Best Jet Lag Cures

And How A Massage Can Be 

An Awesome Jet Lag Remedy

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Jet lag can really take the shine off a holiday, so its no wonder that there is any number of jet lag cures on the market.

Sometimes the best remedies for jet lag don’t cost any money or take too much effort. And some, like massage, can be just downright relaxing.

So buckle yourselves in, take note of the exits near your seat, and here are the top 8 jet lag treatments.

Circadian Rhythm And Jet Lag

1. The Right Type Of Light

One trick to beat jet lag is to realign your circadian clock. You should try and adjust your biological clock to the new time zone before you fly. This is possible by changing your exposure to light and to darkness. 

Do this and you can trick your circadian clock, making it believe that the periods of day and night have changed.

Experts suggest that you start changing your time cycle by one or two hours each day before you fly. 

Go to bed earlier each night and wake up earlier each morning. It is suggested that you keep up the change for six days to correct the impact of jet lag. 

Many people will struggle to change their sleeping patterns in this way but experts also believe exposure to light in the new time zone will speed up the process of recovery. exposure to light in the new time zone will speed up the process of recovery.

2. Make Sure You Exercise 

If you are keen to fight jet lag, try exercising before and after your flight.

Exercise has been shown to impact the rate at which the brain produces melatonin. This hormone is the reason why we feel tired. 

As such, you can exercise before the flight to ensure that you are more likely to stay awake.

You can also try exercising when you get to your destination too.

One research study explored the impact of an airline crew exercising outdoors five hours after a long haul flight.

The study showed that this group was able to recover from the impact of jet lag faster than those who remained indoors. 

The study also suggested that the time at which you exercise is crucial.

Exercising between 7 am and 1 pm will shift the circadian rhythm to an earlier point. However, exercising between 7 pm and 10 pm pushes the clock back. 

3. Use Melatonin Supplements

Various studies have also explored the impact of the direct intake of melatonin on jet lag. Melatonin is produced in the pineal gland. ‘

It is produced during the absence of light such as through the night. When light is present it causes the suppression of melatonin. 

Research shows that using melatonin supplements can counteract the impact of jet lag.

Particularly, when taken at a time close to the local bedtime for the destination.

The evidence was shown for individuals that were crossing more than five time zones. In small doses, melatonin is safe for this purpose.

However, it is generally advised that you still speak to a doctor before opting for this solution. 

You should also take the supplement when you reach your destination under typical circumstances.

But, if you are traveling east, some research suggests it’s beneficial to take it on the day you’re traveling before you get on the plane.

To be effective, you will need at least .05 milligrams or more.

Aim to use it about thirty minutes before you plan to sleep. Since melatonin is impacted by light levels, you should also ensure that the room is dimly lit. 

4. Beware What You Eat 

It’s possible that your diet could have an impact on jet lag and how much it impacts you.

One study investigated the use of the Argonne diet and the impact it had on troops flying across nine different time zones.

The Argonne diet was conceived by Dr. Charles F.Ehret at the Argonne National Laboratory. 

The diet combines what he refers to as zeitgebers which synchronize the rhythm of the body. You need to follow the diet for two days to travel through the United States.

If you are traveling a further distance, you will need an increased level of time.

The diet is quite complex but uses alternating levels of feasting and fasting. It can include alcohol or caffeine, depending on which direction you are flying. 

For instance, if you are traveling west, you should use caffeinated drinks in the morning before flying. You also need to make sure that you consume a high protein diet.

The study suggested that those who were not on the diet would be more prone to the impact of jet lag.

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5. Get A Massage To Help Jet Lag

Getting a massage can be an effective cure for jet lag for a number of reasons.

Firstly, if you have just arrived in a different time zone and are struggling to get to sleep, booking in a relaxation massage before your bedtime can help relax the body, switch off your brain, and help your body sleep when its telling you it should still be awake.

Alternatively, you can book in an invigorating massage style like a sports massage for those times when you feel tired but want to be awake. Add in some citrus based essential oils, these can help you feel more alert when your body is still in a sleep time zone. For example, a study supported some evidence that peppermint essential oil could help counteract fatigue. In this case, an aromatherapy massage might be the best one to book in.

For baby jet lag, studies have shown the doing an infant massage by the parent can help the baby reset its circadian rhythm to the nocturnal pattern.

6. A Hot Cup Of Coffee


It’s no secret that drinking coffee is going to make it more difficult to fall asleep.

There is also a link between caffeine and when your body tells you to go to sleep.

It causes a delay on the body’s metabolic system. So basically, by drinking coffee, you can confuse your body into thinking it’s earlier in the day than it actually is. 

Researchers suggest that if you can trick your body in this way, it could have an impact on jet lag.

You just need to make sure that you are drinking the coffee at the right time.

Get the timing wrong and it can make the impact jet lag has on your body a lot worse.

For instance, if you are flying west then drinking coffee will help you get back on schedule.

On the other hand, if you are flying east, then drinking coffee will turn your clock in the wrong direction, ensuring that you are awake at the incorrect time. 

7. Changes In Oxygen Levels

Researchers are constantly exploring new cures for jet lag and one of the latest discoveries is oxygen levels.

They have been testing how changing the levels of oxygen in the room could provide benefits for those suffering from jet lag. 

According to the research, just a small shift in the level of oxygen in the air may be enough to act as a reset button for those who have confused their biological clock by flying.

The study in question used mice. By dipping the levels of oxygen the circadian rhythm of these mice adjusted more rapidly. 

The most fascinating part of this study is that the oxygen levels used were similar to those experienced on an airplane. 

Our biological clock is able to communicate with every cell in our body.

That’s why jet lag has such a sweeping impact. This research suggests that oxygen is the key to the interaction and could be the solution to the damage. 

The oxygen levels in mice actually fluctuate constantly, depending on whether they are active or at rest.

Scientists pushed the link to  by exposing the mice to jet lag, increasing the change to daylight six hours ahead of schedule.

The mice that had been impacted by the oxygen dip were able to adjust more rapdily including sleeping and eating without any disruption. 

8. Stay Hydrated 

Our body goes through numerous changes when we travel by plane, due to the changes in air pressure that we experience.

It can put people under incredible amounts of stress and lead to physical changes. Mild dehydration is a common experience when traveling.

This could be simply due to the fact that people don’t drink as much as they normally would when on a plane.

For many, it might be a simple matter of wanting to avoid going to the bathroom. 

However, research shows that dehydration can make the symptoms of jet lag significantly worse.

That’s why it’s important to ensure that you are drinking a lot of fluids throughout the flight, before you get on the plane and when you arrive. You should also make sure that you avoid drinking alcohol. While it may calm the nerves, alcohol does lead to dehydration.

Particularly, when consumed in large quantities. A lot of people drink alcohol on planes because they believe it helps them sleep. However, it can have the opposite impact, particularly when combined with caffeine. 

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