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Sep 2015

The list Of Our Top 10 Ipswich Massage Therapy Picks.

  • Myofascial Release Massage

This style of massage therapy focuses on really helping muscles and the body’s soft tissues. If your muscles are tight in a way that restricts your motion or brings your body out of alignment, or your muscles or joints feel under serious pressure and pain, then this massage is for you. There are also a number of conditions in particular that this treatment is great for relieving symptoms of – including carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia and temporo-mandibular joint disorder. As the name suggests, the therapy works by releasing tension in problem areas for pain relief and restored balance.

  • Chinese Cupping

Great on its own or in combination with another massage therapy such s remedial massage, Chinese Cupping is a popular traditional technique. The deeply penetrating style is ideal for treating problems such as knots, shin splints, trigger points and other musculoskeletal injuries or issues. The technique works by using flames to heat glass globes that create a vacuuming suction cup on the body. This suction can work muscles, ligaments and tendons for relief and recovery.

  • Ortho-Bionomy Massage

A much gentler treatment is the Ortho-Bionomy Massage, designed to stimulate awareness and relaxation. It uses osteopathic-based therapy and non-forceful techniques to treat the whole body. This means that there is no deep muscle work, harsh adjustments or painful contortions; only gentle movements and subtle compression are used by the therapist to bring the body back to it’s correct, comfortable self. In particular, the therapy is ideal for those suffering from chronic stress, but can also be used to slowly heal injuries or treat muscle and nerve discomfort.

  • Sports Massage

Primarily used by athletes, Sports Massages address problems with the body caused by sports. This can include releasing muscle tension, relieving swelling, treating and preventing injury and also draining away fatigue. The massage can be performed prior, during or after sporting events depending on the patients needs. Many athletes use Sports Massage as prevention for sports-related injuries and to prepare the body for peak performance. If you are not an athlete but suffer from similar problems, such as chronic pain and muscle injury, a Sports Massage may still be a treatment that can benefit you.

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  • Thai Body Stretch

This traditional massage is inspired by therapies practiced in Thailand. It is a relaxing treatment designed to release energy that has been trapped in various parts of the body. The therapist maneuvering the patient’s body into stretching positions and applying pressure in various places does this. The ‘meridians’ are where the pressure is applied are also known as ‘qi’ or the body’s energy paths. Due to the way this massage is performed, it is sometimes referred to as passive yoga.

  • Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massages can be both pre and post natal, meaning they can be performed during or after pregnancy. For a pregnant mum-to-be or a new mum, this style of massage can provide much needed physical relief and be a saviour when it comes to reducing stress. Particularly during pregnancy, the massage will relieve the many aches and pains the body is suffering from, treat symptoms of anxiety and also lessen the strains of labour. Once the baby is born however, the therapy will improve circulation to provide your skin with that glow you’ve missed, re-tighten your muscles and provide you with a well-deserved moment of relaxation and indulgence. This treatment is offered by Ripple

  • Rainbow and Solaflex Massage

Derived from traditional Aromatherapy Massage techniques, the Rainbow and Solaflex Massage will treat your entire body. The first part of the massage, known as the Rainbow technique focuses on correcting defects in the spine’s curvature. This is done using non-invasive methods that are powerful and will significantly reduce back pains and problems with posture. The second part of the massage, known as Solaflex, works with the hands and feet. Essential oils are applied to these extremities in order to target reflex points and treat problems in the corresponding areas of the body.

  • Hot and Chilled Rock Massage

Often called a Hot Stone Massage, this Hot and Chilled Stone treatment uses ancient healing techniques for an indulgent, modern therapy. Rocks are used on the body to increase blood circulation, calm muscles and release built up pressure. In this particular style, an alternating combination of both hot and chilled stones are used to reduce inflammation, treat injury and re balance energy. A traditional version of this massage, which uses beautiful hot volcanic stones is also offered to you by Ripple Massage!


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