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Woman Having A Hot Stone Massage On Mt Tamborine
Man Having A Massage On Mount Tamborine

Those who enjoy a bed with a view should rejoice in that from the loft bedrooms which look out through the windows cut high into the back wall. Look closely and you can see the cleft of Cunningham’s Gap to the Northwest.

Phil and Ania Sowter have owned and run the Polish Place since its inception, arriving on the mountain in 1983. Ania’s accent leaves no doubt as to the origin of the Polish theme which they chose, a theme which runs from the decor to the food and the vodka which is urged on guests.

Kransky, port hocks, sauerkraut, potatoes, pirogi and duck seasoned with grapes and apple rule. Resolve to eat nothing but steamed vegetables for the next week, reach for the wine list and planting your feet firmly beneath the table, prepare to fortify your body against the winter chill.

As you leave the flatlands and begin the ascent to the 4 km wide and 8 km long plateau that is Tamborine, the spiked outline of the Gold Coast skyline is plainly visible from the south.

The mountain supports three communities – Eagle Heights, North Tamborine and Mt Tamborine – and a permanent population of about 5000 scattered across the plateau.

Despite its proximity to Brisbane and the Gold Coast, it remains a wooded retreat locked in it own time zone where the newsagent shuts at 2 pm on a Saturday – that Lotto ticket I tried to buy probably wouldn’t have won anyway – and a place where could safely presume that everyone knows everyone else’s business or knows someone who does.”

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