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How to Relax

So here at Ripple we are all about relaxation and how to relax.Reading A Good Book

We asked our clients their favourite tips, and this is what they came up with! There maybe some ideas here for you to chill, take some time out and de stress.

1. Movies, books and TV featured large in ways to relax

A decent rom-com at the movies takes your mind off any troubles for a while!

Reading a good book

This may not sound entirely relaxing but I like it. Do some exercise, have a warm shower, and then take it easy. Be it watching tv or hanging with a friend and having a drink of some kind.

Your favourite tv show, comfy over sized fluffy clothing, throw, and a cup of your favourite hot drink

2. Travel was also a popular option

Rolling along on a long country train trip easily makes anxiety drip away.

A drive to the beach at night and lay there listen to the waves

Take holidays and just do nothing

Escape the city for a bit… I went to the Yarra Valley yesterday and it renewed me to be out in nature!

A night away child free

3. Self care is always an easy way to relax Sleeping To Relax

A long shower with no deadline to follow…

A few sneaky zzzzz’s on the couch after lunch sure relaxes!

Breathe. Just breathe

Bubble bath & a glass of wine

A hot bath with lavender oil, Epsom salts and coconut oil, candles and relaxation music…..with a glass of wine of course!

Having my feet rubbed, soft music,followed by an all over massage

Put on some relaxation music and do some deep breathing. My hubby gently rubs my temples and strokes my hair. Will always make me feel totally relaxed.

Just take a deep breath and count to 10

Sleeping in on Sundays no alarms just peaceful sleep

Everyone out of the house. Music on usually rock n roll. sit down on the lounge with a face mask on,hair mask under the shower cap,do my nails and order pizza. Warm shower then everyone can come home

For me with three kids… Just being able to sit down and have a quiet cuppa is bliss!

Relaxing bath with Epsom salts, lavender oil and a nice cup of tea = blissSpa Baths

Going to the gym to get the endorphins flowing and release any frustration from the day then follow it up with a hot bath with candles and music

An afternoon siesta when the children are all out!

Run a relaxing bath with lavender bath salts. Relax in the bath with a good book and let my worries fade away (if only for a while)

Mindfulness, music, meditation, massage, yoga, the outdoors, gentle stretching, sex, deep breathing techniques, aromatherapy, laughter, being playful and childlike, hugs, petting animals, gentle exercise, reading, taking naps, spending time with loved

Nothing like a bikram yoga class to get you relaxed works for me every time

4. Connection with loved ones is an easy strategy

It’s the simple things in life that bring so much pleasure / family / friends / laughs & downtime

Cuddles with my little man

Pat A PetPatting a pet such simple pleasure

Laughing with my Mum. At almost anything!

Reading a book to my son when he cuddles up and listens.

A Husband-given peppermint foot scrub/moisturise/massage while snacking on ferrero roches!

I find card making and painting a really relaxing way to unwind, but I think the most wonderful was the beautiful massage from Ripple my family gave me which was just amazing, while smelling delicious lava cakes being made for me by my daughter.

A nice big cup of Rose Tea, while clearing my mind and enriching my soul with a good book.

I roll out my yoga mat, let go of all my thoughts take a deep breath and do some stretching.

An hour or so of qi gong or tai chi, bedtime cuddles with my beautiful sons or just burying my face into my golden retrievers fur. These are my favourite moments to be thankful.

Candles and a cold drink, soaking in the tub with my favourite blend of essential oils burning

Champs by the sea at sunset.

Put on a Ryan Gosling movie marathon on a Friday night with your feet up and a box of chocolates!

Crazy but I like to do jigsaw puzzles. They take away all the worrying thoughts of my day.

Relax In Nature5. Simply heading out to nature can help you destress

How I like to relax is by lying outside on the grass with my pillow and blanket under the stars and watching the night sky…… there are so many shooting stars, and every night is different……..

Sitting by the pool sipping green tea with ginger

kicking off the shoes and soaking in the sun at the beach

Swimming in the ocean. Listening to the Chinese bamboo flute. A long hot bath with candles and relaxation music..

Yoga and a day at the beach is incredibly relaxing to help my anxiety and overall relaxation

For daily relaxation I took the tip to get some chooks. Not only do they provide me with eggs but they also are extremely relaxing to be around and funny at the same time.

Lying in a hammock that is gently rocking in the warmth of the late afternoon with a light breeze and a great book that I can read in between snoozes

Spending time with my husband and son on an outing

Putting Frozen on the tv to entertain the kids and drifting away with a foaming latte does it for me!

Having a relaxing stroll along a quiet beach with the woman I love then resting on the beach with some wine and a good book.

What is your favourite way to relax?

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