Beauty And Massage Treatments For The Baby Shower
Babyshower Manicures And Pedicures
Ripple Therapists At Baby Shower


In Home Massage

It used to be that in home massages were limited to one hour treatments with just one therapist. Usually your options were limited to relaxation or deep tissue And there were none of those spa treatments you love like body scrubs, facials or manicures Happily, having an in home massage or enjoying a decadent facial
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Massage For Babies

Touch is a powerful therapy, and massage has been practiced by civilizations for thousands for years, not only for adults but for newborn babies as well. Western civilisation only recently discovered the art of infant massage, when it was used in the 1970s in South America on premature infants to promote skin-to-skin contact, so as to promote
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Prenatal Massage

Having a massage while you are pregnant can be one of the best things you can do for yourself and your unborn child
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