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Oct 2018

Family chores, motherhood and work commitments can really take their toll on a girl. So much so, that it is sometimes difficult to remember who we were before we met our other halves or before we became known as ‘Mum’. Thankfully, there is a way to remind ‘you’ of the ‘old you’. Step away from the P&C, log out of your laptop,  leave home and spend a few  days with your girl friends for a girls getaway

Maybe you’d like to get your old school friends together, take off with your gym buddies or get away with the members of your Book Club? Whomever you choose to go away with, having a little holiday to look forward to will give you all a wonderful sense of anticipation as you plan and day dream about your well deserved break.

Having said this, even the simplest weekend away requires planning and a fair few considerations; the first of which is deciding who exactly to go away with.

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Birds of a feather – Choosing the right mix of personalities for your girls getaway is key to its success. Get the mix right and you’ll have a great adventure that you’ll talk about for years to come – get it wrong however and you could see a clash of prima donnas, hear doors slam and spend the entire weekend in damage control mode. Our advice is to think of the friends you have and choose the most fun and gentle souls as your travel buddies – this will give your girls weekend the best chance of harmony and success.

Tell me quando quando quando – Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to decide on dates that suit all members of your group – this is also known as the ‘herding of cats’ phase. If you start planning a few months in advance though, you stand the best chance of success by giving everyone plenty of time to get organised.

Where to ladies? – Choosing a destination is a task best accomplished by involving all participants. Yes, we know! It’s going to get crazy and yes, you might need to pull a location out of a hat in case of a draw, but at least you have all played a part in a fair process. Your location will depend mainly on budget, how many days you plan to stay away, everyone’s geographical location and of course the type of experience your group of friends enjoys;  a rural retreat? Urban utopia? Adrenalin Capital? Relaxation Central? To keep everyone involved and talking, set up a Facebook group, create an event and let everyone share in the planning and the anticipation.

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A room at the Inn? – In our humble opinion, choosing an apartment or holiday home over individual hotel rooms will make a significant difference to your experience.

We would recommend having all your friends stay under the same roof. Nothing brings people together quite like food, so ensure there’s a decent sized kitchen and plenty of room for everyone to stretch out and be comfortable. Check out websites such as AirBNB and for special deals.

Be budget friendly – The last thing you need is for money to cause tension among your group.

Keep the girls getaway affordable and you will also keep everyone happy. Affordability also increases the chances of your girl friends being able to pay their deposits / balances on time thus avoiding embarrassing situations and reminders.

As mentioned above, staying in shared accommodation will split the cost – so not only is this a more social way to enjoy each other’s company – it also makes good financial sense.

What does everyone want to do? – Well, let’s be honest! Most girls’ weekends away are about shopping, eating out and pampering – lots and lots of pampering!


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