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Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

“The hot stones glide over your oiled flesh like molten silk, the heat seeping deep in your muscles.

Outside, a chill south-westerly wind beats against the glass door panes. The wood fire crackles occasionally, and the only other sound an occasional low-pitched sigh.

For undiluted massage pleasure, a hot stone massage is undeniably on the another plane.” Mike O’Connor, Courier Mail

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Hot Stone Massage Package

Warmed volcanic stones are used with aromatherapy oils to give you an amazing massage experience. Minimum 1.5 hour booking.

1.5 hr – $150 ($135 members)
2 hr – $195 ($180 members)
3 hr – $295 ($280 members)
4 hr – $395 ($380 members)

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Hot Stone Massage Story

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Massaging with hot stones has been around for ages.

Back in ancient Egypt, warm stones were used in beauty treatments. Native American Indians used them.

Hawaiians similarly used heated stones we used to make their Lomi Lomi massage out of this world.

We love using hot stones because it makes it so easy for us to you relax you and unlock the body.

Our therapists call it Massage La La Land. This is where you get off the table with your hair all oiled and this really dopey, serene look on your face.

Hot Stone Massage therapy

Hot Stone Massage therapy

We use the volcanic rocks in two ways.

Large flat stones are heated and then placed on top of a towel along your back. These heat the chakras (or energy centres) of the body.

Also, smooth round stones that fit into the palm of the hand, are heated. They are then drenched in aromatherapy oils and used directly on the skin.

The mixture of the heat, essential oils and massage techniques allows for deep relaxation of your muscles. This feels fantastic, like a ball of heat gliding over the body.

Hot Stone massage is great for letting go of stress from work or perhaps escaping from the kids with your partner. It also is perfect for  loosening up muscles that have been knotted for the last century or just to be nice to yourself.

Hot Stone Massage Video

What is it?

Hot Stone Massages are a unique style of massage that incorporate smooth, Hot Stone Massageheated stones to aid in relaxing your tight muscles and releasing deep tension more quickly.

The therapist will use the heated stones as part of your massage like an extension of their own hands, or by placing the stones directly onto your body.

It’s just like having a pair of very warm hands massaging you.


Dating back more than 3000 years, the hot stone treatment is a great style of massage.

It was first used in ancient Chinese culture for medical purposes, mostly to treat disease. This practice was also used in Native American culture. In this culture, thermo therapies were popular as it was believed they aided health and relieved pain.

Later, Hot Stone Massage was also used in Hawaii, where it heavily influenced Kahuna massage. The Hawaiians wrapped hot stones in leaves with healing properties, placing them on sore muscles to relieve pain. They also used volcanic stones, similar to what is used by therapists now.

How is the massage done?

Hot Stone Massage Techniques

Hot Stone Massage Techniques

Smoothed black volcanic stones are used. These are heated up in the steamer and the volcanic nature of the stones allows the heat to be well retained.

Your massage will start with your therapist working on your back with their hands and warmed essential oils. This will prepare the body for the hot stones, and the oil will help them to glide smoothly throughout your treatment.

The therapist will then use the heated stones, guiding them along your body to work out muscle knots.

The heat from the stones will trigger a relaxation response from your body. As each stone eventually loses its heat, a new hot stone is taken from the water for use.

The stones will vary in shapes and sizes, with specific sizes used for different parts of the body (i.e. large stones for larger muscles and vice versa).

We may leave the stones to sit on your body, on top of a towel, to continue the process of heating your muscles. Plus this feels fantastic.


Benefits Hot Stone Massage

Benefits Hot Stone Massage

Your body will benefit in many ways from a hot stone massage

After this style of massage, your muscles will feel relaxed, there will be a reduction in muscle pain and you blood circulation will be increased.

It can help reduce stress, and the warmth of the stones help the aromatherapy oils to be absorbed.

What makes a good hot stone massage?

A quality hot stone massage comes from a therapist who is well trained and sensitive to the patient’s needs. At Ripple, all therapists are professionally trained and know how to use the stones along the body for a relaxing, enjoyable experience.

If you find that you prefer your massage without the stones, just let your therapist know and the session can easily be continued just using hands. If you still like the heat and just not the stones, be sure to look at other styles like Seashell Massage that uses shells and warm oils.