Massage Couples Day Spa Packages

Express Couples Massage

Two x half hour massages with one therapist, one after the other – $60 per person ($120 for a couple)

1 Hr Couples Relaxation Massage

Two x one hour massages, relaxation or deep tissue style, one after the other, one therapist  – $110 per person

1.5 Hr Couples Massage & Spa Treatments

Two x 1.5 Hour Spa Packages, $160 per person .. includes

Two Therapists For A Couples Massage
Green Clay Facial As Part Of Couples Massage

Two x two hour spa packages with two therapists at the same time, $195 per person, includes ..

Two x three hour spa packages with two therapists at the same time. $295 per person – includes –

Massage Therapists For Couples Massages
Four Hour Spa Package For A Couple

Two x Four Hour Spa Packages with two therapists at the same time. $395 per person – includes –

Couples Massage Reviews
Woman on massage table as part of a couples massage
Mother And Daughter Couples Massage
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