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Day Spa Geelong

15 Top Spa Treatments in GeelongDay Spa Geelong

  1. Japanese Private Bathing Suite

Designed with inspiration from Japanese traditions and bathing rituals, the Japanese Private Bathing Suite is not one to miss. Exfoliate your own body with a luxurious scrub before submerging in a warm bath to soak. Once finished, lounge on a day bed with a Zen garden view.

  1. Tropical Mango Aroma Envelopment

A lovely and tropical combination of mango, strawberry and pomegranate is used in this treatment. To begin, tension is melted away with hydrotherapy and a divine body mask, combining all of those tropical fruit ingredients. After rinsing this off, a relaxing massage is done to the whole body using a fruity, aromatic moisturiser.

  1. Detoxify Me Body Treatment

To detoxify your body, this treatment begins with a mineral and crushed almond body scrub. A thermal mud is then applied to the skin, which stimulates the body, deeply cleanses and brings balance. The mud treatment is made from a Hungarian herbal mixture that is extremely active for amazing results. This mixture is massaged into the skin using a deep tissue style to target sore and fatigued muscles. More details on how to easily detox your body are here.

  1. Botanical Resurfacing FacialFacial Geelong

Using botanical compounds and tourmaline crystals, this facial treatment will smooth and refresh your face. The crystals work to smooth your skin’s texture, by reducing the appearance of fine lines and drastically decreasing pore size. This will add extra glow and a youthful beauty, with results being compared to that of microdermabrasion. This treatment, however, has the added benefits of less inflammation and irritation.

  1. Hydrating Fruit Body Wrap

This delicious body wrap uses a range of fruits that are nutritious for your skin. It begins with a papaya crème exfoliating massage to smooth the skin. This is followed by a cocoon of warm, refining French Pink Clay infused with peach, guava and raspberry tonic. This has essentials for brightening skin such as vitamins and cold pressed plant oils. To conclude the treatment, an aromatic hydration is used to seal in the moisture and rejuvenating ingredients.

  1. Revitalising Eye Treatment

Designed to soothe the delicate but very important eye zone, this treatment is cooling and revitalising. Together, plant and flower based ingredients are combined in a formula that is gently massaged into the eye region. Particularly great for tired eyes, this treatment will create a massive difference in the appearance of puffiness and fine lines.

  1. Marine Rejuvenating Pedi Spa

The Jiga Jina foot soak, made with ancient desert sea salts, is used to begin this treatment. The same salts are then used to exfoliate the skin of the feet, stimulating circulation and the regeneration of new skin cells. A thermal foot mask is then used to nourish the skin, before finally the feet are massaged and smoothed with a pearl foot lotion. A full pedicure and polish is included.

  1. Reiki HealingMens Massage Geelong

This unique spa treatment is perfect for physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Reiki healing works on your body’s energy systems by balancing chakras and dispersing blocks in the energy flow. Overall, this treatment will ease stress and negativity, and promote harmony.

  1. Red Grape Wrap

Taking full advantage of the skincare benefits of red grapes, this wholesome body wrap is wonderful for tired, aging skin. The grapes used to make the wrap contain mass amounts of vitamins A, C and B6, as well as potassium, iron and much more. Together, the skin and seeds of the grapes combined also have high levels of resveratrol, which is the control agent for the skin’s ageing process. Having much of this strongly promotes youthful skin health. In this treatment your skin will also reap the other benefits of red grapes, such as their ability to repair damage by aiding the production of collagen, their antibacterial and antiviral properties and their detoxifying nature.

  1. Macadamia, Honey and Jasmine Body Scrub

The scrub used in this beautiful full body treatment is lusciously scented with macadamia, honey and jasmine. Together, these ingredients will exfoliate and nourish the skin, leaving it prepped and silky smooth for moisturising. The moisturiser used after the scrub is a bergamot and sandalwood blend. These ingredients are great for relaxation, renewal and pampering the skin.

  1. Steam Sauna

A steam sauna is the ultimate way to cleanse the skin. It easily removes skin impurities by allowing pores to open and toxins to be excreted through sweat. Not only does this process cleanse skin, but it also balances the skin’s surface for a smooth, soft texture and aids in promoting skin elasticity and tone.

  1. The Aqua Salt GlowSalt Glow

The Aqua Salt Glow is a deluxe skin conditioning treatment. You will be indulged with warmed aromatic oils and aqua therapy salts rubbed into your skin. This will exfoliate and treat your skin to refine its texture and appearance. During this process, you will also be soothed with a scalp and neck massage. After this, enjoy a luxurious Vichy shower concluded with a moisturising formula designed to smooth and hydrate the skin for long-lasting effects.

  1. Heavenly Hair and Scalp Wrap

For all hair types (men included!) this treatment is heaven. High quality and also chemical free; the treatment includes a full hairbrush and scalp massage. The hair itself is then wrapped with stimulating and nourishing hot oils, and left to infuse and treat. After this process is complete, a brilliant, frizz-free shampoo and conditioner are used to wash the hair. This will leave your hair extra clean, fresh and ultra nourished with shine and bounce.

  1. Ultimate Unwind Experience

An all over body scrub with pure coconut milk from Fiji, cane sugar and honey is used to begin this totally relaxing experience. An aromatic body wrap and Ayurvedic scalp massage are used to melt away stress and tension. To complete the ritual, pure Fijian coconut milk body butter will smooth the skin to be silky and totally blissed out. Your mind and body will be completely unwound and nourished.

  1. Organic Green Clay and Cucumber Facial

Brought to you by Ripple, this facial is the ultimate day spa treatment. It is a rich, indulgent mask of macadamia nut oil and French Green clay that is high in minerals. It also contains aloe vera, shea butter and purified water to help sooth and nourish. The facial is paraben and sulfate free, making it suited to even those with sensitive skin. The mask will prevent breakouts, cleanse and decongest pores.

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