Massage Styles Byron Bay

Aug 2017
Woman Having Massage
  • Lu’Lur Scrub Massage

This traditional Balinese style massage translates to “coating the body”. It is a full body massage designed to promote relaxation. To begin, you will be pampered with traditional Balinese body palming which are essentially gentle massage strokes that calm the body and increase circulation. Lu’Lur is then applied to the body and worked into the skin. This is a paste made of ground rice and turmeric infused with jasmine and hibiscus flowers, used to refresh skin and provide extra glow.

  • Body Ritual Massage

Inspired by ancient rituals and customs from both eastern and western cultures, the Body Ritual Massage is great for harmonising body and mind. This state of harmony, relaxation and health is achieved using a soothing style of massage strokes and botanical creams full of minerals, vitamins and herbal infusions.

  • Wild Thyme and Pumice Massage

This deluxe massage style uses the all-time favourite pumice to invigorate the whole body. The pumice removes dry skin and dead cells for overall healthier skin. Organic wild thyme is also used in the massage as part of an essential oil blend that improves microcirculation. Finally, aloe Vera is applied to moisturise and hydrate the skin for a soft, smooth finish.

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Hot Stone Massage In Byron
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