Christmas Stress Busters

Top Tips To Help With Christmas Stress

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The lead up to Christmas can be a really stressful time. From trying to get everything done before you take holidays, organising presents and food for the big  day, shopping as Santa, to even the emotional stress that can come from having family under one roof.

There are lots of emotional, psychological and physical stresses during the holiday sesason. Here are some top tips on how to reduce your stress this Christmas.

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Grab Some Me Time

When the craziness of doing stuff and getting stuff done is getting on top of you, take a half hour breather. “Me Time” is such a lovely expression, usually code for Mums of “I am about to lose it” So whether its just getting outside and sitting in the sunshine or taking a walk, mini breaks will help you keep your sanity.

The Zen Of Christmas

Christmas does not have to be a huge event. Maybe do a minimalist Christmas and just do the things you would like, and resist adding to your list with demands from others. Do you really have to have your home look like its out of Vogue shoot for Christmas Day? Perhaps not.

Try To Keep Some Balance In The Lead Up

Balance doing things for other people with doing things for yourself

Balance is such a trendy word, but creating a balance between doing things for others, and carving out some time to do some nice things for yourself can reduce your stress levels.

Yin Yang Of Indulgence

If possible, balancing all the delicious pre Christmas cheer with some healthy foods, will help. Your holiday season will be much more enjoyable if its not seen through the haze of a hangover. If you are after a quick detox, there are some tips here on the easy ways to do one

Rose Coloured Glasses

Put on your rose coloured glasses and try to look for the best in those around you.

Okay, so at the shops in the midst of Christmas rush can test this. Someone snatches that last Transformer toy before you do that you have visited 6 shops to find? Let it slip on by. They are probably under just as much stress as you to find the perfect gift from Santa. So maybe take a breath and realise those around you maybe just as stressed as you.

Exercise Is Not A Dirty Word

Many Mums count picking clothes up off the floor as exercise, because, multitasking. But if you squeeze a little me time in (there is that magical phrase again) try to head out to the gym or visit the ocean.  Here are some super easy ways to add it painlessly into your daily routine.

Body Wellness

Try To Eat Healthy Foods, Well At Least Semi Healthy

Alcohol is not  food group. Your body needs nourishment. Fill it with sugar and fat and not much else then your body will become under nourished and will lead to greater stress. Nutrition directly affects your mood, make sure you do your best to keep your body at optimal calm. Like to turbo boost your eating? Superfoods are the way to go.

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Meditation is a great way to have a psychological holiday and escape for a moment from the stress of the holiday season. Even ten minutes will make a big difference to your state of calm. Or try mindfulness, where instead of fighting against stress or negative thoughts, you instead just sit with them. Acknowledge they are there and just let them sit within you. Quick stress busters are here.


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So taking a little self care in the lead up to Christmas will help reduce your anxiety and that pre Christmas stress. And “tis the season to be jolly” may take on more meaning for you.

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Christmas Stress Busters

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