How To Boost Your Massage

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How To Super Charge
Your Massage Treatment

Whilst a massage can be an awesome activity to have for a sore body or to relieve stress and anxiety, there are some great add on activities that will really boost the positive affects you feel from your massage.

Here are the top additions you can add into your life, as well as a series of therapeutic massages, to really make the most of your wellness program.

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Healthy Eating

One of the best things you can do to turbo charge your massage is to make sure your body is fueled by healthy foods.

Having a massage, or series of massage sessions, only to feed it junk food, a lot of alcohol or soft drinks, kind of undoes all the good work your therapist is doing during your massage.

One example is having a diet that is low in magnesium. A lack of magnesium in your diet can lead to muscle spasms and contractions which will make your therapist’s job all that more difficult. You can also add to your general well being by adding in some super foods into your diet.


Yoga is a wonderful activity to mix into your life to maintain flexibility and range of movement. Just as massage helps your ability to move freely, yoga also stretches your body and helps your joints move to their full potential.

Massage does this by releasing locked or stiff muscles through trigger point therapy and by releasing the muscle fascia. Some styles of massage like Zen Thai massage and Kahuna massage include stretches as part of the massage, with the therapist lifting an arm or leg up off the table and stretching it.

You will often see therapists stretching rhomboid muscles this way but lifting an arm up to the back and gently giving it a stretch. It is also possible to self-massage the rhomboid and trapezius regions with a tennis ball, rolling it up and down between the shoulder blade and the spine.

Similarly, in yoga, the Vatayanasana pose lengthens the rhomboid muscles by stretching them.

Just as yoga increases the flexibility of the whole back region with a series of poses so massage increases the mobility of the back by releasing muscles, bringing warmth to them with friction and tapotement techniques, and using remedial massage techniques such as trigger point therapy.

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Just like yoga helps stretch your muscles, exercise will help your muscles stay relaxed. Physical movement of any type will help your body remain supple and may also help your brain work better.

The opposite also is true. A good sports massage can also help your training program, either by getting your body ready for an event with a more vigorous style of massage, or helping your body recuperate after exercise with a relaxation massage that will help your joint range of motion.

Contrary to popular myth however, a massage does not help with the removal of lactic acid from muscles post training.


Getting enough sleep is crucial to a persons well being. A lack of sleep have been shown to lead to an increase in perceived stress in the body and mind.

So if the aim of your massage is to reduce stress and anxiety, then you can bolster this by getting consistently good quality sleep.

Yoga For Health


A lot of what a massage therapist massages is stress and anxiety. The question sometimes comes up are we massaging the stress first to relieve the muscular pain, or are we massaging the muscle spasms to help release any stress held in the body?

Either way, anything that helps lessen the psychological stress we feel from work or other parts of our life will generally lead to a more relaxed physical body. Meditation, which has been shown to be one of the most effective ways of reducing stress in recent Harvard studies, is a good add on to your regular massage treatments.

It can be helpful to meditate just before your massage to turn off your mind chatter and go into your massage with a clear mind.

It is also possible to meditate during the massage to really deepen the relaxation of the mind as well as the body.


Staying well hydrated is important for your muscles to function properly. As most of our bodies are made up of water, it is vital to ensure that you are drinking enough.  Being well hydrated is important for your lymphatic system to operate at its peak, helping your body flush any toxins.

If the aim of your massage is a lymphatic massage or as part of a detox routine, then you can support this by ensuring your body has enough water.

A massage is also dehydrating as kneading of the muscles and increasing the blood flow through the body will increase the amount of water the body uses. Further, when your muscles are tight, it reduces circulation in these areas and limits the amount your body can remove metabolic waste in these muscles.

Having a massage and loosening these muscles and increasing circulation in them, will help the release of this waste. Its important to support your massage with lots of water to help this easily be removed through your kidney system.

Doing a few simple things will help boost the benefits your body and mind gain from your massage.

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Drinking Water To Rehydrate Body

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