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Day Spa Daylesford

Day Spa Daylesford: Best Treatments

Coconut Body Scrub and Clay WrapDay Spa Daylesford

This blissful day spa treatment begins with a Coconut and Himalayan salt exfoliating scrub. By having this exfoliation, free flowing blood circulation is stimulated, promoting the removal of toxins and health of skin. Luxurious French clay is then applied to the body. You are then cocooned, allowing the clay to work its magic on your skin. A warm shower will then wash the clay off, and a gentle relaxing massage with an organic moisturiser will complete the ritual.

Oriental Stone Massage

In this gorgeous oriental massage treatment; an awakening blend of ginger, bitter orange and nutmeg is used to stimulate the body and mind. It is a unique combination with an aroma which in combination with a poulticed stone massage will promote healing, as well as bring peace and vitality.

Exotic Milk Bath Ritual

Ever enjoyed your own private, exotic spa bath? Well now might be your chance. This beautiful, calming spa treatment includes use of your very own private milk bath. To begin, scrub your body with an exfoliating mixture to smooth your skin and remove dead cells. Following this you immerse yourself into a deep, luxurious bathing tub. While you soak in the nourishing bathing milk, a facemask is also applied. Once out the bath, a rich creamy lotion is applied to the body for hydration.

Mirri Facial

Native and herbal ingredients are combined in this treatment to create a natural, nurturing facial. These ingredients include the lovely lillypilly, deluxe desert lime and wonderful wattle seed. Together, these will target skin imperfections to restore clarity and hydration. Your entire face will look and feel renewed and nourished.

Mala Mayi Ritual

Also encompassing beautiful native ingredients, this treatment begins with an Australian desert salt exfoliation scrub. You will then be cocooned in a mineral-rich mud that will feel like silk on your skin. While the cocoon sets, a scalp massage inspired by traditional Aboriginal techniques will pamper you further. During this process you will drift into a state of dream-like tranquillity, where your body and spirit unite for healing. To complete the treatment, an Aboriginal Kodo style massage will be performed.

Foot Bliss

A treatment similar to a facial – but for your feet! Begin by soaking your feet in a rejuvenating mineral footbath, where they are exfoliated with sea salts and essential oils from beautiful botanicals. Allow your feet to then be wrapped in mud, again with essential oils to relax, soothe detoxify. Finally, let yourself and your feet be pampered with a foot reflexology massage that will not only help your feet but nurture your entire body.Daylesford Day Spa Treatments

Pevonia Aroma Polish

Perfect for before other treatments, the Pevonia Aroma Polish will give your skin the ultimate prime. Jojoba beads and mineral extracts are rubbed over the body to scrub away dead skin cells and other impurities. Lemon, rosemary and sage are then used to further detoxify the skin and remove any excessive production of sebum. Together, these processes will allow the benefits of other treatments to be maximised.

Aromatic Candle Massage

Love candles and their scents? You’re in luck – the Aromatic Candle Massage is total bliss. With a beautifully scented candle lit, a sense of calm will envelope you as the aroma spreads through the air. Each candle is made from pure plants extracts, soybean and nourishing essential oils. Once slightly cooled, the warm oil from the candle is slowly applied to the body. This allows its ingredients to care for your skin and delicate massage strokes to be performed over your body.

Lime and Ginger Salt Polish

Another brilliant exfoliation ritual in Daylesford: this one with a purpose of invigorating and revitalising the body. Lime, ginger and salt are combined in a course scrub to cleanse, soften and polish the skin. This is an important step in any proper skincare regime. A lime and ginger body lotion is then applied to hydrate and keep the skin looking young and fresh.

Peninsula Vine Massage

Luscious, fresh grapes are used in this massage. They are sourced from the local Mornington Peninsula. The grapes – both the skin and seeds – are made into a warm balm, full of antioxidants and vitamins. Applying this to the back, warm, helps to promote excellent circulation. This means the skin more readily soaks up the goodness from the grapes. It will keep your skin looking youthful and radiant. The relaxing style of the massage strokes also promotes calmness and mental wellbeing.

Ear Candling

Ear candling is a great, all natural therapy that has been used since ancient times. It is designed to combat a wide variety of issues with the ears and sinuses, such as improving hearing, reducing pain in the ears, clearing sinuses, clearing out toxins and helping with migraines.

Organic Face and Body DetoxDaylesford Body Scrub

This could be the treatment for you. Active plant ingredients and organic serum are applied to the body. This works to firm the body’s tissues for a smoother, healthier appearance. It will also remove toxins and other unwanted impurities, as well as fully moisturise the skin.

Creamy Coconut Facial

First, an organic cleanser is used to clean the face of oil and dirt. A delicate coconut facial scrub is used to also remove dead skin cells. An exotic blend of warm creamy coconut and rosehip oil is then applied to the face so a gentle, facial massage can be performed. The coconut and oil are great for the health of skin, allowing it to be soothed and rejuvenated.

Green Tea and Aloe Body Wrap

Green tea is extremely concentrated with antioxidants. This means it can help slow the signs of aging and sun damage. It also has a high content of minerals, vitamins and polyphenol – all wonderful for the health of skin. Aloe on the other hand is deeply hydrating, locking in moisturise to help preserve supple, youthful radiance. After the Green Tea and Aloe Body Wrap, your body will be soothed with a botanical moisturising lotion.

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