Why Your Body Loves A Massage

How Massage Affects
Every System In Your Body

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Our millions of cells together with the 11 key systems that operate our bodies have one common purpose – to keep us functioning well so we can enjoy a long and happy life.

A body massage can be a powerful thing to do, as it works on every system in your body.

If fueled well and properly cared for, our bodies are astonishing machines that can achieve amazing things – from ‘Hold my beer’ stunts to major feats of endurance – right through to creating a whole new life.

You might be surprised to learn that a good massage has valuable therapeutic effects on those 37 trillion cells of yours and – in particular – on your eleven very busy body systems.

We get it – you probably associate massage purely with pampering and relaxation. However massage positively impacts your health and every inch of your body in a variety of healthy ways.

Let us give you a guided tour.

How A Massage Affects Your Skin

Woman having a facial with two beautician hands

The integumentary system is your first line of defense from the outside world.

It consists – on average – of 2.2 square meters of skin, it weighs between 3.5 and 5kg and is the largest organ in your body.

It adores a body massage because it improves its condition, texture and tone, helps it to repair, opens its pores to eliminate waste and gets it all exfoliated, moisturised and looking fabulous.

Having a good skin care routine, including using a good facial cleanser is also an important part of skin care. Integrating a facial into your massage will ensure that not only your body’s skin is stimulated by the increase in circulation, but also the skin on your face.

Another good treatment to add  into you massage to help your integumentary system is an exfoliation or body scrub.

This helps to gently remove dead skin cells, nourish the skin with moisturiser, the gentle nature of the massage during this sort of treatment will also stimulate your lymphatic system and help remove waste from your body.

Massage And The Muscular System

Right now you are sitting on the Gluteus Maximus and it is your Muscular System’s most valuable player.

The Gluteus Maximus muscles are the largest in your body and they join approximately 650 other muscles in giving you strength, agility, stability and good posture.

When we massage, we stimulate your circulatory system which in turn enhances cell activity.

It also helps to reduce the thickening of connective tissue and decreases fibrous adhesion caused by muscle tissue injuries.

Overall, massage will enhance your range of motion as well by increasing your flexibility and ultimately relaxing you into a state of utter bliss.

The Skeletal System

Let’s be grateful for how protective, strong yet flexible our framework of bones really is.

Regular body massage therapy can help your bones greatly – from improving stiff joints and reducing inflammation, to improving body alignment and lessening soreness and fatigue.

A good massage therapist will also work wonders in helping you heal from injuries.

How Massage Increases Blood Circulation

Your heart pumps 5.5 litres of blood per minute and beats 100,000 times a day. And your blood circulates about 19,000km per day – that’s like traveling between Brisbane and Sydney over 9 times every day.  

Massage impacts the circulatory system by increasing blood flow and oxygen supply – oxygen as you know – is a pretty crucial part of most processes in your body.

Therefore, increasing your oxygen supply also increases your body’s effectiveness in carrying out a whole heap of other processes.

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How Massage Impacts The Nervous System

The nervous system is the boss. It’s in control. It starts in the brain, scurries down the spinal cord and onward through a spaghetti-fest of nerves.

During a massage your nervous system decreases your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure.

While you are in this more relaxed state, massage begins to stimulate your senses. Soon, happy endorphins are released runs amok.

What Is Lymphatic Massage?

Remember that scene in Disney’s Fantasia where Mickey Mouse is the Sorcerer’s Apprentice? He instructs brooms to carry water-filled buckets from A to B and it basically ends in chaos, well, the lymphatic system is like that – minus the chaos and minus the buckets. Oh and minus Mickey Mouse too.

In essence the Lymphatic System transports and balances your fluids and helps ward off all manner of poxes and diseases.

A detox massage helps the lymphatic system by reducing swelling and helps with the elimination of waste to boot. Click here for more detox tips.

Massage And The Respiratory System

You take over 23,000 breaths every day and your respiratory system – headquartered in your lungs – works by getting the oxygen your breathe straight into your blood.

A relaxing massage lowers your respiratory rate and works on your diaphragm muscles to deepen and improve your breathing pattern and release tension held in your chest.

This is of great benefit to those of us who operate in high stress environments or find it difficult to relax.

The Endocrine System

“The endocrine system is like an immensely powerful dictatorship, issuing sweeping edicts that all must obey,” so says the Professor of Cognitive Biology at the University of Vienna, Tecumseh Fitch. And it’s a perfect analogy.

The endocrine system is comprised of glands that produce and emit hormones into your bloodstream.

These little hormone minions regulate a myriad of functions from your mood and libido to your thyroid function.

Massage helps the endocrine system primarily by reducing the stress and tension in you which in turn helps balance your mood.

Woman holding and massaging her stomach

Massage And Digestion

The digestive system has only two tasks. Number One: process your food. Number Two: remove the waste.

A great massage therapist helps to relieve pressure in the abdominal and intestinal muscles which eases constipation and helps with waste elimination.

They do this with clockwise circular massage of the stomach that helps your digestive tract and to move food and waste through your colon.

Liver and kidney activity are also stimulated by massage and this helps to filter and process waste.

How Massage Affects The Urinary System

This system’s task is to make urine and expel it. Sounds easy enough but it’s a tough gig.

Every day we lose approximately 2 litres of urine and in a lifetime, our kidneys will clean over one million gallons of water – that’s enough to fill a small lake.

A body massage manipulates the fluids in the muscles – fluids that are then pushed into the lymphatic system. The fluid is filtered, it fills your bladder and you need to go to the bathroom again.

Massage increases urinary output, reduces fluid retention and increases the efficiency of your liver and kidneys. This explains why your massage therapists will advise you to drink a couple of extra glasses of water after a massage – to better flush the built-up waste from your body.

The Reproductive System

A  good therapeutic massage promotes relaxation, reduces your blood pressure and provides you with a feeling of overall wellness.

Ultimately, body massage is a deeply satisfying and bliss-inducing practice – no question there.

What you may not have appreciated – until now – is that massage also provides many health benefits that help your body function, play, rest, relax and – very importantly – to heal too.

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