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Day Spa Mornington Peninsula


Top Mornington Peninsula Day Spa Treatments

The Mornington Peninsula is one of Victoria’s natural treasures and escapes. It allows easy access to a variety of beaches from any point on

Day Spa Mornington Peninsula

Day Spa Mornington Peninsula

the peninsula, and is still home to gorgeous she-oak forests of eras past. While visiting “The Peninsula” (as it is called by locals and Melbourne residents), you’re absolutely spoiled for choice as to activities… from watersports to enjoying the world famous wine regions. This makes it a perfect getaway to spoil yourself further at a day spa Mornington Peninsula.

Ripple has compiled some of the top day spa treatments in the Mornington Peninsula, to help you love all the region has to offer as much as we do!

Our Favourite Day Spa Mornington Peninsula Treatments

  1. Marta Kodo (Big Melody) Massage

This massage brings back ancient Indigenous massage techniques, as a beautiful way of connecting with our land’s culture and people. An

Spa Treatments Sorrento

Spa Treatments Sorrento

emphasis on spiraling movements reminds us of traditional Aboriginal art and helps us lose ourselves in the feeling and history of the massage. The massage is coupled with native oils to naturally replenish your body’s energy, and also comes in smaller packages including the Miji Kodo (little melody) and the regular Kodo massage.

  1. Detox Massage

A detox massage is intended to assist your lymphatic flow and help improve the natural passage of toxins out of your body. This particular treatment uses an exfoliating brush over your skin, combined with a full body massage, to try to help your body with the stress and chemical build up of day to day life.

  1. Shiva Shirodhara

This massage literally translates into “Head Flow” from Sanskrit, designed to stimulate the mind and help you achieve greater clarity and focus after the treatment. It’s based off ancient Ayurvedic treatments stemming from India, and involves a massage that prepares you for an essential oil treatment over a location believed by Ayurvedic medics to house your Third Eye Chakra. This massage style encourages you to refocus on your spiritual side and go back out into the world with a greater sense of purpose and awareness afterwards. J A similar Samadhi Pichu therapy has a similar purpose, using an earthen stone ritual on the chakra and also involving a cloth compress.

  1. Day Off Package

    Day Spa Sorrento

    Day Spa Sorrento

If you can take a day off to relax, why not try the Day Off package? This package is based around a seasonal massage style – either a Kodo massage designed specifically to cool you off in summer, or a Hot Rock massage in winter to warm you back up! It comes with some yummy extras as well, including the full body exfoliation and mud wrap treatments, as well as a pop into the outdoor Geisha tubs… these are chock full of Tasmanian peat mud which we all know is phenomenal for your skin!

  1. Ripple Day Spa Mornington Peninsula

Ripple loves the Mornington Peninsula so much we just had to extend our service to the area.  We offer all sorts of massage and day spa

Mornington Day Spa

Mornington Day Spa

packages through the Mornington area… if you’re just visiting the area, you’re probably going to want to get out and explore the gorgeous scenery and waterways (or pop into the local vineyards!), so we suggest starting with our 1.5 hour Mornington Massage package. This combines all our favourite day spa treatments over an hour and a half so you can enjoy the rest of your day feeling like a brand new person!

The 1.5 hour package is based around a full aromatherapy massage that lets you choose the essential oils from our selection, tailoring it to your preferences. We also give you a reflexology foot massage (you’ll need one, walking around Mornington!) and foot bath to take care of both your soul and soles… and we also provide a green clay face mask to polish your skin, which finishes with a steamed towel treatment (the steam feels phenomenal on fresh and clean skin, believe us!) and a head and face massage. If you haven’t had a massage in a while, this is a perfect style that you can slot into any day and really focuses on the essentials of massage therapy, so we can make them the highest quality possible. J


  1. Marta Mala Mayi

The Marta Mala Mayi package is an even more complete Indigenous-inspired package, combining a range of therapeutic treatments originating in our wondrous bushlands. It begins with a total body exfoliation using desert salt and natural oils, cleanses your skin with a mapi mud mask to warm and detoxify you, and includes a paudi scalp massage to relax your head fully. It then works into a regular kodo massage to bring your body back to life again.

  1. Ripple Day Spa Mornington Peninsula – Russian Massage

Russian deep tissue massage can be so effective and remedial that it’s actually used as medical treatment in many parts of Russia itself! Ripple has brought this incredibly therapeutic and intense style to Mornington Peninsula to help you get rid of persistent stress – the sort that builds up in your body over time and requires a deeply invigorating massage to get rid of.

This treatment harbors a number of unique techniques to the Russian style, including the use of cresting friction which actually uses the top half of your fingers (as opposed to the tips) to massage your body – this gives the therapist a particularly advantageous leverage and pressure for getting at buried stress without having to use the entire, larger palm of their hand. Russian deep tissue massages also use techniques that tell your body to “surrender” to the massage itself – this prevents the built up stress in your body resisting its removal, and allows you to enjoy the massage much more as well!

We really love Russian massages especially for the Mornington Peninsula because it’s definitely a “high content” region – there’s so much to do and see that you’ll naturally build up more stress, and feel it more. We think an active life needs a particularly deeply relaxing massage to complement it!

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