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Top 10 Massage Styles On The Gold Coast

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Top 10 Indulgent Gold Coast Massages

The Gold Coast is reknowed for its beautiful beaches, theme parks and also being a wellness, massage and day spa destination.

With a wide range of spas and massage services to choose from, there is something for everyone.

Here is a list of ten of our favourites.

A full range of massages on the Gold Coast is here and complete spa and treatment menu and pricing is here.

Honey Massage Day Spa

Honey Massage

Ripple Honey Massage

If you love honey, you are bound to love this massage style brought to you by Ripple.

Not only is honey sweet in your mouth but raw honey has some extra sweet benefits for your skin too.

Honey is a natural humectant, meaning it has deeply moisturising properties that ensure moisture is retained in the skin where it is needed for long-lasting hydration.

The enzymes found in honey are also great for clarifying skin and keeping pores clean and clear.

Honey is also full of nutrients, antioxidants and healing compounds to hide scars and fight signs of aging.

For this massage, Ripple sources raw honey is sourced for the Numimbah Valley, before being infused in the massage oils.

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Ripple is a mobile massage and beauty business that brings the day spa to you across Australia.

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Volcanic Hot Stone Massage

Aroma Hot Stone Massage

Like the Thermal Massage, this massage style uses heat, but in a very different way. In the Aroma Hot Stone Massage, traditional hot stone techniques are used to warm the body. That is volcanic stones are heated and placed on the body to relax muscles and also used in the hands of your therapist whilst they massage.

What makes this style of massage unique is that it also uses aromatherapy oils, heated by the stones, to add to your massage.

Paudi Head Masque and Massage

Based on ancient Aboriginal head massage techniques, the Paudi Head Masque is a massage to remember. The warm Quandong masque is made of native peach extracts, which were used by Indigenous Australians to nourish and condition skin and hair, as well as to treat skin irritations.

The focus of this massage style is on the head, neck and shoulders. These areas of the body will be worked in order to loosen muscles and relax your mind.

Mocha Massage

Using the healing and calming effects of coffee, this massage uses a warmed oil that is infused with coffee. It also has a coffee facial and coffee body scrub as part of the day spa ritual.

Exclusive to Ripple, you can book this massage anywhere on the Gold Coast or hinterland.

Coffee exfoliation on client


Inspired by ancient Japanese tradition, this massage style focuses on exfoliating the skin. The exfoliate used is a lovely cherry blossom rice powder gommage.

It contains enzymatic complex of papaya and acidic ingredients to remove dead skin cells, as well as soothing antioxidants to condition your skin from traditional Japanese cherry blossom flowers.

The massage is performed as a warm ritual to inspire peacefulness.

Sodashi Massage

The Sodashi massage is designed to be a healing style of massage.

It uses aromatherapy oils incorporated into long massage strokes across the body.

This promotes circulation, aiding the removal of lymphatic wastes.

It also balances the body’s chakras or energy meridians, with the philosophy of calming the mind through massaging the body.

Lemongrass Crème Body Polish

Body polishes are great treatments that leave your skin feeling smooth and soft.

This body polish massage uses an incredible lemongrass crème to provide not only the normal benefits of a relaxation or deep tissue massage, but to incorporate the added benefits of lemongrass essential oils.

Lemongrass is known as one of the world’s best skin toners, and is also antibacterial and antiseptic.

Avocado and Shea Nut Butter Wrap

Best suited for the winter months, this massage is the ultimate cure for dry and flaky skin. It begins with a full body exfoliation performed using sea salts.

Following this, the body is covered  in pure organic shea butter and fresh avocado, before you are cocooned in warm towels.

Both the shea butter and avocado are extremely rich in vitamins and natural fats, which during this cocooning stage soak into the skin to restore its suppleness and enhance its overall appearance.

Ocean Ritual Massage

In this indulgent massage, you will begin with a dry body brush.

This is a therapeutic technique used to encourage circulation, remove dry skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite and allow for nourishing ingredients to be absorbed by your skin’s cells.

Two massage oil bottles

Thermal Massage

A very unique massage style, the Thermal Massage has an array of benefits for your body.

Coupled with deep-tissue handwork, red peppers are used to warm the body in order to relieve sore muscles, chronic pain and release muscle tension.

To balance the heat, essential oils are also used to cool your skin and reduce inflammation.

This massage style is great to heal sporting injuries and aid healing of other muscle tissue conditions.

Body Scrub and Smother Massage

This massage really does smother you in nourishing ingredients.

The massage begins with a deep, exfoliating scrub made of ginger, lime and sugar.

From here, you are treated to a relaxing, creamy almond milk bath to remove the scrub, before your relaxation massage.

The massage is performed using organic grape and white tea body butter that is intensely hydrating  for your skin.

Pregnant women having a massage

The service provided was outstanding, extremely punctual and none of it was rushed.

The lady that came to our house was absolutely excellent, apologies for not remembering her name.

All I can say is thank you so much for an amazing start to my wife’s birthday.

It was extremely appreciated and we look forward to using your services again soon.


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