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Mandarin Essential Oil

Mandarin is one of the most uplifting of essential oils and has a sweet citrus aroma.Mandarin Essential Oil

Mandarin is native to China and Indo China and was first introduced into Europe in the eighteenth century.

Mandarins are thought to have been named as they were often given as gifts to the mandarins of China.

It is also considered the “children’s remedy” and great for soothing restlessness especially in hyperactive children. It is also good for preventing stretch marks during pregnancy.

Best Benefits Of Mandarin Essential Oil

The botanical name for Mandarin is Citrus Reticulata. As the name suggests, the Mandarin plant from which the fruit grows is native to China and was named after the Chinese officials under the king.

Mandarin Essential Oil has amazing benefits to the digestive system. The tangy citrus nature of the fruit it comes from promotes the flow of bile Benefits Of Mandarin Oiland other digestive juices, creating regular and healthy digestive processes.

Simply adding a drop of the oil to a handkerchief or putting two drops into a diffuser can easily get your digestion working. Or you can add two or three drops of the mandarin oil to a warm bath for relief from indigestion, flatulence or nausea.

It is often referred to as ‘happy oil’. Many essential oils are good for promoting calmness and tranquillity, however this oil is unique in its ability to actually bring joy rather than just solace. It is the sweet, citrus scent that provides bursts of energy and promotes a fresh, happy environment.

Start by adding two drops of the oil to a warm bath before bed, or adding three drops to your diffuser.

Mandarin Essential Oil is used in many skincare products. It has antibacterial, antiviral, tonic, cytophylactic and depurative properties. This means that excess dirt and toxins, which normally dull your skin are removed. This also helps stop the breakout of pimples, blackheads and other skin problems. It can also aid in healing wounds, scars and stretch marks.

When it is combined with other oils and ingredients, such as Jojoba, you can apply it directly onto the skin. In many cases it can also be added straight into your regular skincare creams and lotions to be rubbed directly into the skin.