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Boost Serotonin and Decrease Mood Swings with Massage

February 23rd, 2015 by Alison Shaw

We all love to feel good. And serotonin is the neurotransmitter that research has shown is responsible for ensuring mood balance.

Balance mood swings and regulate serotonin with massage

Massage and serotonin levels

A deficit of serotonin can lead to a number of things that make us feel off balance and unhappy. A lack of serotonin can lead to depression and it can also lead to you not being able to delay gratification or follow through on plans. It can lead to people not being able to finish things, being a little down or snappy and being sensitive or easily irritable by small things. If this sounds like you, it maybe a serotonin imbalance that is in part causing your mood swings.

The good news however is that there are four powerful things you can do to boost your serotonin levels. Four very simple things that, yay, are also hugely enjoyable. So if you are finding yourself having these symptoms perhaps try

Pregnancy massage and serotonin

Pregnancy massage boosts well being and serotonin levels

these things. If they continue however, always consult a professional medical practitioner like a psychologist, there maybe more at play than low serotonin levels.

Need a serotonin boost? Here you go …

1. Massage - yep, that yummy lovely things we do for our bodies when we remember to and schedule the time, massage is also a great way to boost your serotonin levels. A study showed that pregnant women that were regularly massaged by their partners over a period of four months, showed significantly higher serotonin levels than a control group that did not receive the massage. This is particularly significant for pregnant women where pre and post natal depression can be a large factor in a new mum’s mental health and consequently the health of the baby. A good reason to book in regular pregnancy massages

Serotonin has also been shown to be elevated in new born babies who received

Infant massage and mood swings

Infant massage also boosts serotonin

regular infant massage over the period of six weeks. In this study, new born babies who received regular massage had serotonin levels 34% higher than the control group of babies who received no massage. Similarly serotonin has been shown to be elevated in migraine sufferers who received regular massage, with correlational research suggesting there maybe a link between massage and lower migraines. Yet another study indicated that women with breast cancer who received regular massages also reported higher levels of serotonin.

The bottom line? Massage will improve your mood.

2. Sunlight -  good old fashioned sunlight. Now too much UV light is a bad thing, but some UV light, which gets absorbed through the skin is crucial to

Sunlight serotonin

Sunlight boosts serotonin levels

producing vitamin D which in turn is essential to producing serotonin.

Experiments in rats have shown that bright sunlight correlated to the rate of production of serotonin in the brain. Further, when serotonin is released it is then scooped by reuptake cells in the synapses, and this seems to occur faster in the darker months of Autumn and Winter when there is less bright UV light around. It is this transporter (the one that scoops up the serotonin) that is blocked by anti depressants with the aim to increase the amount and duration of serotonin in the neurons synapses. Getting enough bright UV sunlight can have a similar effect. Further, there is an argument to get your bright light hit during day light hours.. bright light at night blocks the conversion of serotonin into melatonin which in turn prevents you from getting a good nights sleep (and this is all about feeling good.)

3. Exercise - there have been many studies that have shown serotonin levels

Exercise serotonin

Moderate mood swings with exercise

are boosted by exercise, specifically aerobic exercise. Feel good after working out? Feel more emotionally balanced and stable? An increase in serotonin maybe the cause of you feeling so good after your work out. Yoga has also been shown to boost serotonin levels as well.

There is one downside though, for the serotonin boost to work, you need to want to exercise. If you feel pressured into doing it you may not get the same serotonin boost as your gym junkie friends (and doesn’t that suck!). And here is the catch 22, you may not feel like exercising because you have low serotonin levels and you may not exercise regularly because your serotonin is low. The key is to do it regularly (yes, we know, that can be really hard) so that it doesn’t feel like an imposition but just part of your normal routine and your serotonin levels don’t drop so low its hard to get the exercise regime kick started.

4. Remember things that make you happy - thinking back over things

Happy memories and serotonin

Happy memories can also modulate mood swings and increase attention

that in the past have made you happy, or happy events you have shared with friends, lovers or family, is a great way to boost your serotonin levels. Plus it comes with the bonus of being free and really involving very little effort.

This has been shown to increase serotonin levels in the area of the brain responsible for attention. Studies have also shown that remembering sad or negative events have the opposite effect, reducing serotonin in this region and allowing you to become more distracted. The best thing about remembering times when you were happy has a double effect .. increasing serotonin plus also reducing that amount of times you remember negative events. This can be hard if you are depressed or in a downward spiral, it can be particularly hard to remember happy events when you are feeling down. One of the biggest negative effects of depression is that depressed people find it difficult to remember when they were happy or find it difficult to remember the happy events. If this is the case, looking back over happy photos or calling a friend or family member to reminisce about happier times can help stimulate serotonin production in the brain.

So there you have it! Massage, sunshine, a little regular exercise and savouring the good times of the past can help you keep your moods constant and your serotonin levels boosted.

Like to know more about Ripple Massage? We are on 0438 567 906 or check us out online at





Ten surprising ways massage can improve your life

February 10th, 2015 by Alison Shaw

Ten surprising ways massage can improve your life

  1. Reduces stress - Perhaps the biggest  studied effect of massage is that it reduces cortisol levels in the blood  Cortisol is the
    Affect of massage on cortisol

    Massage can reduce cortisol

    stress hormone released when the body and mind are under pressure. One recent study indicated that the reduction in this hormone is directly linked to affects of stress. So the reduction in stress comes not just from taking time out or relaxing, but a the physiological effects of reducing this hormone in the body by massage.

  2. Immune system - studies have also shown that massage can also increase immune cells in the body such as lymphocytes
  3. Oxytocin is increased - this is the “cuddle hormone” often released in new mothers to bond with babies and also during orgasm. It is the bonding hormone that helps.
  4. Enhances growth, especially amongst infants and premature babies. There is now a significant body of research showing the power of touch to infants and how essential this is for their growth. Initial studies in rat babies showed a decrease in growth hormones when removed from their mothers. When the babies received simulated licking that mimicked the touch and stroking of the mother, the growth hormone levels rose again. These also showed less cortisol during the periods of being touched by their mothers as well. This has transferred to the human sphere, where premature babies also show lower levels of cortisol when massaged. Further studies have shown that premature babies put on more weight (up to 45% more) when they receive regular Swedish massage than those who don’t. These babies also scored better on the Brazelton Neonatal Behavior Assessment Scale and displayed more normal levels of norephrenine compared to those babies who did not receive the treatment. There were similar positive results for babies of cocaine addicted mothers and also those with HIV positive mothers.
  5. Full term babies also benefit from massage, in not only weight gain but also memory – one study compared
    Massage effects during pregnancy

    Massage effects during pregnancy

    babies who were massaged as opposed to being rocked. The massaged babies had lower cortisol levels indicating lower stress, and also better sleep patterns, suggesting that massaging as opposed to rocking might help better with settling babies. Full term babies who were massaged also gained more weight, it seems because of an increase in food absorbing hormones such as insulin from the massage, not because they were eating more calories. There is also some evidence to suggest that a baby’s memory is also improved with massage, with one study showing that babies that were massaged scored higher on the Bayley Scales for Infant Development in the mental capacity than a control group.

  6. Reduces anxiety and depression during pregnancy - because massage reduces cortisol, whilst simultaneously increasing dopamine, it can reduce anxiety and depression during pregnancy. One study indicated that pregnant women who received regular massages, as opposed to a control group of pregnant women who received relaxation therapy, showed lower levels of cortisol, lower levels of anxiety and depression, had less pregnancy pain, less sleep disturbances and lower levels of postnatal complications. As massage increases oxytocin, it can also be beneficial for inducing labour and helping labour progression.
  7. Helps with severe pain and reducing pain, not just of the muscles - massage has been shown to reduce anxiety in burns patients about to undergo painful treatments, and also in the perception of patients with post operative pain.
  8. Fibromyalgia, lower back pain, and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis pain – several studies have supported the idea that these three conditions in particular are assisted by massage therapy in reducing pain, anxiety and depression. In some of these studies, there was an increase in dopamine and serotonin levels.
  9. Reduces depression and anxiety – many studies have indicated that massage can increase dopamine and serotonin and show reduction in depression and anxiety symptoms.

Relaxation massage can be booked through Ripple Massage across Australia on 0438 567 906.


15 Easy Get in Shape Tips for the New Year

January 10th, 2015 by Alison Shaw

It’s the New Year, and it seems like most people’s New Years Resolutions are to get in shape.

Here are 15 super quick and easy ways …

1. Work out in the morning - its too easy at the end of a long day to put off working out. Make it your first priority and it kind of

Get in shape with quick tips

Get in shape with quick tips

sets the tone for the rest of the day. Thinking about indulging in that chocolate cake at lunchtime? The thought of the run you did that morning might stop you!

2. Portion control - buy smaller bowls and plates. Like to instantly reduce the amount you eat? If you have smaller dishes then you automatically will reduce your portion size. Tapas style dining is also a great way to eat beautiful food but with smaller sizes.

3. Get enough sleep .. studies have shown that getting enough sleep is an important step to weight loss. Being tired is a real disincentive to eating well and exercising. Turn off your phone, set a bedtime, remove any TV or other distraction from the bedroom and allow your body to get the full rest it needs.

4. Don’t aim to be perfect - having unrealistic aims is a really great way to act as a disincentive for eating well and losing weight, and a good excuse to blow out (“I didn’t lose the two kilos I wanted this week so I’ll have that piece of cheesecake). Set realistic goals for weight and exercise and concentrate on meeting just those. If you do more then fantastic, but don’t try to conquer Everest in one day.Make keeping your resolutions easier

5. Do exercise that is fun. I don’t particularly enjoy treadmill running, so I don’t do it! But swim in the ocean or run along the beach, yep, love that. Pick stuff that you love doing and do it consistently. You will be more likely to get up and do your exercise first thing, and also more likely to get that positive buzz from doing

6. Try to do some exercise every day – habits make exercising and eating well easy. NASA research has shown that by consistently doing the same one thing every day for 30 days a habit is formed that is easier to maintain. The trick however is to do it every day, skip a day and you go back to the beginning of the 30 day count.

7. Change one thing - yep, instead of trying to totally transforming your eating and exercising habits all at once, just try changing one small thing. When that becomes embedded, then add the next thing. So it might be that you stop drinking diet drinks (which by the way make you fat) and do that for month until it becomes a habit, then tackle the next thing. Slowly, you build sustainable weight loss.images (18)

8. Work out with a friend or in a group. Much harder to not go to the gym when you are organised to go with someone else. Plus it can make the exercising a whole lot more fun. Or take up a team sport where the team relies on you to show up.

9. If you have to, try distraction. I don’t really like working out on the treadmill, but am happy to do it if I have some load rock music on my ipod or my favourite tv show on the tv in front of me. It makes the time go a lot quicker and before long my work out has finished. An added bonus is if my show hasn’t finished yet I will keep working out until it does.

10. Lift weights - great for women particularly to reduce osteoporosis and to define the body. Weights really shape your body, and even if the scales don’t shift, your body image will, giving you a great confidence boost.

11. Use your friends on social media to encourage you and to keep you on track. Put up on facebook, or whichever social medium you use, that you are starting an exercise routine or trying to lose weight, and post up your results or pics or whatever you like on a weekly basis. The positive feedback you will get from your friends will really help keep you motivated and will help you stay accountable.10603295_10152392219805966_3800740588870309098_n

12. Try to eat clean (as the expression goes) but don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon. Most people who have successfully lost weight have eaten stuff that isn’t “clean” or healthy. But instead of using that as an excuse for a blow out and to stop trying altogether they forgive themselves and start again. Try not to use all or nothing thinking .. that is “today I will only eat healthy food” and if you have a biscuit then give up all together. Try to practice loving kindness for your self, forgive yourself for any small slip ups and keep on track.

13. Eat the healthy stuff first. A simple trick, if you are having a meal, eat the healthy stuff first, like the salad, and leave the white bread roll till the end. Make sure you drink lots of water during the meal. Sometimes, you might be so full by the end of the healthy stuff you might not want to eat the stuff that isn’t so healthy. Eat the meat and vegetables first, the cheese potato last. Don’t deny yourself the rest but just leave it to last.

14. Keep a food diary if it helps you. This can help you keep track of the mindless eating (for example that bag of nuts while you are driving, or the orange juice while watching TV). If you can try not to eat and do something else at the same time, concentrate just on the food that is in front of you and savour every mouthful. This can be difficult for someone with an eating disorder or who uses food emotionally. Try it for at least one meal a day and gradually increase.

15. Do stuff that makes you feel sexy. Yep, celebrate your body and all that makes it feel good. Buy some new lingerie or do something that makes you feel alive.

Bonus tip – pamper yourself when you reach your milestones. Reward yourself the healthy way with a massage, a weekend away, nail treatment, shopping day or anything else to spoil yourself.

Christmas Stress Busters – top 14 tips to deal with stress

December 23rd, 2014 by Alison Shaw

Christmas Stress Busters

Top 14 tips to deal with holiday stress

1. Take time out - when the craziness of doing stuff and getting stuff done is getting on top of you, take a half hour breather.

Top tips for reducing stress

Reduce stress this Christmas

Whether its just getting outside and sitting in the sunshine or taking a walk, mini breaks will help you keep your sanity.

2. Scale it back - Christmas does not have to be a massive affair. Stick to just the main “must-dos” and scale back demands from others that you don’t have to do.

3. Balance doing things for other people with doing things for yourself - all those things that others expect you to do, keep them to a minimum, then every time you do something for someone else, do something nice for yourself (like some Christmas pampering!).

4. Put on your rose coloured glasses and try to look for the best in those around you. They are probably under just as much stress as you, so with those minor slip ups or moments of tension, try to let them slip on by.

5. Make exercise a priority – one of the best stress busters is exercise. Either working out at the gym or taking a long walk on the beach, try to find time to make it a regular thing. Put it on your Christmas to do list.

Christmas massage

Self care this Christmas

6. Try to eat healthy foods (well at least semi healthy!). Your body needs nourishment .. fill it with sugar and alcohol and not much else then your body will become unbalanced and under nourished and will lead to greater stress and cortisol levels. Nutrition directly affects your mood .. make sure you do your best to keep your body at optimal calm.

7. Try not to let Christmas be a time to excessively indulge… feel free to indulge but try to not go too overboard. Your holiday season will be much more enjoyable if its not seen through the haze of a hangover.

8. Why not try some tried and true stress relievers? Meditation is a great way to have a psychological holiday and escape for a moment from the stress of the holiday season. Even ten minutes will make a big difference to your state of calm. Or try mindfulness, where instead of fighting against stress or negative thoughts, you instead just sit with them. Acknowledge they are there and just let them sit within you. Looking at them like a third party helps take the heat out of many negative emotions.

Stress busters this Christmas

You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf

9. Sleep, sweet sleep. It’s easy to cut down on sleep to try to fit everything else in, but this is dangerous territory. Sleep is essential to physical and psychological well being. Try to make it the full 8 hours, and leave the tv in the bedroom off. Guard your sleep and make sure that during the stressful lead up to Christmas you get enough good quality, uninterrupted sleep. Your body and mind will thank you.

10. Massage - massage has been shown to be one of the best ways to reduce cortisol levels, the stress hormone. If your body is running on empty, schedule in some time to relax, switch off your brain, and relax your body. As your body relaxes so will your brain.

12. Savouring - one of the easiest ways to take a mini break and live in the moment. Once a day, consciously stop to savour something beautiful. It could be as easy as stopping to really take in the scent of a flower (yes really stop and smell the roses!) or sitting under a big blue sky in the sun, soaking up the warmth, or even really savouring a great meal (even if its just a gorgeous ripe mango).

Relax these holidays

Christmas spa voucher from Ripple

13. Gratitude - writing down each morning five things that you are grateful (even something as simple as “waking up this morning”) has been shown to be very effective in increasing positive affect.

14. Asking for help - Struggling to get everything done? Feeling overwhelmed? Call on those near you to help you out. Those people with good social networks often are less stressed and happier than those without. Use them this holiday season if you are feeling that things are getting on top of you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or outsource things that you can get others to do so you can enjoy the holiday season.

Like to know more? Give us a buzz on 0438 567 906 or book your favourite holiday stress buster online at


Happiness – 16 ways to become happier

December 20th, 2014 by Alison Shaw


16 ways to become happier

1. Savoring – studies have shown that really relishing a moment, taking it all in, taking

How to be happy

16 steps to Happiness

a breath and sitting in the moment with whatever is wonderful, is an easy way to happiness. It also promotes positive coping. It can be something as simple as looking up at the sky for 30 seconds in wonderment and taking in the sunshine.

2. Give others a break (and yourself!). Everyone screws up. So when someone makes a mistake (including you) practice being gentle and kind and forgiving instead of judgemental. Practice loving kindness with yourself too, give yourself a break.

3. Be realistic in your thinking. Instead of aiming for happiness, try being realistic

Happiness through connection

Happiness through connection

in your thinking. The brain has a tendency towards a negativity bias and negative events will often be remembered more sharply than the positive ones. So if something unpleasant happens, try to challenge being negative about it. Ask yourself “Does this really matter?”, “Is it really as bad as I think?”.

4. Connection really is what its all about. The human brain is wired to be social and it is a fundamental source of happiness and psychological well being to connect with other people. Even if you are an introvert, be mindful of connecting with others.

5. Be proactive in resolving conflicts. If conflicts arise it is helpful to be proactive in finding solutions and resolving them instead of letting them fester. You can do this with kindness without letting others take advantage of you.

6. Love yourself and your body. your body works hard to give you the life you have. Recognize what it does for you and you take care of it. Show it kindness and attention through eating well, exercising and perhaps some pampering.

Love your body

Happiness through self care

7. Gratitude and thanks – There is a significant body of research that supports the idea that being grateful and thankful for what you have increases positive affect (that is, happiness). Write down five things that happened to you today that you are grateful for.

8. Focus on the positive and try to let go of the negative. – Our brains through evolution are wired to concentrate on the negative. When starting to get overwhelmed with negativity, try to proactively look for the good in your life. To really make this effective, on a daily basis write down give positive things and five things you are grateful for. An easy habit that can immediately increase your happiness.

9. Take a holiday in your hometown. You don’t have to go on holidays to have one. You can try out new experiences close to home. Novel experiences will often increase happiness. Don’t wait till your vacation, you can do it this weekend.

10. Fake it till you make it. If you are feeling down, try smiling. Even better try smiling in the mirror. The brain will get signals that if you fake a happy exterior you may in fact be happy and will release dopamine in the brain

11. Fun. Is that one your daily to do list? If not you need to put it there. Laugh, have fun, do things that you enjoy. Happiness will often follow.

Are you having fun today?

Are you having fun?

12. Spend money on experiences, not stuff. Money can’t necessarily buy you happiness, but if you spend your money on new experiences, connecting with other people, instead of more stuff. you are more likely to experience happiness.

13. De clutter – clutter and having too much stuff can make you stressful. Strip down your life and your possessions to those things that really make you happy. Overloading on stuff and activity can mean that the things that you really do love can get missed in the clutter

14. Stop comparing yourself to others. Besides what you see on the outside in people is often different to what is really going on in their lives. Just concentrate on yourself, your family and friends and what is important to you.

15. Find meaning in your life and follow it .. happiness follows living a meaningful life.

16. Give - Altruism has been shown over many studies to be a quick trip to happiness.

And a final free tip… relax, de-stress and take some time to be in this moment.

Aloha … Ali

How to spoil your girlfriend

August 5th, 2014 by Alison Shaw

How to spoil your girlfriend

8 ways to spoil your girlfriend with a massage

Massage is super super easy, and really doesn’t take a lot of effort. If you would like to get the brownie points of massaging your

Easy steps to spoil your girlfriend

How to spoil your girlfriend with a massage

partner without ending up with sore hands, this is how you do it.

  1. The easiest way to spoil your girlfriend with a massage is to do a head massage. And make it easy on yourself so you aren’t reaching up and getting sore arms in the process. Ask your partner to either sit in front of you on the floor and massage that way, or alternatively lay their head in your lap and relax while you massage. So how do you do it? There are some easy techniques that they will LOVE. The first is to put the tips of your fingers spread out on the scalp and then firmly and slowly rub the scalp in small circles. Try to keep the pads of your fingers in the one spot when doing this as it will feel better. The key here is to do it slowly, if you rub fast then it will only irritate your  partner. Slow down, the slower the better, less is more. After a minute change the positions of your finger tips.
  2. Feet! Super easy, but remember to keep it firm or it will feel like tickling instead. Rub your knuckles up the inside of the foot, massage the toes, gently massage around the ankle. Use the reflexology thumb walk (see diagram) for the soles of the feet. Just remember to keep it firm and see what she likes! If there is something she really likes, do more of that.
  3. Calves – if she is on her feet all day, and especially if she wears heels, this is a really great way to massage. Buy a scented massage oil from your chemist (or Ripple does sell massage oils online) or at worst case get some sunflower oil from your supermarket (this makes a great massage oil as long as its fresh). Sit her in a comfortable chair, maybe with a glass of wine, and slowly and firmly massage
    Reflexology Thumb Walk

    Reflexology Thumb Walk

    her calf muscles. Often just a squeezing motion is a great way to relax these muscles, or even gently rubbing your hands up and down the lower legs.

  4. Hands – this is the easiest and best part it can be done anywhere! A nice gesture that let her know that she is loved. Gently massage each finger, massage the palm of the hand, and then gently on the back of your hand, rub your thumbs up the centre of each knuckle, starting from the knuckle and moving up towards the body.
  5. Ears – yep, I know this one sounds weird but most people love it. In a circular direction, start at the lobes and work your way up.
  6. Arms – does your girlfriend sit in front of a computer for much of the day? Might be that her forearms are really tight. Take your forefinger and thumb, thumb goes down the top of the forearm (starting at the elbow) and fore finger down the bottom, and “strip” the forearm. Use just a little bit of oil but not too much. This feels sensational.
  7. The all time favourite, the shoulders, neck and upper back. This is usually where people hold tension. Massage firmly the neck, especially down the sides. Use a little bit of oil so you don’t “burn” the skin. Do firm
    Couples Massage

    Couples Massage

    massage into the shoulder muscles and especially the trapeziums from the neck to the shoulder. If you get your girlfriend to sit in front of you, this will make it easier, and you can use your weight to do the massage, rather than your hands.

  8. Get a massage yourself and during the massage try to remember some of the things the therapist did that you loved. Or sometimes there are day courses you can do that teach you the basics of massage. All good ways to learn easy techniques to spoil your girlfriend. Alternatively, you can book a couples massage  with two therapists at the same time. These don’t have to be expensive, but are a nice way to relax together. Ripple comes to you across Australia on 0438 567 906. More info on different styles of massage and beauty treatments are at Ripple Massage


August 4th, 2014 by Alison Shaw


I love love love Spring! It’s my absolute favourite time of the year. And it is this time of the year when I start thinking of throwing off



my winter skin, doing a detox, and getting ready for the beach.

Now I’m not really a diet sort of girl. Am happiest eating great foods and spoiling my body with delicious spa, massage and beauty treatments. I believe in being kind to my body, and in Spring that is the time I am nicest to myself.

So what is my Springtime routine?

Super easy, pampering, caring for myself and indulgent.

  1. When the weather starts to get a little warmer in Spring (that is when I don’t have to put on a heater as soon as I get up or put on a fire at night) then I begin to take long walks daily. Usually around the rainforests where I live, or if I am down by the coast, along the ocean or on the sand. For me this is the best form of exercise, gentle, relaxing whilst still getting the blood flowing. The extra benefit is that when walking on sand, my bare feet get a great exfoliation at the same time.
  2. Detox – yep well detox Ali style. This isn’t one of those super strenuous detox diets that only last three days, but more of a cut  back on the mud cake and sometimes substitute water melon or fresh mango. I still have the occasional glass of wine, but only with food and only the one. And as for coffee, I stick to just one in the morning if I have to, and have herbal teas in between. As it warms up I find I am less inclined to eat big meaty meals and start heading towards the salads. An I never count calories, ever. Food is meant to be enjoyed. But one thing that I absolutely do not do is buy larger
    Spring rejuvenation

    Spring rejuvenation

    clothes. When the jeans start to feel really tight, then I don’t go up a size, I put them on the tightness is a really great way to remind me during the day that I might need to lose a kilo or two.

  3. Pamper pamper pamper. Yes I know I own a massage company, and yes I’m like the plumber that doesn’t do his own plumbing. I have to force myself to make the time to schedule in treatments like anyone else. So in Spring I book two weeks in advance, not just with Ripple but other day spas as well, a wide range of treatments. From facials to massage to nails to waxing. And as I’m so conscientious, I always show up. I usually book two months worth at a time. Even if just getting my eyebrows waxed, this is a great way for me to put myself first. Full list of Spring day spa services are here
  4. Training – yes with my martial arts trainer, Sensei Carl who I have been training with for almost 18 years. Once a week, I feel the pain and hurt. It’s only once a week and the endorphin rush I get afterwards is worth all the sweat and hard work.
  5. Massage – not sure why but my weight loss really picks up if I get regular massages. I think it maybe because it really lifts a sluggish lymphatic system and removes toxins. Either way, its my favourite way to relax, de stress and take care of my body that gives me so much.
  6. Sleep!!! Yes I am very protective of my eight hours every night. Guard it jealously.
  7. Down time by yourself – my favourite thing of all time? Going to the movies by myself. Some think its a little weird but I love it!! Afterwards I feel so refreshed. So this may not be your favourite thing to do by yourself, so find something that you really enjoy doing alone and make sure you do it regularly.

There are lots more ideas on what to do for yourself during the Spring on the Ripple site under our  Detox page. There are recipes for juices, detox diets (if you are more serious about this than me) and lots more. Or give us a buzz on 0438 567 906.

Beauty Salons Melbourne

August 4th, 2014 by Alison Shaw

Beauty Salons Melbourne

Here are some of our top beauty tips! Make the most of your beauty treatments …

Melbourne Beauty Salons

Beauty Salons Melbourne

  1. Book early! To ensure you get the day and time you want, try to book your therapist early so that you can then relax and enjoy. Especially on weekends, most beauty salons in Melbourne tend to book out quickly on Saturday afternoons, so get in quick.
  2. Ask questions! Find out exactly what a pedi spa entails, one salons definition may not be the same as yours.
  3. Give your self time to relax afterwards and before hand. If you can avoid rushing around either end of your treatment.
  4. Get there nice and early. Nuff said.
  5. Ask about specials… salons often have great packages that can give you a range of treatments at a great price
  6. If you are booking for a hens party, try them out first
  7. Ask about the qualifications of your therapists, and if getting a massage if they do health fund rebates.
  8. If getting a facial, don’t wear makeup. Whilst the therapist will take it off, you will get a deeper cleanse if you go with clear skin to begin with.
  • Facials – there are many different types of facials you can book at any beauty salon in Melbourne, and mostly come in two categories, cleansing and nourishing.
  • Body Scrubs – also many different types, from salt scrubs to the more nourishing ones.
  • Nails – if there is a particular nail colour you like, you can take it with you and ask the Melbourne beauty salon to use it instead of one of their own.

    Mobile Beauty Melbourne

    Melbourne CBD Beauty

  • If wanting french nails or shellac, ask before you go. You may need to book a longer period of time. If you book an express manicure expecting french nails, then it is unlikely you will get a good result.
  • Waxing – exfoliate before you go and you will end up with a better and less painful result.
  • Makeup – one of the best investments I made was to get my make up done by a professional artist. I picked up lots of tips and tricks that I now use daily in my beauty routines.
  • Massage – be clear on what you want from your massage. Many beauty therapists aren’t great at doing deep tissue or remedial massage, so you will need to book a remedial massage therapist for these styles. If you are after a relaxation massage, then beauty therapists tend to be really good.
  • There are often many different styles available so sometimes it is good to be adventurous and try something that you haven’t tried before. Hot stone massage can be a delicious style of massage in the winter, whilst a detox massage can be really good in the spring time. Play around with different styles and find the ones you love.
  • If looking for a really great massage therapist, try to find one that offers health fund rebates. These often have higher levels of training and more years of experience. Some beauty salons Melbourne hire therapists with minimal or no qualifications or experience and this is a good way to sort out those businesses that are serious about what they do and therapists that know what they are doing.
  • If booking a group, book early, and ask about discounts and receipts at booking.
  • Stay with the same company if you get great service. There are many day spas and beauty businesses out there, so if you find a good one, stick with them.
  • Consider trying a mobile beauty salon. These are a great option that allow you to relax afterwards and save you the trouble of driving, parking and traffic. They are often the same or similar price, but come with the convenience of the therapist coming to you.

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