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Day Spa Kingscliff

Day Spa Kingscliff Top Treatments

  1. Massage RitualMassage Kingscliff

This package is based around either a Lomi Lomi massage (sometimes also known as Kahuna – we *love* this style at Ripple and offer one ourself!) performed with coconut oil, or a Fusion Stone massage… both deeply relaxing styles. What really sets this ritual apart, though, is the start of the package, featuring a full body exfoliation which is then cleansed off with a luxurious bath.

This is especially gorgeous if you’re swimming or sunbaking at the famous Kingscliff beaches – getting rid of any built up sand or salt at the very start of a day spa treatment is the perfect way to get the most out of the rest of it and leave you feeling brand new in an almost intangible way.

  1. Perfecting Plant Peel

At Ripple, we know that chemical treatments can sometimes be amazing for your skin… but natural remedies have their place too, and they also match a very scenic town like Kingscliff perfectly! Keep an eye out for the Perfecting Plant Peel treatment which uses botanical ingredients instead of a more standard glycolic peel.

Your skin will feel and look younger, more supple, and express a bit more of an “inner glow” – if you know someone who just seems to *look* radiant constantly, you know what we mean! This facial treatment can last half an hour to an hour, depending on how much face care you think you need. A hint from Ripple – if you’ve gotten a lot of sun lately or gotten out amongst the elements (both very likely in Kingscliff), the longer treatment might be best.

  1. Stress Buster Massage

Kingscliff is one of our favourite places to bust stress, so of course we noticed this package when we visited. J The 30 minute back massage will help get some of the knots and tension out of your body, but it’s actually not the centrepiece of the package; rather, that belongs to the total foot and beauty care you’ll be getting for the other half hour.

This features a tropical sugar scrub (incidentally, we wonder if anyone offers a more fitting *bushland* scrub… something to work on?), a clay mask intended to ease out toxins, and a vigorous foot massage to freshen them up again for all the walking you plan to go around Kingscliff!

  1. Couples Massage

If you’re visiting or living in Kingscliff with a loved one (or even just a friend – girls’ weekend away, perhaps?) then a Couples package should definitely be on your to-do list. Ripple’s unique take Couples Massage Kingscliffon it features an aromatherapy massage of your selection, a foot, head, and face massage for good measure, a peppermint and lime foot bath just to make absolutely sure that your feet feel phenomenal at the end… and a cleansing green clay face mask to cap everything off and clear up any blemishes or artificial lines you might have!


The best part about couples massages while you’re travelling is that they can be totally flexible around your schedule. You can have them performed one after the other if you have time (leaving the other with a solid period of alone time to relax and chill out)… or get two therapists in so the massages are performed simultaneously, letting you enjoy the experience in unison with the other lucky experience.

This also depends on whether you want the same therapist to take care of both of you (maybe you love one of Ripple’s therapists in particular…!) or want a different therapist for each person to bring their own unique take to massage.

Maybe you’ll need two couples packages, just to be sure…?

  1. Deluxe Vitamin C Facial

We all know how important Vitamin C is for our body’s health – it’s why it’s advertised so heavily on foods like oranges. This facial takes some of those healing and Kingslciff Facialhealthy properties and tries to apply them as a beauty treatment; super cool idea, and definitely worth a try while you’re in Kingscliff. The idea is that ascorbic acid (don’t worry – just a form of Vitamin C!) is able to penetrate skin cells and give them a bit of a fix up, leaving your face feeling smooth as silk and just as beautiful. Seek one out!

  1. Five Senses Cocoon

This is a very upper end beauty treatment but you can’t go past it for pampering! You start with a coconut rub and a warm Elemis Milk Bath to really moisturise the skin again (remember to drink lots of water as well, in the summer heat of Kingscliff!), then cocoons you totally in a body wrap to perfect your skin tone.

The day spa treatment moves into a quick massage (facial, pressure points) and scalp treatment, then ends with a Vichy shower and body lotion… This all seems like a lot for one package, but somehow it’s all fit in to just 60 minutes. J If you’re after relaxation in a hurry, this is one for you for sure.



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