What Are The Common Massage Myths?

Massage Myth About Relaxation

Myths You Hear About Massage

There are a lot of myths around about massage. Some are like the Terminator and come up again with “I’m back.”

Here are some of the more popular ones and why they simply are not true.

Massage therapist pressing into mans back with thumbs

Massage Myth 1. Massage Is Meant To Hurt

If you are after a deep tissue massage and it will include some trigger point work, then it may hurt. However, it should never hurt so much that you are screaming on the table in agony.

Massage should never be a form of torture! If the pressure or pain is too much always speak up and the massage therapist can change what they are doing to suit you.

If you are after a more relaxing massage, then it definitely should not hurt. You don’t want to come out of your massage more stressed than when you went in.

Again, if the therapist is applying too much pressure, just let them know. They really won’t mind and would prefer to know. Honestly.

Massage Myth 2.

All Massage Therapists Are Identical

Nothing could be further from the truth.

There are many massage therapists in Australia, but some have done nationally accredited massage courses and some have only done a couple of days study.

Some are remedially trained for deep tissue work, whilst some are trained to Certificate IV and do a more relaxation style of massage. Then there are pregnancy massage therapists and sports massage therapists the take extra training for these specialized treatments.

So when booking, check you are booking a therapist suited to the style of massage you would like.

Massage Myth 3.

The Affects Of Your Massage

Will Only Last A Day

So here is the good news. Massage is a very powerful treatment for your body and its affects can last much longer than twenty-four hours.

A deep tissue massage can unlock muscles that have been tight for a while and this may last weeks.

Sometimes a follow up massage booking is needed to fully bring mobility back to the body.

A relaxation massage can have you smiling for a week. So don’t think you have to shell out for a massage every week, just book one when your body lets you know its time.

Water Into Glass

Massage Myth 4. Massage Removes Cellulite

Oh only if it did! Unfortunately, and I’m sorry to break this news to you, massage won’t break down or remove cellulite.

It may temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite, but a few hours after your massage this affect will disappear. Sorry.

Massage Myth 5.

Massage Only Works On The Muscular System

Massage works on all the systems of the body. For example, it will affect the digestive system when we massage the stomach and can help relieve constipation.

Similarly, a lighter style massage affects the lymphatic system which can help if your lymph nodes are sluggish.


Massage Myth 8. Massage Therapists Can Read Your Mind

Woman meditating with crossed legs and candles

Massage therapists can tell a lot about your body simply from looking at it.

We can tell if you are dehydrated (your skin will really soak up the oil) and your posture will give us clues as to what is going on in your body.

However, being a psychic is a whole different job. Unfortunately we don’t carry crystal balls with us.

As we can’t know everything that is going on in your body or mind so it’s always best to speak up.

A qualified therapist will chat to you before your massage and ask about any health or medical issues, what you were looking for in your massage and which areas of your body you would like to have massaged.

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