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Massage Ballina

Top Ten Massage Treatments In Ballina

  1. Sea Salt Exfoliation and WrapSea Salt Scrub

To begin this gorgeous marine experience, the body is brushed. The skin is then gently massaged with mineral rich sea salt and essential oils before being wrapped.

While you are warm in your exfoliating sea cocoon, dead skin cells and other impurities will be removed from your body. The skin’s circulation will also increase, regenerating healthy renewal of skin cells. Your mind will be taken to the ocean, where it is refreshed and relaxed. Once the wrap is finished, your skin will be as smooth and soft as silk.

  1. Myopractic Treatment

Myopractic is a massage style that utilises deep muscle therapy and structural integration techniques. This works to deeply relax the muscles and mind, as well as rebalance the body. It will release the tightness of muscles and relieve chronic pain. Rather than treating the area with symptoms, it treats the pain by finding its actual cause. More on how to relieve back pain is here.

  1. Hot Rock Massage

This unique play on the common hot stone massage focuses on the neck and shoulders. Hot rocks are used on the neck and shoulder area therapeutically to open blood vessels, release lactic acid, sooth the nervous system and calm muscles. It will also allow your mind to unwind and stresses to be forgotten. The massage can be easily tailored to your individual needs.

  1. Crystal Therapy Chakra Massage

This massage is a ritual designed to balance the body. Crystals and warm oils are used for this style. The crystals harmonise and bring peace to the body, mind and emotions. The oils on the other hand allow for smooth movement over the body and bring aromas that calm and soothe. Balance is restored by realigning the body’s energy flow and releasing muscle tensions; this will in turn strengthen the holistic connection between mind, body and soul. Both physically and spiritually, this massage will enhance your wellbeing.

  1. Balinese MassageBalinese Massage

Using ancient Balinese techniques, this massage will ensure a deep sense of relaxation. Movements, such as kneading, stroking, skin rolling, acupressure and reflexology are all used in this massage style ensuring deeply relaxed muscles. As well as this, essential oils are used to stimulate the movement of blood and oxygen around the blood. This allows for further relaxation, and total Balinese-style tranquillity.

  1. Hormone Dynamics Massage

The Hormone Dynamics Massage is very special – it is able to identify hormonal imbalances within the body. These imbalances include menstrual difficulties, libido, fertility, pregnancy, after birth and menopause. Not only can this massage identify these problems though; it can aid in treating them. Through work with fascia, muscles and nerves, hormonal balance can be brought to the body.

  1. Warm Bamboo Massage

A deep tissue massage treatment but done with luxuriously warmed bamboo! The sticks of bamboo are used in this massage to create rhythmical, long and soothing strokes, as well as rolling techniques. Bamboo is actually a symbol of resilience and suppleness, thus used in this massage it is able to replenish, restore and relax. It also stimulates blood flow and releases built up tension.

  1. Dry Hydrotherapy Massage

Also known as a hydro massage, this massage style is like nothing else. You will be seated or laid back, completely clothed above a waterproof barrier. Beneath the barrier are interior jets which during the massage, release streams of heated water along the body, pulsating and rotating as they go. The pressure of the water flow along the body provides the massage therapy. This style of massage will relieve chronic pains and pain from injury, relax muscles, and boost the circulation of blood. It has been described as combining the effects of acupressure, trigger point therapy and hydrotherapy.

  1. Organic Coco Crème Wrap

Dry body brushing begins this massage, preparing the skin to soak up the benefits of the wrap. A beautiful, luxurious blend of warmed organic coco crème, coconut oil, vanilla and bergamot is then gently massaged onto the skin. From here, you are wrapped in warm natural cloths and your face is treated to a delicate massage and your feet massaged also. The cloths are then taken off, and the blend further massaged into the skin for nourishment and protection.

  1. Reflexology Foot Massage

To begin this massage, you are treated to a foot exfoliation and a calming lime and peppermint foot soak. Your Ripple therapist will then treat you to the reflexology therapy. This massage style is based on the idea of energy flow around the body, and that a balanced, free flow is the key to health. If the energy flow is blocked or becomes stagnant, health deteriorates. Thus in this massage style, pressure is applied gently to reflexes on the feet which stimulate the free, healthy energy flow.

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