5 Secrets To Destress In Your Own Home

Woman relaxing in home with meditation

Home sweet home.  

Well, it should be. So often, that isn’t the case.  

You know that feeling when after a long day of work, you walk through your front door (albeit with two handfuls of groceries that are cutting off circulation to your fingers) and you instantly feel relief?

Home is like no other place on earth, but it has the potential to become a place of restlessness, stress and anxiety.

One of the main ways this happens is when work overlaps with our personal space.

Do you have trouble switching into “off mode” where work is really and truly over? We all do.

We all know that we shouldn’t bring our work home with us or that we should not allow it to rule over our leisure. We know it isn’t good for us.

According to Danielle Forshee, LLC, it is crucial to leave work at work:

“You have to leave your work at the workplace physically and mentally, and not bring it into your personal space. By bringing work into your personal space, it will trigger stressful thoughts.”

Good advice, but that’s easier said than done. We all know by experience.

Bottom line: We need help.

Here are some ways to help release the tension of the day. Ways you can enter into all that “being off” and “being home” has to offer.

1. Create A Dedicated Work Space

One of the reasons it’s so hard to close the door on work stuff is because it’s everywhere!

It’s on the kitchen counter, the bathroom counter, the end table, the bed.

We leave memorabilia of our duties all over the place and they scream at us every time we see them.

This happens even with home work projects like decluttering and decoration.

We tell ourselves we aren’t technically “working”, because it doesn’t have anything to do with our employment, but the stress feels the same.

Make a place in the home where you can lay these projects and continue them or finish them.

Preferably a site that isn’t in the same area where you want to unwind.

It can be a dedicated room or even a corner that can be hidden just by switching off a lamp.

Out of sight. Out of mind.

2. Declutter

Does having clutter sit around your home cause you stress?

There are a number of university studies that show that simply by reducing clutter in the home can lead to lower cortisol levels (the stress hormone) in the body.

Clutter can be accumulated for a number of reasons. Procrastination, not having time or the energy to spend time cleaning up and throwing out, can be a big cause of having “stuff” that isn’t helpful or needed lying around your home.

Even just feeling that your home is cluttered can lead to higher rates of stress.

Added to that, there is some evidence that stress changes the structure of the brain, and that more stress triggers the amygdala and makes it more sensitive to stress.

The KonMari Method, which is Marie Kondo’s system of de-cluttering a home with the intention of reducing stress and bringing back joy, has been hugely popular.

Just gradually going through room by room, and reducing the amount of “stuff” that is not needed, can help bring a sense of relaxation and calm to your home.

3. Take A Break From Technology

There was a time when we “got online”. Now we are never off! We are always online 24/7.

Social media has tons of benefits and in many ways the world is better for it, but it does create problems.

According to a 2017 study of adolescents, it can contribute to depression and suicidal thoughts. France even went so far as banning all mobile phones in schools.

Try this. Instead of spending all day glancing back and forth at your Facebook or Instagram, learn to take a hiatus from news feeds, social stories, birthdays and online drama.

Social media can be entertaining, fun and incredibly beneficial, but with all good things, it needs its limitations. Especially when what we need most is an escape from all that.

Same with our smartphones in general.

Today’s technology allows us to be available and accessible at any time. That is good and bad.

Don’t let your smartphone rule over you.

When it’s finally time to unwind and relax, don’t let that notification chime ruin it. Learn to say “No”.

Turn it off or at least give yourself a portion of your day to not be available to others.

Don’t worry; your world won’t collapse if you do.

4. Bring The Outside Inside

Bring The Outside, Inside.

Have you ever heard of Earthing?

“Earthing” or “Grounding” is the theory that barefoot contact with the earth can produce changes in a variety of psychological measures.

We are meant to make contact with nature. We need to be outdoors more. But, why not also bring nature to us?

Open the windows. Let in some sunshine. Bring in some plants and flowers into your personal space.

Let life inside.

5. Musical Meditation

Music is powerful. The right kind of music can be amazing at releasing tension.

Ever wonder why specific tunes are played in certain places. It isn’t random. An environment is created or evaded.

Read what happened with 7-Eleven:

“In 1985, a manager in British Columbia, frustrated with teens loitering around the premises, decided to blast classical and easy listening music into the parking lot in hopes of shooing them off. The music did the job, and 7-Eleven went on to implement the strategy at 150 stores.”

The same can happen in your home. Flicking off unwanted teenagers?

Ha, if only. No, to relax and flick off unwanted thoughts, which are worse!

Soothing music, whether it’s classical or ambient, can ease the tension of the mind and invite a less anxious state of being.

So far, there is no hard evidence that Death Metal helps reduce stress, but hey, to each his own.

6. Aromatherapy

Essential oils can add instant relaxation to your home. Have a favourite scent? Simply use an oil burner or diffuser and have that aroma wrap itself around you.

Not convinced essential oils can help you relax? Several university studies have shown that scents can trigger vivid memories in the brain.

The smell of your Mums cooking help bring back childhood memories? Or the scent of frangipani take you back to your favourite holiday spot? Think of what aromas trigger relaxing memories for you, and then burn them in your oil burner. The science suggests that you may then feel more relaxed.

7. Get A Home Spa Treatment

Did you know you can bring all the benefits of a day spa into your own home?

This is “me-time” at its best.

Massages and spa treatments are not just for those with a lot of money.

Massages relax your muscles and can lower your blood pressure, helping you maintain a healthy heart rate.

All of these benefits will contribute to a better night’s sleep,

They also can help relieve aches & pains by letting the therapists do full-body treatments or focus on the problem areas.

There is a multitude of other ways you can cater to yourself and reduce stress; like pedicures, manicures and facials.

Ripple personally interviews every single therapist.

They all have background checks and the company spends hours with them before they are hired.

Each therapist is required to have a minimum Certificate IV or Diploma of Massage or Beauty.

Your home can really be a sanctuary, so maybe this year, take some time to turn it into an oasis where you can destress.

Woman relaxing in home with meditation

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