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Couples Massage

Looking for the perfect way to indulge yourself and your partner? Need some time to reconnect, relax and revive? Our couples massage packages are perfect to Couples Massage With Two Therapistsgetaway or for gift certificates.

We can send two friendly and experienced therapists to you to do your massages at the same time. Or we can do them one after the other with one therapist.

Book with us now to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary – but really, you don’t need a reason. Book a Couple’s Massage ‘just because’. After we leave, you and your partner can stay blissed out in post-massage heaven for as long as you wish. No need to dress, drive or deal with traffic. Fall asleep if you wish!

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Couples Massage Options

Quick Relax

Couples Quick Relax Massages, 2 x half hour massages, one after the other, one therapist – $60 per person ($120 for a couple)

Couples Relaxation

Couples Relaxation Massages, 2 x 1 hour massages – $110 each

Escape Together

Two x 1.5 Hour Spa Packages, $150 per person – includes –Couples Massage Escape Package

Escape Together Couples Massage, 2 x 1.5 hour packages, $150 each

Couples Massage Indulgence

Two x Two Hour Couples Massage Packages With Two Therapists, $195 per person, includes –Couples Massage - Two Therapists

Couples Massage Indulgence, 2 x 2 hour packages, two therapists at the same time

Luxury Relax

Two x Three Hour Couples Massage And Spa Packages. $295 per person, includes –Couples Massage Spa Packages For Men And Women

Luxury Relax Couples Massage, 2 x 3 hour packages, two therapists same time

The Ultimate Couples MassageCouples Massages The Bring The Day Spa To Your Holiday

Two x Four Hour Spa Packages with two therapists at the same time.  $395 per person .. includes ..

Ultimate Couples Massage, 2 x 4 hour packages, two therapists same time

How To Make The Most Of Your Couples Massage

So you have made the time to book in couples massages with your partner. Whether you are having this in your home or hotel, couples massages are a great way to relax and escape from the world for a little while. Here are some tips to get the most from your massages with your partner.

  1. Switch off your phone, turn off the computer, put a do not disturb sign on your door. This is your time to relax and retreat How To Make The Most Of Your Couples Massagefrom the world so make sure that there is no way for anyone to intrude on that electronically. Do you have trouble with this? Maybe try an electronic detox for the whole day. Get all your work and other phone calls out of the way, answer any urgent emails and then switch everything off. If you need to, leave your phone in the car or somewhere it will be difficult for you reach for it automatically. This way you can give your partner your full attention both before, during and after the massage and make them the only priority for that time.
  2. Do not book in anything for after your couples massage – yep, seriously, take the whole day off to enjoy the post massage blissed out state. One good thing about having the massage therapists come to you is that you won’t have to wake up and drive or get dressed or go anywhere afterwards. After the massage can be just as important as the actual massage itself as this gives you and your partner time to connect and enjoy being totally relaxed in each others company. Keep that horse ride or sky dive for another day.
  3. Have a hot shower or bath before hand to relax. A couples massage with oils is a great way to not only release muscle tension but also to allow the oil to soak into dehydrated skin. After your massage it can be good to leave the oil on your skin for a little while and let it soak in and nourish your body. So have your shower before hand, your body will thank you.
  4. If you are going to eat before your couples massage, make sure its nice and light. A heavy breakfast of eggs and bacon or lunch of steak and potato will make you feelsluggish and might interfere with the massage. So try to have something light instead.
  5. Go easy on the alcohol.. its your day off and you are with your partner so naturally you might want to have a glass or two of wine to relax. But keep it to a minimum before your massage. As massage increases the blood flow around your body the effects of one glass of wine are the same as having six glasses of wine. So to prevent you becoming nauseous, try not to drink before your treatment and take it easy afterwards.