Coming soon – Herbal Ball Massage – Exclusive to Ripple. Scented Himalayan herbal balls are steamed and used with rare Ayurvedic oils. Traditional Tibetan herbs calm and Herbal Ball Massagesoothe with this powerful massage.

The Himalayan Ayurvedic massage is available as a  3 or 4 hour spa package with many free day spa extras – full list of our treatments are here or call 0438 567 906

Where We Found It : Kathmandu, Nepal

“The electricity is pretty dodgy in Kathmandu.

So is the hot water. And I was starting to miss both.

In the foyer of the small hotel, I found a brochure for a tiny Ayurvedic day spa on the outskirts of the city.

A half hour taxi ride later, where the driver competed with sheep, donkeys and the odd sadhu (holy man) for road space, I ended up at the day spa even more stressed than when I left.

And then I entered heaven. One hot shower and most exotic massage of my life.

Muslin balls, filled with Tibetan herbs, were steamed in fresh yaks milk, and in a beautiful rhythm were pressed into my knotted body.Massage With Herbal Balls


After two hours my muscles were as relaxed as Kathmandu’s road rules. The Ayurvedic doctor who brought me a herbal tea afterwards explained the massage was particularly popular with trekkers in the Himalayas.

Feeling fantastic for weeks afterwards, I just had to bring it back to Ripple.

Fresh yaks milk is a bit scarce here in Oz, so we steam the Tibetan herbal balls instead in hot water.

But the herbs still work their magic, and will leave you as peaceful as the faded prayer flags that hung at the entrance.”

Ayurvedic Massage

The origins of Ayurveda are uncertain. It is thought that thousands of years ago the ‘seers’ in India were saddened by the suffering of humanity. They knew that ill health and shortened lives allowed man little time to consider his spirituality and to commune with the devine. Click here for more on AyurvedaAyurvedic Massage With Herbal Balls

In the Himalayan mountains they prayed and meditated calling on God to help them relieve the pain of man. It is believed the God felt moved and gave them the essential teachings that would enlighten them in the ways of healing illness and remove the suffering on earth.

These teachings are now called the vedas. A book called the Atharva Veda was one of the first detailed accounts of the system. From this and other writings came the beginning of Ayurvedic medicine which has developed, changed and absorbed many other influences.

Ayurveda is now acknowledged as the traditional medical system in India. It comes from two Sanskrit words, ayur meaning life and veda meaning knowing. The oldest healing system to remain intact it is very comprehensive and has influenced many healing systems around the world.

Ayurvedic massage takes these teachings and incorporate them into the massage styles. Ayurvedic massage takes many forms and uses various oils according to the clients body type.