Massage Preparation

The Ultimate Guide To
What To Do Before Your Massage

Drinking Water To Rehydrate Body

So you are thinking of a massage. Awesome! Here are some tips on what to do before your massage to make it the best experience possible.

Drink More Water

So as our bodies are mostly made up of water, one of the best things you can do in the lead up to your massage is drink lots of the stuff. Even after a big night out, the alcohol in your blood stream is minuscule compared to water.

So as you are being kind to your body by giving it some time on a massage table, maybe be extra kind and hydrate it.

This doesn’t mean to say you should drink two liters five minutes before the massage therapist knocks on the door. You don’t want a full bladder during your massage, but maybe a few hours out crack open a bottle of bubbly (sparkling water that is, not champagne).

Massage therapists can always tell when a client is dehydrated. No we aren’t psychics, but it’s simply because a body low on water will suck up a lot of massage oil. If you therapist sees this, she may gently remind you at the end of the massage to maybe have some more water to drink.

The other huge bonus of drinking water beforehand is that massage will dehydrate your body as well release toxins.

Also, if you are dehydrated you may get a headache after your massage. Kind of like a hangover. Having your body loaded up beforehand with lots of water will help reduce this happening.

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Switch Off The Phone And Computer

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Just Do Nothing

Don’t book anything afterwards – your training for the 30 km marathon can wait. Your impression of Wonder Woman, Superman or whomever is your favourite super hero can wait.

You are only going to cancel it anyway because when you get off the table after your massage in that dopey, blissed-out post massage state, you won’t want to do anything anyway.

White space your diary afterwards – So if you are booking a mobile massage, maybe don’t book it at 4 pm when your kids are going to walk through the front door from school, wanting food and Netflix.

Choose a time when you aren’t going to be disturbed and when you are going to have some time to relax.

Skip Rush Hour

Give yourself heaps of time before your massage. If you are heading to a day spa, get there nice and early to find parking, get through that random traffic jam, and check in at reception.

If the massage is at home, get home early so you aren’t stressed before you start. Your massage therapist will also appreciate you being on time, so it doesn’t throw her schedule out as well.

No Coffee, No Alcohol = Happiness

We are going to sound like your ultra-vegan, super hip, ripped trainer here, but coffee is the nemesis of a good massage.

Excited adrenal glands that are urging you to “do stuff” are the arch enemy of a good massage. Same goes for alcohol. Massage is a powerful thing to do to your body, and one thing it does super well is increase the blood flow through your body.

So those two glasses of wine you had beforehand? They will feel like ten and your massage table might feel like its spinning.

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Massage Is Not Meant To Be Really Painful

Saying to your therapist “go as hard as you like” or “I love pain” is just asking for trouble cause they may take you at your word.

Feel free to say you would like more pressure or the parts of your body you would like them to concentrate on, but going all Clint Eastwood, “make my day” style with pain could end you up in a whole world of hurt.

A good therapist will know all those niggle pressure points that are awesome for releasing muscles, but sometimes working too much on these can leave you more tense than before the massage started.

How Qualified Is Your Massage Therapist?

Does your massage therapist tick the box? There are a lot of massage therapists in Australia, some good, some not so good, some who have spent a lot of time training, and some who have just done a 3 day weekend course.

When booking feel free to ask about the qualifications of your therapist, are they trained to minimum Cert IV or Remedial Diploma? Don’t be shy because massage is powerful, and you want to know that the person doing it knows what they are doing.

Fully qualified therapists have undertaken extensive study in anatomy and physiology and the body systems and will know when massage shouldn’t be done. Someone who has done a few days study in their spare time won’t know what to avoid and may cause harm.

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