Muscle Knots

What Are Muscle Knots?

Therapist massaging muscle knots on client

A muscle knot is a slang term used by lots of people to describe sore, tight muscles in the body.

The muscle doesn’t really “knot”, instead it may contract because of stress, training, injury, bad posture or other reasons.

Muscle knots can cause a lot of pain. They can also mean that your body alignment can be thrown out that can cause problems in other parts of your body.

Releasing these contracted muscles can greatly help you range of movement and reduce pain.


Muscle Knots

Types Of Muscles

As you read this, a whole lot is happening in your body that you don’t even think of. Your lungs contract automatically to allow you to breathe, your blood flows through your body.

And also a lot is happening with the muscles in your body.

Through steady contractions in the skeletal muscles, your body is maintaining its posture (good or bad). These muscles help your body move.

Other muscles called smooth muscles, involuntarily contract and expand to help you breathe, digest food through the digestive tract and also control urinary functions.

The cardiac muscle is responsible for the pumping of the heart muscle and pushing blood through the body.

Some muscles are generating heat through cell metabolism while others collude to form the walls of very important (but very hollow) organs such as your blood vessels for example and your bladder.

Needless to say that our muscles are pretty crucial to our survival.

How Muscles Move

Muscles don’t just move by themselves. 

That whole process starts in the brain.

There’s an area in your grey matter called the Motor Cortex that receives signals from other parts of the brain.

This information can be about all sorts of things; your body’s positioning, what the goal is for the movement you’re about to make.

It can even include memories of previous strategies that worked well when you last tried that very same thing – like throw a javelin for example or thread a needle.

Once the brain gets that information, the Motor Cortex sends electrical impulses down the spinal cord to your muscular system and movement occurs.

All this, in a matter of nanoseconds.

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Where Does Muscle Pain Come From?

How Massage Can Help A Muscle Knot

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One of our favourite reviews from Pam Woolford from our Trustpilot reviews.

I have a neuro degenerative disease called Multiple Systems Atrophy.

As a result of this, one of my major problems is stiffness and rigidity in my body.

I need to have regular massages by a trained therapeutic massage therapist, to assist with this problem I recently had to find another massage therapist, because I was in respite while my husband was recovering from his shoulder surgery.

When I rang Ripple, Allie was very friendly and accommodating. Before long, I was booked in for my first mobile massage. Leesha was very friendly.

She made me feel very relaxed and comfortable from the start, and she had an excellent technique from beginning to the end. I had several more massages after that and each one, was just as good, if not better, than the last.

I also had a Facial, Manicure and Pedicure. Terry was lovely, funny and made my face spring back to life again. My nails looked great after my manicure and pedicure.

I received a lot of compliments about how lovely my nails looked, especially by my , husband and the staff at the residence where I was staying at Helensvale.

Thank you Allie, Leesha and Terry, for making eight weeks of respite, much more bearable because of all of you. I would not hesitate in using this company again.


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