Why Running Away For A Girls Weekend

Could Be The Best Thing For Your Health

Women relaxing in day spa on a Mumcation

“Mumcations” are the wonderful new term used for Mums taking some time out for themselves with their girls friends, and going away for a few days without the kids, husbands or partners.

This has become extremely popular over the last couple of years. Mums have realised that self care, and taking some time out to enjoy themselves, without the demands of being a parent, can be one of the best things they can do for their health.

It used to be that when Mums were expected to put children and partners needs before their own all the time.

The traditional 50s white picket fence became more of a prison than a sanctuary.

But gradually, Mums are recognising that if they nourish and take time out for their own happiness, it is one of the best things they can do for their health.

Mums Enjoy Less Than 17 Minutes To Themselves Each Day

Becoming a Mum can be a wonderful experience. But a lot of first time Mums often aren’t prepared for the huge workload that being a Mum to a new born brings with it.

Mums typically enjoy less than 17 minutes a day to themselves, while also putting their own health and wellbeing at the bottom of their priorities list.

In this study, it showed that women will often put their children, partners and even the family pet’s needs before their own.

This lack of priority of making the Mums health the main priority of a family has meant that many Mums face burnout.

Mums Burnout

Mumcations - The Much Needed Pressure Valve

Top Tips For A Mumcation

This is where Mumcations come in.

Booking time away with girlfriends, without kids or husbands, can be a much needed pressure valve in a Mums life. 

It can give a Mum that much needed “me time” to relax, rejuvenate and generally have a break.

It is also a great opportunity for women to reconnect with thier girlfriends.

Girlfriends are a much needed support group and studies have shown that women with strong networks of girlfriends and support can do better than those who are more isolated.


Top Tips For The Best Mumcation

  1. Plan Ahead – So this is a given for Mums who are masters at planning ahead. A lot of Mums are unable to drop everything last minute and go away, so if you are one of the lucky ones who can, don’t assume everyone else can as well. So start a chat in messenger well ahead of time, floating the idea of a Mumcation, and sort out a date well in advance. Those girlfriends who need a Mumcation more than most are probaably the ones that will find it most difficult to schedule the time. So give them plenty of notice.
  2. Choose A Destination Everyone Will Like – so if all your Mum friends are adventure freaks, whose idea to relax is to jump out of planes or climb cliffs, then by all means float the idea of an adventure Mumcation. However, a lot of Mums, when they think of a couple of days away, all they want is to relax. To pick the perfect destination. Beach, country Airbnb, city escape? Choose something everyone will like.
  3. Decide Ahead Of Time Any Activities – So this will depend on your destination. A beach destination will include, well, the beach, but a city Mumcation might include shopping and eating out. Ask the group what they might like to do while they are away and book ahead. Especially if you are booking in at a day spa, or booking some mobile pampering, for a large group it is best to book in advance, as you may miss out otherwise.
  4. Schedule Lots Of Downtime – Mums typically are overscheduled, with every second of every day filled with stuff they have to do. Some Mums idea of heaven is just to sleep in, lie around, and do nothing for two days. So if you are a planner and a scheduler, it might be an idea to check in with the group to see if they do want everything preplanned and their time booked up. They may just want to relax.
  5. Let It Go – so just like Elsa, once you have booked the basics, accommodation, flights, must to activities, let it go. Give up. Surrender. And just let whatever is going to happen, happen. The inner control freak in you may just need a holiday as well.
  6. Book Some Pampering. So this is normally an integral part of any Mumcation. Massage is one of the quickest short cuts to reducing cortisol (the stress hormone) in the body. A Mumcation is also the perfect chance to get nails done, or a facial, without having to stress about picking up kids afterwards. Take the opportunity to book in at a day spa, or even more convenient is to book some mobile massage and beauty treatments. If you are all staying in an Airbnb, having the therapists come to you can be a great way to spend an afternoon, without even leaving your accommodation.
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November, 2019

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