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Day Spa Hobart

Hobart is home to an array of pampering day spa treatments. To help you find what you are looking for in your Hobart Day Spa, here is a list of top 10 spa treatments you could try.

  1. Green Tea Body ScrubGreen Tea Body Scrub

Just as drinking green tea can detoxify the body on the inside, a green tea scrub is great for detoxifying the skin. The scrub used in this massage is a combination of green tea extract, ginger and rice-based exfoliants. Together, these ingredients unclog pores by removing dead skin cells and unwanted dirt, as well as cleansing them to leave skin clear and fresh.

  1. Indian Marma Point Facial

The traditional Marma Point therapy is used in this day spa treatment to promote clarity of the mind and deep relaxation. Starting with an organic cleanser, the facial then follows with a beautiful natural exfoliation and organic clay mask. The facial is designed to be the ultimate relaxing experience that tones and eases muscle tensions in the head, neck and shoulders. The treatment also increases circulation, eliminates toxins and creates a positive flow of energy between the chakras for peace and tranquillity.

  1. Crystal Therapy

If you feel as if you have negative energy you need releasing, Crystal Therapy is for you. Using crystals to purify your energy is a great way to heal and reopen blocked chakras. In this treatment, seven crystals are used to represent the seven different chakras. This cleanses the entire body and allows the negativity to be rid of. This will make you feel lighter, healthier and happier.

  1. Foot Reflexology Massage

Brought to you by Ripple Massage is the healing Foot Reflexology Massage. Beginning with a warm lime and peppermint foot soak, this treatment is highly relaxing. You are then treated to a foot exfoliation to remove dry skin and soften calluses. Reflex points on the feet are then massaged gently. It is believed in the philosophy of foot reflexology that all organs, glands and parts of the body have a corresponding reflex on the heel, and that by massaging a specific reflex will heal any problems in the area of the body it represents. To complete the treatment, you are also welcomed to an express pedicure.

  1. Ultimate Detox FacialDetox Facial

Feeling like your skin needs a refresh? If you answered yes then this treatment is for you. The Ultimate Detox Facial is an instant rescue for dry, dull skin. It begins with a deep exfoliation and cleanse to really purify the pores and remove any unwanted dirt and grease build up. A detoxing mask containing vitamins, minerals and coconut is then applied all over the face to nourish and refresh the skin.

  1. Macadamia Body Scrub

In this deluxe spa treatment, macadamia shell and bamboo are enriched with chamomile, vitamin E, echinacea, ginseng and oat flour to make a unique, soothing and invigorating body scrub. The scrub is used to refine the skin’s texture, leaving it fresh and rejuvenated. After the scrub, your body is pampered with an aromatic lavender, neroli and rosewood body cream for hydration.

  1. For the Love of Man

A spa treatment specially designed for men, this one is a must-have. It starts with a massage for the back, shoulders and neck. This is followed by a hydrating facial to clear and energise the skin, which can be customised to the patient’s own unique skin needs.

  1. Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap

The Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap is a full body treatment designed to deeply cleanse and detoxify the body from the outside in. The wrap is made from seaweed, pine and rosemary that is also known to ease fatigue and arthritis. The wrap is a wonderful relaxing experience, which includes a pressure point head massage and scalp treatment while you are comfortably cocooned in the wrap.

  1. Pampered HandsManicures

If anything reflects your age, it’s your hands! Therefore, this indulgent treatment utilises ingredients and techniques that can bring back youthfulness to the hands. Firstly, you a treated to a floral and herbal hand soak. A fruity acid peel is then applied to the hand’s skin to exfoliate and reduce the appearance of discolouration. A deeply hydrating antioxidant cocoon lotion is then used to moisturise and smooth the skin.

  1. Spiced Chai Tisane Infused Sugar Scrub

This delicate scrub is great also for trying to beat the signs of aging. It is a full body scrub that uses sugar to gently exfoliate the skin, as the grains are only fine. This evens out skin tone and removes accumulated dirt and dead cells. It also enhances circulation and increases the production of collagen, a natural protein that regenerates cells and prevents wrinkles. The Chai, which is infused with the sugar, also fights the signs of aging as it is made of spices such a pepper, nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon and ginger that contain high levels of antioxidants.

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