What Massage Is Good For Stress?

Woman having a detress massage

Your boss is driving you nuts, the kids are pushing your buttons and your body is saying hey I feel you pain (literally). You see the pictures of serene people on massage tables and ask yourself “What massage would be good for my stress?”

So, in the quest for giving yourself and your body a mini holiday you go searching on the internet, trying to find the perfect massage.

Probably most massages at this point will do something to help your stress levels chill and your adrenals calm down.

But some massages are better for different types of stress, so let’s delve into picking the right one without closing your eyes and taking a blind pick.

Deep Tissue Massage

Computer Stress

1. Is the stress coming from being hunched over a computer? Being glued to a screen all day can play havoc with your neck and shoulder.

If you do big chunks of time with few breaks on the lap top, your upper back and particularly your rhomboid muscles (those one that are under your shoulder blades) can tense up.

If your back is so tight that its difficult to turn your neck, then a soft fluffy massage may not help.

You will spend your time on the massage table being more annoyed than relaxed.

So, if your aim is to unlock muscle knots the go for a deeper and firmer style of massage. If you aren’t averse to pain then a trigger point massage from a remedial therapist will help release the stress that comes from work.

Psychological Stress

2. If your stress is more from psychological triggers (think a difficult customer at work or kids finger painting with peanut butter on the walls) and really you just need a chance to breathe, then a Swedish massage is probably more the go.

Especially if you don’t love pain, a gentler style of massage with long flowing massage strokes may bring more relaxation than a massage that involves a therapists elbows digging into your back.

Emotional Stress

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Massage For Tired Feet

5. Is there something you particularly love, like a facial or your feet massaged? Then this it the chance to add these into the massage.

Each person has their own little quirks, and as massage therapists have seen most of them! So if spending two hours having just your feet massaged brings visions of angels singing Hallelujah, then just book that.

Reflexology is a delicious style of foot massage that comes from China, with the belief that massaging each part of feet will massage that part of the body. Now whether you buy into that is kind of irrelevant as just as a foot massage it is the ultimate.

Massage For Body Stressed

From Unhealthy Diet

6. Does your stress come from not treating your body like a goddess? Okay, so we all don’t have the perfect diet or stick to our exercise routines, but if you have been getting a gold medal in body neglect then perhaps a lymphatic massage is a great option.

This gentler style of massage (and don’t book one if you love firmer massages) works on the surface of the body where the lymphatic system is. It’s not deep, but in stimulating this system that lives just under the skin helps your body detox and may reset your eating patterns.

If you really want to help your body recover then add in an exfoliation.

Massage With Heat


So What Is The Best Massage For Stress?

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It wholly depends on what you are after. A Swedish massage is great for stress that comes from feeling overwhelmed.

A deep tissue massage with trigger point there is great for stress that comes from muscular tension.

A kahuna massage is good for emotional stress, and massages that use hot stones, reflexology or are designed for pregnancy can really help clients relax.

Ultimately, sometimes its best just to book one and let your massage therapist work their magic.

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