe Body Wrap

Green tea is extremely concentrated with antioxidants. This means it can help slow the signs of aging and sun damage. It also has a high content of minerals, vitamins and polyphenol – all wonderful for the health of skin. Aloe on the other hand is deeply hydrating, locking in moisturise to help preserve supple, youthful radiance. After the Green Tea and Aloe Body Wrap, your body will be soothed with a botanical moisturising lotion.

Massage Ipswich

September 15th, 2015 by Alison Shaw

Many fabulous massage treatments can be found in Ipswich. To aid you in your journey to find the perfect massage for you, here is a list of our top 10 Ipswich Massage Therapy picks.

  1. Corporate Massage

    Ipswich Massage

    Ipswich Massage

Tension in your neck and shoulders can build up quickly when you’re at work. A corporate-style massage could be a great way to target this tension. It will not only benefit your physical health by combating tiredness and soreness, but also boost mental wellbeing by alleviating stress. A quick break from work to be pampered with the massage also releases endorphins that make you feel good and more positive in the workplace. Bosses – maybe this is something you should consider arranging for your employees! Reduction in stress and fatigue will lead to greater productivity.

  1. Ripple’s Chocolate Massage

The Chocolate Massage brought to you by Ripple is rich and decadent (definitely not one to miss!). You may be thinking “chocolate – it’s not good for me”, but this time this is not the case. Chocolate contains zinc, magnesium, iron, vitamin E and B, phenyl ethylamine and antioxidants (just to name a few things). Thus when chocolate is applied to the body in a massage, you reap a whole range of benefits for your physical health and mental well being from these ingredients! For example, feel good endorphins are released, stress levels are reduced, cholesterol is lowered and muscles are relaxed. The Chocolate Massage encompasses a chocolate facial, chocolate scrub and chocolate massage oil for a truly luscious, nourishing experience for your skin, body and mind.

  1. Myofascial Release Massage

This style of massage therapy focuses on really helping muscles and the body’s soft tissues. If your muscles are tight in a way that restricts your motion or brings your body out of alignment, or your muscles or joints feel under serious pressure and pain, then this massage is for you. There are also a number of conditions in particular that this treatment is great for relieving symptoms of – including carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia and temporo-mandibular joint disorder. As the name suggests, the therapy works by releasing tension in problem areas for pain relief and restored balance.

  1. Chinese Cupping

    Massage Ipswich

    Massage Ipswich

Great on its own or in combination with another massage therapy such s remedial massage, Chinese Cupping is a popular traditional technique. The deeply penetrating style is ideal for treating problems such as knots, shin splints, trigger points and other musculoskeletal injuries or issues. The technique works by using flames to heat glass globes that create a vacuuming suction cup on the body. This suction can work muscles, ligaments and tendons for relief and recovery.

  1. Ortho-Bionomy Massage

A much gentler treatment is the Ortho-Bionomy Massage, designed to stimulate awareness and relaxation. It uses osteopathic-based therapy and non-forceful techniques to treat the whole body. This means that there is no deep muscle work, harsh adjustments or painful contortions; only gentle movements and subtle compression are used by the therapist to bring the body back to it’s correct, comfortable self. In particular, the therapy is ideal for those suffering from chronic stress, but can also be used to slowly heal injuries or treat muscle and nerve discomfort.

  1. Sports Massage

Primarily used by athletes, Sports Massages address problems with the body caused by sports. This can include releasing muscle tension, relieving swelling, treating and preventing injury and also draining away fatigue. The massage can be performed prior, during or after sporting events depending on the patients needs. Many athletes use Sports Massage as prevention for sports-related injuries and to prepare the body for peak performance. If you are not an athlete but suffer from similar problems, such as chronic pain and muscle injury, a Sports Massage may still be a treatment that can benefit you.

  1. Thai Body Stretch

This traditional massage is inspired by therapies practiced in Thailand. It is a relaxing treatment designed to release energy that has been trapped in various parts of the body. The therapist maneuvering the patient’s body into stretching positions and applying pressure in various places does this. The ‘meridians’ are where the pressure is applied are also known as ‘qi’ or the body’s energy paths. Due to the way this massage is performed, it is sometimes referred to as passive yoga.

  1. Pregnancy Massage

    Massages in Ipswich

    Massages in Ipswich

Pregnancy Massages can be both pre and post natal, meaning they can be performed during or after pregnancy. For a pregnant mum-to-be or a new mum, this style of massage can provide much needed physical relief and be a saviour when it comes to reducing stress. Particularly during pregnancy, the massage will relieve the many aches and pains the body is suffering from, treat symptoms of anxiety and also lessen the strains of labour. Once the baby is born however, the therapy will improve circulation to provide your skin with that glow you’ve missed, re-tighten your muscles and provide you with a well-deserved moment of relaxation and indulgence. This treatment is offered by Ripple!

  1. Rainbow and Solaflex Massage

Derived from traditional Aromatherapy Massage techniques, the Rainbow and Solaflex Massage will treat your entire body. The first part of the massage, known as the Rainbow technique focuses on correcting defects in the spine’s curvature. This is done using non-invasive methods that are powerful and will significantly reduce back pains and problems with posture. The second part of the massage, known as Solaflex, works with the hands and feet. Essential oils are applied to these extremities in order to target reflex points and treat problems in the corresponding areas of the body.

  1. Hot and Chilled Rock Massage

Often called a Hot Stone Massage, this Hot and Chilled Stone treatment uses ancient healing techniques for an indulgent, modern therapy. Rocks are used on the body to increase blood circulation, calm muscles and release built up pressure. In this particular style, an alternating combination of both hot and chilled stones are used to reduce inflammation, treat injury and re balance energy. A traditional version of this massage, which uses beautiful hot volcanic stones is also offered to you by Ripple Massage!