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Day Spa Ballina

We love Ballina, both for residents who love the community and regional atmosphere, and visitors looking for a perfect getaway!Ballina Day Spa

Ripple has compiled a list of some of our favourite massage and day spa treatments in the Ballina region, to help you unwind and feel your best, however long you stay.

Top Day Spa Treatments In Ballina

  1. Vichy Shower and Outdoor Hydrotherapy Spa

A water-based treatment matches Ballina’s atmosphere and history perfectly, so consider picking up one of these treatments! The Vichy shower is a form of spa therapy where a therapist uses pulses of water to relax your body, altering their speed and temperature from warm to cold for a varied and totally unique experience. Alternatively, hydrotherapy spas are well known for how they relax your body while you can actively enjoy and participate in the treatment by moving or swimming around.

  1. Divine Romance Package

This massage package focuses on a totally exotic and refreshing experience to help you get the most of the Ballina region. A Swedish massage is the base of this package, but it’s the extra day spa treatments you really book it for – a bamboo body polish to start and prepare your skin for the Mandi Susu milk bath will have you feeling smoother than ever… while cocooned in a bamboo and gingseng body wrap to make you feel equally fresh and rejuvenated. J This package also includes a brief head massage and body palming ritual stemming from Bali, and tops it off with a healthy fruit platter and a cheeky glass of champagne!Couples Massage Ballina

  1. Luxurious Hands Package

Proper hand care is so important given how we use our hands for everything… yet it’s so easy to forget! This luxurious hands package focuses first on relaxing and smoothing your hands out, with a combination of a gentle exfoliation to clear dead skin and moisturization to restore hydration to the healthier skin underneath. It also includes an anti-aging manicure with added Pure C serum to restore your hand skin to its full and natural beauty, then ends with a polish of your choice. Definitely worth looking into, especially if you plan to be active in Ballina or get the most out of the local fishing!

  1. Spray Tanning

Ballina has one of the highest precipitation rates along the Eastern coast short of the tropical regions up north… which makes it an incredibly relaxing region if you love the rain (and we *adore* seeing it ripple across the Richmond River!), but also makes it hard to maintain a natural and radiant tan sometimes. Ripple offers spray tanning services in the privacy and relaxing atmosphere of your own home, either to beautify you for a particular event (weddings, hens parties, and so on!) or just help you feel your best in general!

  1. Myopractic Treatment

This style of massage and treatment is an attempt to be more scientific about the healing process, with the goal being to identify and treat actual causes of pain instead of just problem areas. Sometimes, a tight neck could actually be caused by tension further down in your back, forcing you to hold your neck at a certain angle – myopractic treatments use body assessment and a trained therapist to try to identify these higher causes and release the tight muscles that are actually to blame. Alternatives to this treatment are similarly beneficial remedial or sports massages, each bringing their own set of techniques to restorative therapy.Myotherapy Massage Ballina

  1. Cleopatra Experience

What better feeling than to be an ancient Egyptian queen? The Cleopatra experience soaks you with a replenishing milk spa to keep your skin vibrant, and adds a hot rock facial and head massage to use the healing powers of heat. A similar package is the Roman Spa Experience which replaces the hot rock treatment with an essential oil indulgence therapy, and pampers you with either juice or champagne at the end.

  1. Honey Massage

The only thing we love better than the milk treatments above are Ripple’s honey massages, which actually incorporates native honey from Numimbah (up in the famed Gold Coast hinterland region) to soothe and rehydrate your skin… without leaving you all sticky! We figure that if honey is good enough for bees and flowers then it’s good enough for us as well. J Our honey treatment aims to rejuvenate your entire body, promoting new and healthy skin growth, as well as bringing life back to older skin underneath.

At Ripple, we believe pampering shouldn’t just end with the massage therapy either… that’s why this treatment also gives you a specially made honey-based soap, scented candle, and a little pot of boutique honey to make your week! We hope your stay in Ballina is as sweet as ours have been!

Well, those are our top tips for day spa and massage treatments in Ballina Day Spa… what are yours?

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