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Day Spa Sunshine Coast

Here is a list of the best spa treatments Sunshine Coast has to offer. More details on massage and beauty treatments to book are here.Lime Glow Body Scrub

  1. Exotic Lime Glow Massage

This divine massage takes you on a journey to a tropical paradise. The treatment begins with an exotic traditional Tahitian body buff. This followed by a soothing massage with lime and warmed luxe coconut milk, full of fatty acids and proteins to leave your skin fully hydrated with a youthful glow.

  1. Javanese Lulur Scrub and Massage

Lulur is a traditional recipe from Java, Indonesia. It consists of turmeric and jasmine and has been used ceremoniously by the Indonesian people for beauty for centuries. Not does the recipe nourish skin, but in a massage it also allows for the release of tension for ultimate relaxation. Lulur body lotion with uplifting citrus notes is applied to the skin after the scrub and massage for a hydrated, silky smooth body.

  1. Blueberry Detox Firming Facial Peel

The Blueberry Detox facial provides deep exfoliation for fresh, clear skin. It cleanses clogged pores, refining and purifying their appearance. The blueberries in the peel are also full of vitamins and rich in antioxidants. This makes the Blueberry Detox Facial perfect for treating acne and breakouts.

  1. Sea Mud Body Wrap

Mud from the Dead Sea is highly rich in minerals – 26 to be precise. In this body treatment, your skin is engulfed in these essential minerals returning it and the body to optimum health and functionality. Your skin will be naturally rehydrated and toxins will be removed, meanwhile your mind will be relaxed and tranquillity brought to your entire being.

  1. Vino Choc Indulgence FacialChocolate Facial

The name says it all – this deluxe and delicious facial treatment pampers you luxuriously. The facial formula is made of Hungarian Tokay grapes, champagne, chocolate and orange essential oil. Together, these ingredients create an incredible facial blend that reduces inflammation and slows the oxidation process (known to cause early aging), as well as providing a rejuvenated complexion.

  1. Transdermal Magnesium Oil Massage

As you may already know, magnesium is a key ingredient for muscle and pain relief. It has also been recognised as valuable in reducing stress. Thus, magnesium’s use in this massage compliments the relaxing style and aim of reducing tension and muscle pains. Overall, it is a very therapeutic treatment promoting vibrant health and happiness.

  1. Tropical Enzyme Boost Facial

A unique blend of tropical ingredients work wonders for your skin in this amazing skin treatment. Coconut milk will soothe your skin, heal imperfections and deter signs of aging. Poppy seeds and pineapple enzymes exfoliate the skin, refining its tone and texture and removing toxins. A deeply moisturising masque of mango and virgin coconut oil is then applied to the face, creating rich hydration and tropical radiance. The tropical scents are very pampering, making you feel as if you’re in a far away paradise.

  1. Waterfall Nature MassageWaterfall Massage

This nurturing massage day spa treatment uses a variety of massage techniques, tailored to your own personal needs. Quenching organic hydration lotion is applied to the skin and rubbed in with every massage stroke. Fragrant blossom oils are also used, enhancing the restoration of wellness and care of tired muscles.

  1. Botanical Barefoot Indulgence

Inspired by ancient massage, foot reflexology and aromatherapy practices, this day spa treatment is the ultimate indulgence. Pure, aromatic botanical blends are applied to the feet and massaged into the skin. Reflex points are focused on during the massage to promote wellbeing around to entire body, as well as feet to die for.

  1. Yam and Pumpkin Enzyme Peel

Both yam and pumpkin are highly active ingredients. Together in this relaxing facial, they offer a range of skincare benefits. This includes a boost of collagen to refine the skin and provide a youthful appearance, reduction of hyper pigmentation, as well as deep moisturisation for plump, hydrated skin.

  1. Wildflower Body Regeneration

This blissful day spa treatment has everything you want – a facial cleanse, body exfoliation and massage! All three stages of the treatment use organic wildflower essences, designed to calm the senses and care for beautiful skin.

  1. Espresso and Ginger Sugar ScrubEspresso Scrub

For healthy, glowing skin, the Espresso and Ginger Sugar Scrub is the perfect treatment. The deluxe ingredient combo works together to exfoliate and revitalise dull skin. Dead cells will be removed and fresh cells invigorated. Together, the ingredients also provide a stimulating cleanse for clear, silky smooth skin.

  1. Babymoon Bliss

The Babymoon Bliss treatment is a nurturing experience for two. In this calming ritual, both you and your baby will feel utterly relaxed. It begins with a massage designed to support the body during pregnancy. This is followed by a lotion application, hydrating stretched skin and bringing peace to minds and bodies.

  1. Moor Mud Bath

The Moor Mud Bath is no regular bath – it is a fabulous bathing experience with 100% natural European Moor Mud, highly concentrated in minerals and other goodies for your skin. Soaking in this day spa mud bath has many benefits, including total skin detoxification, reduced symptoms of arthritis, aided recovery from injury, improved circulation and clearing of skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema and more.

  1. Spiced Chai Body Wrap

Just like you condition your hair, it’s important to not only wash your skin but also condition it. This day spa treatment begins with an exfoliating massage, preparing your skin for nourishment. The body is then wrapped in a fusion of traditional Indian spices, mango butter and green tea. The goodness of these ingredients are absorbed by the skin, and the treatment is concluded with an also conditioning lotion of vanilla, star anise and cardamom.

  1. Ripple’s Ultimate Body Polish

In this not-to-miss day spa treatment brought to you by Ripple, your skin will be polished to beyond compare. A rich and luxurious combination of walnut granules, tangerine essential oil and lime are massaged over the body, including hands and feet for extra smooth skin. The ingredients are also deeply hydrating, replenishing the cells for as the name suggestions, a beautifully polished complexion.

Ripple is the day spa that comes to you all Sunshine Coast. Call today on 0438 567 906.


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