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Jasmine Essential Oil

In India, Jasmine is known as “Queen of the Night” as its scent tends to be stronger at night time.Jasmine Essential Oils

In China the jasmine flower symbolises the sweetness of women while in India it symbolises divine hope.

Jasmine flowers were used by the emperors of China, Afghanistan, Iran and Nepal in the 15th Century to scent their homes and clothes. It was introduced into Spain, and then through Europe, by the Moors in the 17th c.

The Chinese have used the flowers in their medicine for thousands of years and are dried to be used in their jasmine tea.

Jasmine essential oil is known as one of the most effective essential oils for nervous anxiety, restlessness and depression. It is also particularly useful for treating dry and irritated skin. Ripple uses the jasmine oil in its Relaxation blend of massage oils.

Jasmine Essential Oil

The Origin of Jasmine Essential Oil

The Jasmine plant is an evergreen shrub that can grow up to 10m in height with beautiful dark green leaves and famous small white flowers. The plant is originally from China and Northern India but has spread throughout the world, with many places now producing high quality versions of the oil.


Solvent extraction is first used to gain a ‘concrete’ jasmine oil. From here, alcohol separation and steam distillation are used to produce the Jasmine Essential Oil.


Jasmine Essential Oil has many benefits for the body and mind that everyone will love. These benefits include:Use Of Jasmine Essential Oils

Uses of Jasmine Essential Oil

Blending Jasmine Essential Oil

Jasmine Essential Oil blends exceptionally well with many other oils. In particular, the oil is known to work well with Rose, Bergamot, Sandalwood and Citrus Essential Oils.