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Day Spa Caloundra

  1. Rosemary and Mint Body Awakening WrapDay Spa Caloundra

Renew your body and mind with this amazing body wrap. Begin with a gentle body exfoliation that stimulates the skin, while making it smooth and soft. Then be wrapped up in essences of rosemary and peppermint that while awaken your senses and active essential bodily functions.

  1. Transdermal Magnesium Oil Massage

Magnesium is a necessity for health and bringing vibrancy to your life. It brings about fast recovery and relief from muscle aches, pains, tension and also stress. Used in a massage, it is the ultimate relaxing experience and great for your entire wellness.

  1. Outer Peace Facial

This deluxe facial provides relief for acne prone skin. It begins with an exfoliation that provides a deep cleanse. The powers of beautiful botanical extracts are then used to clear the face’s complexion.

  1. Seaweed Bath Treatment

Seaweed has therapeutic powers that can be unlocked with this tranquil bath treatment. Because seawater and seaweed have high concentrations of iodine, it means that the treatment allows for skin regeneration and rejuvenation, as well as relief for sore body parts. In particular, this treatment is also great for treating the symptoms of arthritis. Furthermore, in addition to iodine the seaweed also has large amounts of vitamins and amino acids for health.

  1. Seashell MassageCaloundra Massage

Brought to you by Ripple, this massage also allows you to unlock the powers of the ocean. The massage uses hot therapeutic massage oils as well as beautiful shells from the sea to pamper and treat you. Ripple found the massage style in Koh Samet in Thailand, so during the massage be ready for your mind to be transported to this beautiful tranquil paradise.

  1. Restorative Eye Therapy

This treatment is inspired by the ancient healing system known as Ayurveda. It combines botanicals and medicine to boost skin’s natural collagen production and minimise the signs of aging, as well as dark circles and unwanted puffiness. Your skin with be soothed, restored and refreshed. The treatment also includes a marma eye massage to help relieve tension and revitalise the eye area.

  1. Tropical Glow Body Treatment

Begin with a traditional Balinese Massage to feel pampered and let your thoughts float away. Then, feel your skin get silky smooth with a sugar body scrub this is also hydrating because of the best ingredient: coconut oil! You can choose other deluxe tropical ingredients to be used in your scrub such as Kaffir lime and lemon, sweet orange and ylang ylang, frangipani or sandalwood and cinnamon.

  1. Purifying Lavender FacialCaloundra Facial

This facial is great for combination or oily skin as it works to gently purify the skin. It will harness the cleansing powers of vitamins, deluxe French lavender and sebum balancing plant extracts.

  1. Oncology Cancer Massage

Designed specifically for Cancer patients, the Oncology Massage is a wonderful chance for those undergoing treatment to feel pampered and well. The treatment is beautifully nurturing, very gentle and slow in style. It can help re-establish a positive body image, rebuild hopefulness and also make the patient feel whole again. Although the massage does not treat the cancer itself, it works wonders in helping to reduce the side effects of treatments.

  1. Caribbean Body Therapy

This full body treatment uses fabulous Caribbean plant ingredients to rejuvenate and nurture the body. Beginning with a dry exfoliation for your skin, the treatment then continues with a detoxifying seaweed mask, comforting body wrap and deluxe scalp massage. The island-inspired experience is designed to heal and replenish for happiness and health.

  1. Phyto Nutrient Facial

A facial aimed at balancing out the problem areas and decongesting skin, equalising oil and purifying your complexion. Utilising marine and herbal infusions, boosted with healing essential oils, your skin will be strengthened, resulting in a clear complexion.

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