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Honey Massage

Delicious boutique honey from the Numimbah Valley is heated with warmed massage oil for this exquisite honey massage. Honey Used In Honey Day Spa Package

Receive a free gift box with handmade honey candle, honey soap and little pot of Numimbah honey.

MinimumĀ  3 hour booking, please give us five days notice. Each spa package includes a honey massage, honey facial and honey body scrub. Click here for pricing and day spa package inclusions or simply call 0438 567 906 for more info or to book.

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Where we found it: Numimbah Valley, Queensland

Nestled in the Numimbah valley, under the scented gums, is a hive of activity.Honey Massage With Wamed OIl Mixed With Honey On The Body


This is where Mike keeps his bee hives during the winter. And the Numinbah Valley, tucked away in the Gold Coast hinterland, is a utopia for bees, especially during the winter months when there is less pollen around.

A third generation bee keeper, Mike’s family has been producing honey for 100 years.

And he love his bees.

So we are lucky enough to get amazing honey and clean bees wax directly from the hives.

This then goes into our honey massage. Honey is magic for the skin. It promotes tissue growth and is fabulous for exfoliation. Amino acids help retain the skin?s natural moisture and antioxidants assist in reversing skin damage.

Organic Honey For The Honey Massage PackageWe also give some of the honey to Kay, the lady who is obsessed with hand making delicious soaps and candles for Ripple. Her eyes lit up when we gave her the honey. So she then worked her magic and used the honey and wax in a new soap exclusively for Ripple.

She also got a bit excited and used the beeswax in a new honey candle for us too (her passion is infectious … after every conversation with her I feel like I’ve just sculled five Red Bulls).

So if you like honey this is the massage for you. Local, boutique honey, harvested with 100 years of knowledge, used warmed with oil on your skin.

You also receive a gift box with soap, hand made with Kay’s love, using the honey and clean, fresh beeswax.

A scented honey candle using the wax…

And of course a little pot of honey, all the way from the hives in the Numinbah valley where thousands of bees have devoted their short lives to produce a little bit of gold.

Honey Massage Media Coverage

Some of the yummy reviews of our honey massage

Benefits Of Honey

Honey is one of nature’s many wonders. It has so many great properties that aide in health both for your insides as well as your outsides. And it tastes great! Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a little honey drizzled over their yoghurt, cereal, bread or straight from the spoon?

Benefits of HoneyWe all have heard about the great ways that honey can benefit our insides. If you haven’t read about this, the below will you give you an idea on why honey is great for your insides:

Reduces some cancers: Honey is understood to have some great properties that help reduce the risk of some cancers as well some heart diseases.

Reduces throat irritation: If you have sore throat from a nasty cold or other infection, then add some honey to some warm water with lemon, or to your herbal tea to help soothe your throat. Not only does it soothe an inflamed throat but it also helps get rid of any bacteria that may be causing he irritation.

Stomach issues: If you have issues with digestion or bloating, honey can be known to help with soothing a sore stomach.

Immune System: Honey has also been linked to aiding in a healthy immune system, which helps ward of other diseases and health issues which may come along later.

At Ripple we are also interested in the benefits that honey can have on the outside. Hence, why we have our amazingly delicious honey massage. We have our honey spa package which includes the indulgent honey that we have created, along with some other great honey inclusions that you can enjoy. Honey is a great beauty ingredient that aides many skin issues. Below are some of the reasons why a honey massage will rescue your skin.Honey Massage Benefits

If you have acne prone skin, then honey will be your best friend. The antibacterial properties in honey help get rid of build up in your skin and clean it thoroughly. This also means that honey is great for burns and cut, with both healing and cleaning the skin.

Honey is full of antioxidants which is great for maintaining a nice glow to your skin and can also help with keeping your skin looking youthful.

Honey has great moisturising properties, so it’s great in face masks, lotions and balms. It’s all very soothing it’s great to apply on sunburn or other irritations to help ease any pains.

If you want to try out some amazing honey beauty treatments, give this honey mask a go today, with some ingredients that you can find in the kitchen!


Mix all the above ingredients into a bowl. For sunburn, sit the mixture in the refrigerator for an hour before applying. Apply the mask onto your face, avoiding your eyes and lips, and let it sit for 15-20 minutes.

Grab a moistened wash clothes and wipe the mask off your face. Make sure to tone and moisturise your skin afterwards.