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Massage Questions

At Ripple we always try and ensure our clients that the best way to gain a sense of complete relaxation comes when you empty your head of

Massage Questions

Massage Questions

any outside thoughts and trying to let go of anxiety or worry.

Sometimes easier said than done. Even when you’re lying on a table being spoiled by one of our therapists it can be really hard to be able to switch off, from the minute our friendly therapists arrive at your door you’re left wondering what you think are “silly, silent questions” in your head. You are not the only one asking those questions, and hopefully below will give you all the answers you are looking for before your next massage.

Common massage questions


  1. What if I need to go to the bathroom? If you have to, try to go before your massage. There’s nothing worse than holding it while your therapist pushes on that particular pressure point. If you feel that you need to through your treatment, simply let your therapist know and go, that way you can relax and enjoy the rest of your massage. We don’t mind at all.
  2. How much clothing should I leave on? “Undress to your comfort level” means you can wear whatever you want. If you’re more comfortable keeping certain garments on, that’s fine. Please don’t make yourself uncomfortable for us. You will however get a better massage if do take most of your clothing off. Usually our clients will undress to no underwear or just undies. We drape accordingly with towels to ensure your modesty during your treatment.
  3. Tell your therapist exactly what hurts, what’s sore, and what doesn’t need to be touched. Especially let them know of any health conditions. Be sure to discuss what it is that you’re hoping to achieve from your massage. Remember therapists are not telepathic, unless we communicate our needs and wants to them how are they to know. All Ripple therapists will spend at least 5 minutes with you before your initial consultation to go over any concerns that you may have.
  4.     Does your health care fund cover our treatments?

The majority of extended healthcare plans cover registered massage therapy treatments. So the question then becomes “How much

Questions About Massage

Questions About Massage

coverage do I have?” The answer to this is in your specific insurance policy. Please note however not all therapists can offer health care rebates so be sure to double check at your time of booking should you wish to claim.

  1. If you want to make sure your therapist doesn’t talk during the massage, before your session starts say, “I’m so tired. I’m hoping I’ll fall asleep during this.” Works every time.
  2. If the pressure is too hard or too light, don’t be afraid to speak up. Your therapist is there to help you, not injure you, the last thing that we want is you feeling any discomfort at all.
  3. Our therapists don’t mind  if you didn’t shave your legs or if you have acne. We have seen it all, and our focus isn’t on your body and how it looks but on how great we can make you feel

11.  What should I do during the massage therapy treatment?

Make yourself as comfortable possible.

Client Massage Questions

Client Massage Questions

You will relax during most of your treatment on our therapists massage tables which are designed for stability and comfort. Our therapists will ensure that you are warm and comfortable throughout your treatment. Relaxing music is played to help you unwind and focus on the changes occurring in your body.

It will help if you try and focus on your breathing – Try taking nice long, deep breaths during the time of your massage, this will help to oxygenate the body.

If I need you to adjust your simply let the therapist know (for instance, lift your arm) or we will let you know what position we need you to move into (for instance, turning from lying on your tummy to your back). Let me know at any time if you need to change your position to make yourself more comfortable. For instance, massage therapy can easily be done when you are lying on your side, or semi-seated, if your pain prevents you from being on your stomach or back. Please let our team know what you feel is comfortable.

Many people just close their eyes and relax completely during a session; others prefer to talk. It’s your time, and whatever feels natural to you is the best way to relax. Do not hesitate to ask questions at any time.

  1. Do I need a doctor’s referral?

No. Although many physicians refer patients for massage therapy treatments, massage therapists are primary health care providers who assess and treat people independently.

  1. How long before I get up when my massage is finished?

    What to do after the massage

    What to do after the massage

Massage and body work can be profoundly relaxing, affecting all your body’s systems. Give yourself a moment to re-orient before slowly getting up from the massage table.

After a session, most people feel very relaxed. Many experience freedom from aches and pains that have built up over months of tension or repetitive activity.

After an initial period of feeling slowed down, people often experience an increase in energy, and greater productivity which can last for several days. Since toxins are released from your tissue during a massage, it is recommended that you drink plenty of water following your massage.

Following a massage, it is possible to have some soreness for 24-48 hours, similar to the sensation experienced after a good workout. This is a normal response within the body when circulation and resulting detoxification is increased, and muscles have been worked.

You will likely feel subtle shifts occurring over the following days as well. Some examples are:

  • pain relief – less intensity and frequency of the pain in various areas of your body
  • easier mobility when walking and moving in your daily life
  • deeper sleep patterns
  • constipation or other digestive concerns may subside
  • stress, irritability and anxiety levels may lessen
  • energy levels may feel increased

Just like exercise, the benefits of massage increase with regular treatments. As your overall body awareness is enhanced, you may find that you experience deeper relaxation and amazing benefits in overall wellness with each massage therapy session that you have.

14.  If I am sick with a cold or flu, should I cancel my appointment?

Cancelling a massage

Cancelling a massage

If you are in the early and most contagious stage (first 48-72 hours) of a cold or flu, please do not let us come in for your session. Please phone or email our booking team to cancel with as much notice as possible. As massage can have a strong effect on the body, if you are sick, the massage may just intensify your symptoms. Take some time to get over your illness and then simply rebook with us.

Ripple loves making our clients happy and the girls in the office are very friendly, as are our therapists. so please ask away. We are more than happy to answer any of your massage questions.


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