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Day Spa Sydney

16 Day Spa Treatments in Sydney you must try!

Day Spa Sydney

Day Spa Sydney

  1. Deep Cleansing Facial

This beautiful, deeply cleansing facial uses both steam and enzyme exfoliation techniques. Together, these leave the skin cleaned and cleared thoroughly of unwanted dirt, oils and toxins. A luxurious clay mask is then applied to further draw out impurities in the skin, and create a beautifully smooth and soft skin texture.

  1. Australian Botanical Bliss

To begin this natural and native body treatment, the therapist uses a dry body brush on the skin. This stimulates the body’s lymphatic system before a wattleseed and sandalwood exfoliation mixture is applied. This will cleanse and clear the skin to perfection. Australian green clay is then spread over the entire body to further detoxify and treat the skin. To end the spa treatment, a gentle massage is done using eucalyptus oil with honey myrtle.

  1. Smoothing Custard Wrap

    Sydney Massage

    Sydney Massage

This delicious wrap is a lovely treat for the skin – and you can enjoy all the benefits of custard without any calories! The rich custard wrap is smoothed over the entire body. It envelops your skin, creamily nourishing and hydrating it. As this is happening you will also be pampered with a dreamy scalp massage. Once the wrap is washed off, the spa treatment is concluded with a decadent moisturising cream.

  1. Swiss Facial

Want to protect your skin from accelerated aging? If yes, this facial treatment is for you. Firstly, your skin will be covered in a Swiss, lavish primer product. A nurturing, luxurious facemask will then be applied to hydrate your skin and remove unwanted dirt, oil and toxins. This experience is ultimately relaxing and will give your skin an extra special glow.

  1. Sleep Deeply Massage

If you suffer from insomnia or restlessness this massage could be your saviour. The ritual consists of a complete full body massage that will soothe your overactive mind and take you to a place of calm and tranquillity. Your nervous system will also be balanced perfectly for sound nights of sleep.

  1. Deluxe Pedicure

A gorgeous tea tree and grapefruit foot soak begins this spa treatment. The warm and soothing soak will prepare your feet to be totally pampered. You are then treated to a foot and leg exfoliation to remove dead skin and calluses. Nail shaping and cuticle work will then be done, followed by a deluxe massage for the feet and legs. Paraffin wax is then used to lock in moisture and a polish of your choice.

  1. Arogya Detoxifying Body Treatment

    Best Sydney Day Spa Treatments

    Best Sydney Day Spa Treatments

This treatment is the ultimate skin detoxifier. To begin, an organic coffee scrub is used over the entire body to remove dead cells and dry skin. You will feel totally cleansed after this, but there is still more to come. You will then be lavishly enveloped in an organic Pañpuri Black Clay body mask. This clay is especially nourishing and rich in minerals, fabulous for refreshing and reviving skin.

  1. Immune Recovery Massage

Do you suffer with seasonal allergies or do flu symptoms really hit you hard? If so, this massage could be a great help. It is designed to cleanse, clear and decongest your body for a fresh, healthy feeling. The massage treats the upper body, focusing on the face, scalp and back. It will clear the mind as well as alleviating those horrible flu and allergy symptoms.


  1. Ultimate Sea Youth Facial

Designed to slow down the signs of aging, this spa treatment utilises the mysteries of the deep. Green algae extracts, pearl proteins and sea silk are all used in the highly concentrated facial serum that is applied using shells. A facial massage is then performed using heated sea stones and coral. This treatment will help keep your youthful looks by enhancing skin tone with radiance and glow, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, and firming the skin’s texture.

  1. Moroccan Mud Treatment 

This Moroccan inspired treatment begins with a thorough full body exfoliation. Warm clay and rose water from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco are then applied to the body. This all occurs in a room called the “Hammam”, which is built of heated marble. This environment is optimum for this treatment, as the heated rock adds to the therapy and aids in the health of the skin and body.

  1. Champagne Pear Massage

    Day Spas in Sydney

    Day Spas in Sydney

This exquisite, luxury massage will ensure your skin is properly moisturised. It is a full body treatment that uses the stem cells of Champagne pear to completely nourish the skin. Berries, high in Vitamin C are also used to nurture and strengthen the skin, leaving your body totally moisturised and silky smooth.

  1. Spirulina Wrap

Ever heard of spirulina? It is the latest health product that you must try. Only harvested from pure salt lakes, it’s a seaweed that is extremely rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins and enzymes. This makes it the ultimate ingredient for skincare. Used in the wrap, it is a purifying agent that firms and nourishes skin. Once the skin is rinsed, lavender body oil and marine crème is used to further purify and complete the treatment.

  1. Crystalus Body Massage

Ancient Australian healing techniques are used in this sensory experience. The massage uses native Australian stones, crystals and plant essences to bring harmony to the mind, body and spirit. The power of intention is also utilised by the therapist to bring about rejuvenation and the ultimate state of relaxation.

  1. Ripple’s Handspa Treatment

This luxurious, pampering handspa treatment is brought to you by Ripple. It is a completely rejuvenating experience for your hands, beginning with a deluxe aromatherapy exfoliation done with beautiful essential oils. Your hands and arms are then massaged gently for total relaxation and bliss. Steamed towels are then supplied to clear the hands of excess oil before you are treated with an indulgent manicure.

  1. Turkish Salt Scrub with Eucalyptus

The traditional Turkish Hammam (Turkish Bath) is the inspiration for this unique day spa treatment. To begin, you are vigorously scrubbed with thermal mineral salt crystals and eucalyptus oil. This is also done using a loofah that contains buffing grains and a luscious mineral gel. This will drastically improve circulation in the skin, prevent skin from appearing dull and refine its texture. After a relaxing bath or shower, your therapist then massages you with aloe vera and jojoba oil. Together, these will promote cell regeneration, healing of imperfections, and total clarity and hydration.

  1. Vanilla Body Wrap

Enriched with vanilla extract, rice powder and soybean oil is the Vanilla Body Wrap. A full body exfoliation using rice bran and a sweet, vanilla infused scrub begins this therapy treatment. This is followed by a calming body and scalp massage done with warm oils. To complete the rejuvenation experience, vanilla dusting powder is applied for silky soft skin.



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