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Indian Head Massage

Ripple’s 3 hour and 4 hour Massage Package – The Indian Head massage is included free in all our 4 and 3 hour massage packages. Or add onto any booking for $60

One Hour Corporate Massage, $110 An Hour (Or $95 an hour for three hours or more)

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Where We Found It: Lumbini, India (Birthplace Of Buddha)

“All I can remember of Lumbini was the thousands and thousands of prayer flags.Indian Head Massage

And the incredible sense of peace.

Some were faded, some fresh from the nearby stalls, and all were strung up from the tree under which Buddha was born.

The other thing I remember is my boyfriend blissed out after an Indian Head massage.

Why wasn’t I the one getting the massage?

Well, much to my dismay in India this is a tradition that men get to enjoy at the makeshift barber shops scattered along the pavements. When I say “shop” I mean a mirror strung up on a fence and chair.

So my guinea pig boyfriend got lots of Indian Head massages in Lumbini, Varanasi, Delhi and Orccha (which he ended up getting addicted to) whilst I watched and took lots of notes.

Back here in Oz, anyone can get one from Ripple. Deeply relaxing, it will give you a little piece of the peace I found in Lumbini.” Alison

Like to try a traditional Indian Head Massage?

Call Ali today on 0438 567 906 email or book now on secure online server.

Spa Packages

Indian Head massage is included free in the three and four hour massage packages


Indian Head Massage Techniques

Anyone who has ever had a traditional Indian head massage will tell you how incredible it feels. ‘But it sounds so simple’, you may say, ‘how could it possibly be such an amazing treatment?’ It’s one of our clients favourite treatments and so it’s included with all our three and four hour packages.

But what is exactly is an Indian head massage?

The history of Indian head massageIndian Head Massages

Indian head massage, or Champissage (champi is the Hindi word for head massage), is a massage  that is based on the ancient healing system of Ayurveda.

Indian head massage focuses on treating the patient using massage techniques on the face, head, neck, upper arms and shoulders. It uses gentle massage strokes on these areas to stimulate the nerves, loosen up tight muscles, and relax superficial tissues.

The belief is that three of the major energy centres of the human body can be found in and around the head. By stimulating these energy centres, Indian head massage helps to maintain the crucial balance of energy within the body, and therefore promotes a sense of well being, and soothes and heals the body both physically and emotionally.

The treatment has been practiced in India for over a thousand years.

Originally it was almost exclusively concerned with massage of the head and hair follicles, to stimulate blood flow to the scalp and thereby nourishing hair roots.

Various herbs, oils and spices with known healing properties were used in the process to relieve a number of common scalp conditions. Over time the practice evolved to incorporate massage of the face, scalp, neck, upper back, shoulders and upper arms.

How is it done?

Indian head massage uses controlled movements and can be done with or without massage oil.Scalp Massage

Using massage oils gives the therapist better manipulation and ease of movement of the hands while conducting the various massage strokes and techniques. There is no need to undress to receive the treatment, although this is up to individual preference.

Unlike most massage therapies, Indian head massage is performed in a seated position on a comfortable chair.

This position allows the therapist to have full access to the head, face, neck, scalp, shoulders, upper arms, and upper back on all angles. A treatment session generally lasts for about 30 minutes, and can be used to complement other therapies or as a standalone treatment.

What are the benefits?

For hundreds of years, Indian women have used massage in conjunction with specific oils to care for their hair. Massaging sesame oil into the head was said to help restore hair to its natural colour, and prevent hair from greying; almond oil was used to add shine; and coconut oil was used for its aroma and moisturising properties.Seated Indian Head Massage

Many of the techniques used by the women were also employed by barbers for therapeutic purposes. Traveling barbers would often travel from household to household, offering head massages designed to invigorate the individual. Massage skills were passed on through the generations and gradually evolved. Today, these skills, once a part of the oral tradition, are taught in barber schools all over India.

Nowadays, a greater number of people feel disillusioned with the often impersonal approach of conventional medicine. Many of us now long for an approach to healing that is sensitive and not necessarily based on drugs or technology. Indian head massage is a natural treatment giving amazing results to various conditions, both psychological and physical. The major benefits are summarized below, illustrating why this treatment can work very well hand in hand with conventional medicine.

  1. Physical benefits of Indian Head Massage

The seated chair Indian Head Massage can

  1. Psychological benefits of Indian Head Massage

Massage is a form of touch therapy, and is a powerful tool that can produce a wide variety of psychological benefits: