Honey Massage Spa Package

Honey Massages

Delicious boutique honey from the Numimbah Valley is heated with warmed massage oil for this exquisite honey massage.

Each spa package includes a honey massage, honey facial and honey body scrub.

You also receive a complimentary spa gift box including lots of Ripple day spa products.

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Minimum  3 hour booking, please give us five days notice.

Honey in clear glass jar

Chrissy and Margie were great and we both enjoyed our honey massages.

My partner really enjoyed it as part of her birthday present and so did I.

Thanks very much for looking after us on such short notice too! Cheers Dave

Honey Massage

Where We Found The Honey Massage

Honey Spa Treatments

Nestled in the Numimbah Valley, under the scented gums, is a hive of activity.



This is where Mike keeps his bee hives during the winter. And the Numinbah Valley, tucked away in the Gold Coast hinterland, is a utopia for bees. Especially during the winter months when there is less pollen around.

A third generation bee keeper, Mike’s family has been producing honey for 100 years. And he loves his bees.

So we are lucky enough to get amazing honey directly from the hives. This then goes into our honey massage. Honey is magic for the skin. It promotes tissue growth and is fabulous for exfoliation. Amino acids help retain the skin’s natural moisture and antioxidants assist in reversing skin damage.

So if you like honey this is the massage for you. Local, boutique honey, harvested with 100 years of knowledge, used warmed with oil on your skin. You also receive a gift box filled with Ripple spa products.

And of course a little pot of honey, all the way from the hives in the Numinbah Valley where thousands of bees have devoted their short lives to produce a little bit of gold.

Benefits Of Honey For The Skin

Woman having a facial massage

If you have acne prone skin, then honey will be your best friend. The antibacterial properties in honey help get rid of build up in your skin and clean it thoroughly. This also means that honey is great for burns and cuts.

Honey is full of antioxidants which is great for maintaining a nice glow to your skin and can also help with keeping your skin looking youthful.

Honey has great moisturising properties, so it’s great in face masks, lotions and balms. It’s all very soothing it’s great to apply on sunburn or other irritations.

FAQ About The Honey Massage

There have been quite a few university studies that have evidence based research to support that honey does improve some skin conditions.

For example, studies have shown that honey can help rosacea and wound healing.

Not at all! As we go through massaging you with the warmed honey oil, we then hot towel off as we go so you don’t feel sticky at all afterwards. The honey oil has a really silky feel to it, not sticky or grabbing at all, and is beautiful to use to massage.

So you receive the lovely feel of quite a warm thick oil, the aroma of honey and all the health benefits of using honey on the skin, without being sticky at the end.

Honey has been shown to have anti bacterial properties for the skin. For example this study showed that honey had healing properties for ulcers and other wounds and can help reduce skin inflammations.

This is one reason we use honey in our massage and facials and why it may reduce the redness of the skin.

It won’t however reduce cellulite, but it may reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Oh I am sorry, but all our specialty packages like the honey and chocolate massage are done as a minimum 3 hour package.

The reason is that these treatments not only include the massage with the hand made oils, but the honey package also includes a honey face mask and and honey body scrub.

We need the extra time to include these treatments.

All of our honey massage and facial products are hand made by Ripple at our head office on Tamborine Mountain.

So whilst we can do this package in any of our regions, these products are not something our therapists automatically have in their kits. We like to make them up freshly for every client.

So we need a little time to courier the products for your specialty treatment to your therapist. So that is why we need the five day notice please.

These vary from time to time as we add new products to our range. So usually is a mix of our massage and beauty products.

If there is something you would particularly like us to include just let us know on booking. Otherwise we will just choose some of our clients favourites.

Raw honey contains alpha hydroxy acids also called AHA. The raw honey that Ripple sources from the Numinbah Valley contains AHA.

Why is this beneficial for the skin? Studies have shown that these AHAs are a widely used ingredient in helping scarring, acne, skin pigmentation and fine wrinkles.

We source our raw honey directly from local producers to ensure that we are sourcing real honey, and for the extra health properties the raw honey has for the skin.

The recent fake honey scandal in Australia showed that a large percentage of honey sold in Australia is not from bees.

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