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Are you holidaying Noosa and wondering what else you can do to relax?

Or are you planning a couples weekend away, girls hens party or just need a really good massage?

Ripple is much more than a mobile massage service.

We bring not only the more common relaxation or deep tissue styles, but you can also choose from pregnancy, hot stone, Russian, or even a massage with chocolate, honey or coffee infused oils.

Included in your package are free day spa extras like facials and body scrubs, often for the same price as other mobile massage companies.

Ripple Noosa massage has been operating since 2005.

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Noosa Couples Massage

Noosa is the perfect location for couples getting away. Include some in room or hotel massage to your stay to really relax.

Ripple can send two therapists out to you for dual massages side by side.

Or you can choose to have them one after the other. All the options on our couples massages are here

Noosa Hens Party And Girls Weekends

If you are looking for a day spa for a group booking, then perhaps look at the mobile option.

Getting a large group of people to the one spa, and finding a spa that can cater for large groups at the same time, can be difficult.

A more easy option is to have the day spa come to you. Ripple specialises in not only mobile massage but also mobile spa treatments and beauty like manicures, pedicures and facials.

Complimentary spa treatments like facials and exfoliation in every package and there are options for every budget.

Book the pamper, order some nibbles and champagne, and have the day spa in your hotel, home or Airbnb. We bring professional massage tables, towels, oils and relaxation music. All the options for girls weekends are here and for hens parties here.

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Body Exfoliation Massage

As the name suggests, the body exfoliation massage is a great way to achieve soft, smooth skin.

Exfoliation massages can be done using different scrubs; however, this massage in Noosa is performed using intensely hydrating ingredients perfect for a holiday in the surf and sun.

The key ingredients used are a nourishing cream base, fine ground walnut shell and tangerine essential oils. Together these ingredients both exfoliate and hydrate the skin, leaving it soft, nourished and healthy. More on home body scrubs are here.

Lymphatic Massage

If you like light, gentle massages, this could be the one for you.

A lymphatic drainage massage is very gentle and aims to target toxins in the body and remove them.

More specifically, the toxins this massage removes are lymphatic tissue wastes. By getting rid of this unwanted tissue, circulation is stimulated, bloating is discouraged, stress is relieved and your immune system is boosted.

Traditional Russian Massage

Having been practiced for two thousand years, traditional Russian Massage is a very popular style of massage.

It was created for both medical and relaxation purposes as an alternative to acupuncture and herbs.

If you try a Russian massage, you will be treated using compression, friction, cresting, percussion and other deep tissue massage techniques. These are applied over the whole body in many repetitions in order to deeply massage muscles and joints. This style of massage is perfect for treating chronic pain, sprains, arthritis and musculoskeletal problems.

Aromatherapy Massage

This style of massage is a full body massage, pampering you from head to toe. During this style of massage you will be covered with aromatherapy oils.

This spa treatment also includes and Australian green clay face mask and an aromatherapy body scrub to gently remove dead skin cells. To finish the massage, you will be treated with hot towels.

Women at a hens party pamper in spa robes

My daughter- in -law really enjoyed her massage with your company.

The masseuse arrived promptly, was very gracious, looked neat and efficient and put Lea at ease.

Lea also said it was the best birthday present anyone had given her. Thankyou Ripple and I think the therapist name was Amy.


Massage Noosa

5 out of 5
May, 2018

Honey Massages

Honey Massage

Combining all the great qualities that honey has for your skin, this massage combines a mix of honey and warmed oils. And you don’t end up sticky. Includes a facial and scrub with hone products made especially for you.

This bespoke massage is tailored to all the things you love in a massage – pressure, the parts of your body you most want massaged and how long you want the massage to go for (anywhere from 3 to 4 hours). One of our faves

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Ripple is a mobile massage and beauty business that brings the day spa to you.

Click here for the full list of spa packages and beauty treatments and pricing

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Ripple Massage Day Spa And Beauty

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Current minimum booking times apply. Tamborine Mountain – One-hour booking. Gold Coast, minimum 3 hours. Brisbane, minimum 4 hours.

There is a $50 travel fee for all Brisbane bookings.

Our services have also changed since March 2020, and we not longer offer manicures and pedicures, or the full one hour facials. We do offer hot towels and face mask within our day spa packages. 

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