Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Top 5 Ways To Give The 

Gift Of Relaxation This Christmas

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Beautiful lights. Chilled wine. Air conditioner on high. Crammed shopping centers. High blood pressure. Panic attacks.

Christmas season is the best time of the year… if you can make it through it.

Right about now your mind is probably racing trying to finally get all your decorating done and finish that list of last-minute gifts you’ve been putting off.

Well, instead of doing what everyone seems to do (purchase that iTunes or Amazon gift card at the gas station along with your third cola for the day), why not give the gift of relaxation this year?

Who doesn’t want that?

We don’t want you to be lame or lose it this year. These five gifts will help you not do either.

For more tips on how to beat the Christmas stress, head on over here.

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1. Weighted Blankets

There is nothing better after a long hard day than curling up on the couch after a hot shower, with a bowl of soup and a night of Netflix.

But there is a way you can enhance that moment even more with a soft, thick weighted blanket.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving all year and what’s even better, she will remember you every time she drapes herself with it.

Weighted blankets, sometimes referred to as gravity blankets, were at one time used by psychiatry clinics and therapists as tools to help calm their patients.

These blankets also have a long history of use in an occupational therapy called sensory integration therapy.

Now they have gone mainstream and are easy to find and purchase.

2. Stress Reducing Candles

Couple sleeping together

3. Alarm Clock


No, this is not a typo.

Unfortunately, alarm clocks are a must or we wake up late and have even more anxiety.

The Lumie Bodyclock is different. It’s great for people who deal with early morning anxiety stemming from Seasonal Affective Disorder (yea, there is actually a name for it.)

This clock gradually brightens 30 minutes before your actual alarm goes off, letting you wake up with his instead of sudden heart stopping blast of hip hop.

Waking up with gradual light has been shown to boost mood, productivity and energy levels.

If you have trouble getting to sleep, it also dims slowly at night for 30 minutes which can help alleviate some of that tossing and turning.

Fun fact: Fading light is a signal to the brain to release melatonin which makes you drowsy.

So with this clock, you can recreate your own sunset and fall asleep quicker and sleep more fully.

4. Colouring Books

Yes, adults love to color. It is becoming more and more popular because coloring is calming and relaxing and is a great way to release some of that nervous energy compounded amidst the holiday havoc.

 The Viva Le Color comes with 96 pages of really stunning patterns and allows you to have hours of creative drifting.

Eight beautifully shaded pencils accompany this book to enable you to dress each design how you wish and get the much needed therapy you need.

A great gift idea to add to your Amazon cart.

5. A Spa Treatment

What better gift to give during the hectic season than the “Gift of Ahhhhh”.

To relax – I mean that is what we all need right?

A chance to be pampered and escape time while giving our body the nurturing it craves and deserves.

But, I know what you’re thinking.

At a glance, this doesn’t seem like a good idea.

I mean who wants to get up, get dressed and trudge through the holiday traffic to some salon?

Well, with Ripple Massage you don’t have to. We come to you. 

Our therapists are well trained, professional and punctual, plus we have a reputation for making you feel at ease in the comfort of your home, hotel room or Airbnb.

Our Christmas gift vouchers start at only $50.00.

The options are massages and almost anything else you could want: facials, foot baths, exfoliation, reflexology, you name it. We also offer a wide range of massage styles including: hot stone massagedeep tissue massage, pregnancy massage, remedial and relaxation mobile massage. After your appointment, you can stay relaxed in your own environment or just take a nice hot shower.

Need a pedicure or a manicure? Yep, we do that too!

Ripple vouchers are easy to purchase and can be delivered instantly by email.

Click now and you can treat your loved ones with their very own blissful oasis by a purchase you made in only a couple of minutes.

Now that is what I call fast and easy Christmas shopping!

Christmas Present

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