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Suffolk Park

June 23rd, 2014 by Alison Shaw

Suffolk Park

Have you not been feeling your best lately? Has your skin been feeling tired and angry? Why not book in a facial! Ripple Massage Suffolk Park is the

Suffolk Park hotel

Suffolk Park Accommodation and Massage

premiere day spa that comes to you and offers luxurious day spa massage and beauty treatments in your own home or accommodation. Ripple Massage Suffolk Park has amazing facial masks that will suit every skin type so that you can have glowing skin again. You can even combine of the Ripple Massage Suffolk Park facials with one our luxurious massages like the honey massage which with the honey is great at cleaning and moisturising the skin as well with the massage helping out sore and strained muscles.

Here at Ripple Massage Suffolk Park we have previously spoken about how important it is to look after your skin. Skin is your largest organ and so your skin is a gateway for others to see how the rest of body and organs are holding up.

At Ripple Massage Suffolk Park we have mentioned how important drinking water is and it is probably the most important of all the tips that I have. Another tip is to always remove your makeup. We at Ripple Massage Suffolk Park don’t know how many times we have made the mistake of going to sleep or having a little nap with my make up on. Every time without fail we regret it because we either end up with mascara in my eyes, or makeup on our pillows or even worse, breaking out in acne from the build up on our faces.

The best habit that we at Ripple Massage Suffolk Park think you can get into, is starting a skin care routine suited to your skin type. The best way to tell what type of skin you have is to check how your skin looks and feels first thing in the morning. Do you have dry skin that feels tight with no shine what so ever, and maybe the odd flake of skin? Then you most likely have dry skin. Do you wake up with a shiny face with oil build up? Then you will probably have oily skin. Do you wake up with dry cheeks and shiny nose and chin? Then you would have combination skin. Those lucky ones who wake up fresh as a daisy with no skin concerns would have normal skin.

Once you have worked out your skin type, you need to find products suited to your skin type.

We come to you all Byron Bay and Suffolk Park region

Massage at Suffolk Park Byron Bay

Ripple Massage Suffolk Park believe that cleaning your skin every day is very important because your skin picks up dirt, oil and bacteria constantly and because the skin on your face is so delicate, it reacts more than the rest of your body, and therefore breaks out, goes red or flakes at a greater rate.

The best routine to get into is very basic and consists of three products. Ripple Massage Suffolk Park suggests a cleanser to wash your makeup off and to clean your skin, a toner to balance your skin and a moisturiser to of course, moisturise your skin. Once you can get yourself into a routine, then you will see you skin improve!

Some other great tips here at Ripple Massage Suffolk Park to remember are to cleanse your face twice before moving onto the toner. Once for taking the makeup off, and again to actually clean the skin. Also don’t over moisturise, just a 10c piece on your fingers and then pat into your face and neck.

More information on Suffolk Park is here in our video

Ballina Massage

February 26th, 2013 by Alison Shaw
Ballina Massage

Ballina Massage

Ballina Massage

Ripple comes to you all Ballina.

Subtropical rainforests, sandy beaches, crystal clear waterways and lakes.  These are only a few reasons why Ballina is a natural wonder and holiday hot spot.

Ripple comes to your home or accommodation.  There’s no need to travel to us, we bring the experience to you with our premier massage services, spa and beauty treatments.

We are very highly regarded and recommended by many holiday retreats and resorts in Ballina and are waiting for your call.

Hens or pamper party, hot stone massage, honey massage, couples massage…a great range of packages available or customized just for you.

Call us now on 0438 567 906 or visit

Tough Mudder

September 28th, 2012 by Alison Shaw

Are you a tough mudder?

So at Ripple we love mud .. mostly in the form of our green clay face mask. But then we discovered Tough Mudder, and our love for mud went into overdrive :-)

Ripple is putting together Ripple teams for Tough Mudder Melbourne in January and Brisbane in August … an we are open to entering any other Tough Mudder events as well!

Join our team, wear a free Ripple t shirt from us for the event and receive a free one hour Ripple massage from us afterwards…

Like more info? Email for more details….

more info on Tough Mudder at

More info on Ripple at


Health Fund Rebates

September 15th, 2012 by Alison Shaw

Massage rebates

Health fund rebates for Massage

Health Fund Rebates

Ripple offers health fund rebates for all its massages. All major and minor health funds covered.

Get some money back from your health fund whilst you are being pampered and looking after your body. 

Just ask us for a receipt when you book! Easy …

Call Ripple today on 0438 567 906 or visit

August 20th, 2012 by Alison Shaw

Ripple Exfoliation

Free exfoliation with every massage booked from Ripple


It’s getting to the end of winter, time to start thinking about your skin that has lived under jumpers, jeans and layers of clothes. Until the end of November (and probably longer if you ask nicely), Ripple is giving you a free full body li

me and tangerine exfoliation with every spa package you book with us. Straight from Seoul, this will nourish and polish your skin …

Spring Rejuvenation Massage Package

August 14th, 2012 by Alison Shaw
Rejuvenation day spa package

Spring Rejuvenation Massage and Beauty Package from Ripple Massage

She loved life, and it loved her right back

Its starting to get warm and Spring is just around the corner, and my body that has been wrapped up in layers all winter needs a little attention.

When I think of all the amazing things my body lets me do (luscious massages tending to other peoples knotted bodies, running around after my two boys and even some retail therapy), I can’t help but want to give something back to it.

This Spring, we have our Rejuvenation package, with all the gorgeous spa treatments including along with a relaxation or deep tissue massage, as a way to say thank you to your body and skin.

Lots more info here, starting from $150 for an hour and half. Or give us a buzz on 0438 567 906

Chocolate Massage

August 13th, 2012 by Alison Shaw
Chocolate massage

Chocolate massage from Ripple

Chocolate massage is the most decadent of massages and a great way to enjoy chocolate without all the calories.

Warmed dark chocolate is then mixed with massage oil and massaged across the body.

Ripple massage pioneered this massage into Australia and are the leaders in providing chocolate massages across Australia. Our professionally trained therapists also hot towel off the chocolate as they go, so you end up smelling sweet but without all the stickiness.

Dark chocolate is great for the skin and mixed with the experience of being massaged by one of my favourite foods, I can’t think of a better massage experience.

Ripple gives you a chocolate gift box with every chocolate massage you book, with chocolate soap, chocolate candle and a little box of chocolates to nibble on during your massage.

Call today on 0438 567 906 or visit

Take a break, for a moment, its okay

August 10th, 2012 by Alison Shaw
Take a break, for a moment, its okay

Take a break, for a moment, its okay

Take a break …. its okay … Ripple is on 0438 567 906 or