How To Relax

Woman Relaxing Under A Tree
Apr 2015
Woman Relaxing Under A Tree
Couple Relaxing With A Massage
  • Travel was also a popular option

Rolling along on a long country train trip easily makes anxiety drip away.

A drive to the beach at night and lay there listen to the waves

Take holidays and just do nothing

Escape the city for a bit… I went to the Yarra Valley yesterday and it renewed me to be out in nature!

A night away child free

  • Self care is always an easy way to relax

A long shower with no deadline to follow…

A few sneaky zzzzz’s on the couch after lunch sure relaxes!

Breathe. Just breathe

Bubble bath & a glass of wine

hot bath with lavender oil, Epsom salts and coconut oil, candles and relaxation music…..with a glass of wine of course!

Having my feet rubbed, soft music,followed by an all over massage

Put on some relaxation music and do some deep breathing. My hubby gently rubs my temples and strokes my hair. Will always make me feel totally relaxed.

Woman In Spa Bath
Dog Looking Out Over Valley

A nice big cup of Rose Tea, while clearing my mind and enriching my soul with a good book.

I roll out my yoga mat, let go of all my thoughts take a deep breath and do some stretching.

An hour or so of qi gong or tai chi, bedtime cuddles with my beautiful sons or just burying my face into my golden retrievers fur. These are my favourite moments to be thankful.

Candles and a cold drink, soaking in the tub with my favourite blend of essential oils burning

Champs by the sea at sunset.

Put on a Ryan Gosling movie marathon on a Friday night with your feet up and a box of chocolates!

Crazy but I like to do jigsaw puzzles. They take away all the worrying thoughts of my day.

Road Through Tranquil Green Forest

Lying in a hammock that is gently rocking in the warmth of the late afternoon with a light breeze and a great book that I can read in between snoozes

Spending time with my husband and son on an outing

Putting Frozen on the tv to entertain the kids and drifting away with a foaming latte does it for me!

Having a relaxing stroll along a quiet beach with the woman I love then resting on the beach with some wine and a good book.

What is your favourite way to relax?


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